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Resident Evil Outrage: Everything We Know from Leaks and Rumors

We have heard nothing new about Resident Evil Outrage for quite some time. However, there were some rumors going around about the release date.

resident evil outrage

The Leaks and Rumors

People speculated earlier this year that it would be released in May 2022 (after the previously rumored release date of 2021 failed to materialize), but as you can see, they launched no Resident Evil game this month.

Bioharzard Declassified leaked the game, and Aesthetic Gamer, or Dusk Golem, published it on Twitter. 

The track record of both makes this rumor worth listening to, as they previously revealed Resident Evil Village and were correct on practically every aspect.

We can’t tell you anything new about it right now, but we will notify you as soon as we hear anything. Please accept my apologies.

During the Capcom hack in 2020, further evidence supporting the existence of Resident Evil Outrage surfaced. 

This also displayed real-life photographs of Resident Evil Village. 

As a result, we know its findings were correct, even if the methods used to obtain them were not. 

Capcom has been tight-lipped about the game so far, but Dusk Golem has been drip-feeding information about it.

The Release Date

Resident Evil Outrage will be available only on the Nintendo Switch for a limited period, according to Dusk Golem. Following that, it will be available on all other platforms. 

However, it is unknown how long Outrage will be available only on the Nintendo Switch.

According to the initial leak, the game’s title could be Resident Evil Revelations 3. 

Resident Evil Outrage and this could work or official titles. The game may even be titled Resident Evil Revelations 3: Outrage. 

Dusk Golem was unsure which of these titles Capcom would choose if any at all.



Resident Evil: Outrage’s existence has yet to be confirmed by Capcom.

Despite the lack of an official statement, the Outrage is in production, given that the rumors were based on leaked information during the massive Capcom ransomware assault.

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