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Nikita Dragun Under Fire for “Joking About Death” with New RIP Video

Nikita Dragun, a YouTube influencer, has come under fire after uploading a video titled ‘RIP Nikita Dragun,’ with some accusing her of doing so to seek attention.’

Nikita Dragun has been uploading beauty-related videos to YouTube since 2013, and she has 3.6 million subscribers across multiple platforms, including Instagram.

Despite her large fan base, Nikita is no stranger to controversy. The YouTuber came under fire in September after releasing music for her song “D*ck,” with many accusing her of ‘exposing’ people by revealing private pictures and DMs.

This time, Dragun is being chastised for the title of one of her most recent YouTube videos


Nikita’s Post that Got Viewers Irritated

On October 8, she posted a video titled ‘RIP Nikita Dragun,’ with the following description: “Dearly, beloved, we have gathered here today to lay to rest a woman bearing my name.” 

Transsexual. Pop Icon CEO. Bad B., but most people know him as Nikita Dragun. May she rest in peace, Pussystunt. R.I.P. 2019-2021.”

Fans Responds to her Post

Many viewers were irritated by the video’s title, claiming she was using it as clickbait and joking about death.

“Please don’t be joking about death.” “This is making me very concerned, and if she does pass, it will be heartbreaking,” one commenter said.

“This is just sad,” said another. “Obviously, you acted as if you were dead to attract the attention of your followers, which is the wrong way to do it.” “Death isn’t something to laugh about,” many others have said.

The outpouring of rage continued on Twitter, where Nikita used the hashtag #RIPNikitaDragun.


Despite the backlash, there were some fans who supported her in the video. Nikita has yet to respond to the recent outpouring of criticism.

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