rockruff evolution pokemon go

Pokemon Go Rockruff Evolutions: How to Get Lycanroc Midday & Midnight Forms

Rockruff’s best moves are Rock Throw and Stone Edge, and he has a Max CP of 950. Lycanroc (Midday) evolves from Rockruff (Midnight).

Rockruff is a Pokémon that resembles a rock. Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water, and Grass moves are all vulnerable to it

Rockruff Evolution Pokemon Go

When you view Rockruff’s page in your Pokemon Go collection, you’ll notice two “Evolve” buttons that allow you to select the exact form of Lycanroc you want to receive.

Midday Lycanroc is represented by the top Evolve button (with the sun icon), while the bottom Evolve button (with the moon icon) represent Midnight Lycanroc

  • Rockruff can be evolved into Midday Lycanroc by saving 50 Candy and evolving it during the day.
  • To evolve Rockruff into Midnight Lycanroc, you must save 50 Candy and evolve it during the night.
rockruff evolution pokemon go

Before tapping the evolve button, make sure the silhouette of the Pokemon matches the silhouette of the Lycanroc form you want.

The Dusk Form of Rockruff evolution Lycanroc is not currently available in Pokemon Go. However, it is already in the game’s files, but we believe it will be released in the future



Remember that once you’ve evolved your Rockruff, you can’t switch between Lycanroc forms. It would be terrible if you ended up with the form you don’t want, especially if you had spent so much time catching the Shiny version.

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