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Riko Shibata and Husband Reveals the Names they Picked for their Baby

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Nicolas Cage and Riko Shibata, who got married in 2021, are expecting their first child. More information about her is found here.

Brief Biography of Riko Shibata

Riko was born in 1993 and raised in New York City.

She is a well-known Asian-American actress, model, entrepreneur, and internet personality.

Her father’s, and mother’s names have yet to be revealed.

She is 158cm tall, weighing 54kg.

Riko has black eyes and black hair and wears a size seven shoe.

Riko’s Relationship

Riko is best known as the fifth wife of famous actor Nicholas Cage.

On Feb. 16, last year, the Oscar winner married Shibata, his fifth wife.

It was done in a “very small and intimate wedding at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas,” to commemorate his late father’s birthday.

Riko turned 29 on January 10, 2021, making her 31 years younger than her new husband (who is 57 years old).

According to the Daily Mail, Riko’s birthday is also the day she and Nicolas applied for their marriage license.

Weston Coppola Cage, Nicolas’s son, is four years her junior.

Nicolas met Riko “through mutual friends” in her native Japan in 2020, while he was filming Prisoners of the Ghostland.

Cage went on to say that after proposing, he gave Shibata a black diamond ring and mailed it to Japan.

“Her favorite color is black, so she requested the black gold and diamond,” he explained at the time.

“I discovered it, customized and personalized it, and sent it to her via FedEx.”

Riko’s Wedding

Riko married Nicolas in a handmade kimono made in Kyoto.

The Japanese bridal kimono has three layers.

She wore a traditional kimono as she walked down the aisle to Kiroro’s “Winter Song,” her “favorite song,” to meet Nicolas (who was wearing a tuxedo from Tom Ford).

In August 2020, Nicolas revealed how he proposed to Riko on his brother Marc Coppola’s radio show.

“We’re really happy together, and we’re really excited to spend that time together.

So I finally just said, ‘Look, I want to marry you,’ and we got engaged on FaceTime,” Nicolas explained to his brother.

Following the wedding, Nicolas’ ex-wife, Alice, and their son, Kal joined for a small celebration the happy couple.

The couple made their red carpet debut as husband and wife in July.

They were seen posing hand-in-hand for the cameras at the Los Angeles premiere of his film, Pig.

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Nicholas’ Previous Marriages

Nicholas Cage is an Oscar-winning actor who has been married five times, including a four-day marriage.

From 1995 to 2001, Nicolas Cage was married to fellow Oscar winner Patricia Arquette.

Cage and Arquette met in the late 1980s in Los Angeles and married in a 10-minute ceremony in Carmel, California.

From 2002 to 2004, Nicolas Cage was married to Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis Presley’s daughter.

In 2003, Elvis Presley told Larry King that the couple had “similar situations, similar backgrounds.”

Presley was married four times, the most recent was with late pop legend, Michael Jackson.

Cage’s longest marriage was to actress Alice Kim.

They were married from 2004 to 2016.

Kal-El Coppola is their only child together.

According to Gossip Cop, the couple met while she was working as a waitress in Los Angeles.

Kim was 19 years old at the time, making her 20 years younger than Cage.

In 2019, Cage was married to Erika Koike for only four days.

They had been dating for about a year before getting married

But Cage filed for divorce just a few days after the ceremony.

He said he was “too drunk” to marry.

Riko’s Pregnancy

Nicolas Cage and Riko Shibata are expecting a child.

A rep for the couple confirmed to PEOPLE exclusively that the couple is expecting their first child together.

“The expecting parents are overjoyed!” says the rep.

The “Con Air” star also proudly displayed an ultrasound image of his baby on the way on his smartphone to GQ.

He goes on to say, “It’s very sweet, in my opinion.

It’s similar to small edamame. A small bean.”

This will be Cage’s third child.

The actor has been married four times, and has a son, Kal-El, with ex-wife Alice Kim.

He also has another son, Weston, with former partner Christina Fulton.

Picking Names

Nicolas Cage is naming his child!

The Oscar winner and his wife, Riko Shibata, are expecting their first child.

However, the couple has prepared by picking both a boy and a girl’s names for their child.

The “Leaving Las Vegas” star revealed that he and Shibata have decided on these names;

Akira Francesco if they have a son and Lennon Augie if they have a daughter.

Cage also revealed the sweet inspiration behind both names.

“My father’s nickname was Augie.

And my uncle (Academy Award-winning director Francis Ford Coppola) has changed his name to Francesco,” he explained.

Other Interesting Riko Facts

Shibata is credited as “Mannequin Woman” in Nicolas Cage’s 2021 film Prisoners of Ghostland.

Cage allegedly met Shibata through a mutual friend in her native Japan.

On a video call, Riko was proposed to.

She married in a Catholic-Shinto ceremony in Las Vegas.

They exchanged Catholic and Shinto wedding vows, as well as reciting a poem.

She is expecting her first child, as well as Nicholas’ third.

Her favorite color is black, and she was proposed to with a one-of-a-kind, customized black gold ring.

On her wedding day, they recited a haiku.

Riko Cage is her formal name now.

Frequently Asked Questions on Riko Shibata

1. What Movies has Nicholas Cage Acted in?

He is well-known for his outstanding performances in films such as Vampire’s Kiss, Honeymoon in Vegas, Red Rock West, Lord of War, and others.

2. What is Riko’s Net Worth?

Riko Shibata earned a net worth of $1-2 million USD (approx.) from her career, according to sources.

3. What is Nicholas Cage’s Background?

Cage’s mother is of German ancestry, while his father is of Italian ancestry.

His paternal grandparents were composer Carmine Coppola and actress Italia Pennino.

4. How did they Meet?

Cage allegedly met Shibata through a mutual friend in her native Japan.

They were first seen together in February 2020, when he took her to the location of a tomb he’d purchased for himself ten years before in New Orleans, Louisiana, US.

5. What is Riko’s Zodiac Sign?

Riko’s zodiac sign is capricorn.

6. Where do the Cages Currently Live?

Los Angeles, California, United States.

7. Who has Nicholas Cage been Married to?

Patricia Arquette (1995–2001).

Lisa Marie Presley between 2002 and 2004.

Alice Kim between 2004 and 2016.

Erika Koike in 2019–2020.

8. What was Riko’s Engagement Ring like?

It was a customized black diamond and black gold ring.

9. What Name have they Picked for their Baby?

The couple has picked Akira Francesco if the baby is a boy.

Additionally, they choose Lennon Augie if it’s a girl.

10. What did Riko wear on her Wedding Day?

Riko’s Wedding Dress Was A Japanese Bridal Kimono.

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Riko and Nicholas’ wedding could be one of the most contentious celebrity weddings in history.

Fans are wary of the couple’s age difference, as well as the fact that Cage has previously been married four times.

However, as we’ve seen, it’s never too late to find love.

The couple appears to be very happy together, and we wish them the best.

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