Rose Bundy's biography: what is Ted Bundy’s daughter doing now?
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Rose Bundy’s biography: what is Ted Bundy’s daughter doing now?

Rose Bundy is the daughter of American serial killer Theodore ‘Ted’ Bundy, who was hanged in 1989. Rose was conceived while her father was incarcerated, in what remains one of the most intriguing prison-related incidents to this day.

Rose’s decision to live a peaceful life away from the spotlight may have been influenced by her affiliation with her serial murderer’s father.

Rose became the topic of public debate shortly after her birth, at a time when America was still reeling from the shock of her father’s crimes.

Following the publication of the Netflix documentary Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile, which tracked Ted’s life, more people were interested in Rose. Here’s a quick rundown of Rose’s specifics.

Profile summary

Full name

Rose Bundy





Date of birth

October 24, 1982

Rose Bundy’s age

39 years (as of June 2022)

Zodiac sign


Place of birth

Florida, United States

Current residence










Marital status





Ted Bundy


Carol Anne Boone


James Boone



Known as

Ted Bundy’s daughter

Rose Bundy’s biography

She will be 39 years old in 2022, having been born on October 24, 1982, in Florida, United States.

She grew up in Florida until her parents divorced, at which point she moved to an unknown location.

Where is Rose Bundy today?

Ted’s daughter is said to have moved to England in 2002 and is now a stay-at-home mother in a peaceful English village. Nonetheless, these rumors have never been confirmed.

Who is the mother of Ted Bundy’s daughter?

Carole Anne Boone was Rose’s mother’s name. Rose was Ted and Carole’s only child, but she had half-siblings on both sides of her family.

Her mother had a previous relationship and gave birth to her half-brother, James Boone.

Rosa also has a half-sister named Molly as a result of her father’s marriage to Elizabeth Kloepfer. Carole Ann Boone died in a retirement home in 2018.

How was Ted and Carole’s relationship?

Carole and Ted met in 1974 while working at the Department of Emergency Services in Olympia, Washington.

They fell in love soon after. They had an intriguing friendship that occurred around the time Ted went on his killing spree.

During Bundy’s trial, the two married after he took advantage of an obscure Florida provision saying that “a marriage statement in court in front of a judge is sufficient to constitute a legal marriage.”

Bundy later proposed to Carole while testifying as one of his witnesses during his trial.

How was Rose Bundy conceived?

Rose’s conception has been an intriguing topic for many years. Carole allegedly gave birth to Rose while Ted was in prison on death row.

Carole visited her husband in prison on occasion since she believed in his innocence. Carole’s conception is explained by two opposing ideas.

Conjugal visits were prohibited for all prisoners on death row at the time.

Nonetheless, according to Ann Rule’s Bundy biography, The Stranger Beside Me, convicts were known to give money to bribe guards to allow them conjugal visits.

Another rumor about Rose’s conception suggests that Carole snuck a condom into prison, had Bundy deposit his genetic material into it, tie it, and kissed it back to her.

It is worth mentioning that bribing guards was not only possible but also prevalent at the time, lending credence to the first explanation.

When asked about it, Boone said it was “nobody’s business” how we conceived.

Where is Rose Bundy now?

Rose has been hidden from the public eye since she was born. Several documentaries, books, and films have attempted to throw additional light on Ted and his family’s lives.

Some of these are Ted Bundy (2002), Fry Day (2017), Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (2019), The Only Living Witness (Stephen G. Michaud, 1993), The Stranger Besides Me (Anne Rule, 1980), and Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer (2020).

Rose’s face is presented as a hazy image in the Amazon Prime documentary series Falling for a Killer, where Carole’s face is shown.

There are very few public domain photographs of Rose.

Rose Bundy changed her surname? Both Rose and Boone are suspected of changing their names in order to spend their lives beneath the radar.

Rose Bundy’s new name is allegedly Abigail Griffin, but this is not confirmed.

Carole was taken aback by Ted’s confession and avoided seeing him in jail. She even refused to answer his phone calls.

They separated three years later, in 1986, three years before Ted was executed in 1989.

Did Ted Bundy ever meet his daughter?

Nothing is known regarding Ted’s meeting with his daughter.

There is conjecture that the then 6-year-old Rose was never allowed to contact her father before his execution.

Is Rose Bundy still alive?

Rose is still alive and kicking. In the United Kingdom, she is believed to be a housewife with three children.

Her sons and/or daughters have not been identified. Rose has spent her entire childhood concealed from public view, owing to her late father’s criminal background.

The Stranger Beside Me author Ann Rule was one of the few people who met Rose, chatted with her and heard her version of events.

Rule questioned Rose about her father, who saw her as an intelligent and caring woman.

Who was Ted Bundy?

Ted was an infamous serial murderer who kidnapped, r*ped and murdered several young women and girls in America between 1974 and 1978.

His full name was Theodore Robert Bundy.

Ted later admitted to 30 homicides in seven different states in the United States: Washington, Oregon, Utah, Florida, Idaho, Colorado, and California.

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Interesting facts

Here are some intriguing Rose facts.

  • Rose utilized Facebook on occasion, according to a forum post from 2016.
  • Rose’s father was apprehended as a result of one of his escaped victims.
  • For many Americans who were following her father’s case, Rose’s life became a somewhat prominent social event.

Rose Bundy has had a tranquil life away from the spotlight since she was a child.

The current mystery surrounding her name, current whereabouts, and marital life demonstrates how much she has chosen a secluded life.

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