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Sacha Carlson Age: How Old Is Actor Sacha Carlson

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This article is about Sacha Carlson, he is a teenage actor best known for his part in the current Netflix series Julie and the Phantoms. continue reading about him.

Sacha Carlson

Sacha Carlson is a teen actor best known for his part in Julie and the Phantoms, a Netflix original series.

In the Netflix show, he plays the character “Nick.” The series debuted on Netflix on September 10 and has received great feedback from viewers.

Furthermore, the actor appears in 9 of the 10 episodes of Julie and the Phantoms’ first season. This is his first major part in a film or television show.

Prior to this, he appeared in films such as American Housewife and A Christmas Story Live! Netflix was responsible for the actor’s breakthrough role.

Tune in if you want to learn more about him. Here are ten fascinating facts to know about

Some Facts About Sacha Carlson

Sacha Carlson is an American young actor best known for his performance in Julie and the Phantoms, a Netflix musical series.

Furthermore, he appears to have been born in the early 2000s. He is currently around the age of 17. Similarly, his birthday is unknown. The actor has not yet revealed it.

He does not have a Wikipedia biography because he was not well-known previously. But he might get one soon. Sacha Carlson can also be found on Instagram. On Instagram, the actor has approximately 15k followers.

On social media, he does not appear to have a girlfriend or a partner.

Furthermore, the actor was born and raised in America. He belongs to the White ethnic group. Further information about his parents and relatives is currently unavailable.

His performance in “Julie and the Phantoms” has gained widespread acclaim. Sacha Carlson’s credits are also included on IMDb. Similarly, his wiki can be accessible on a number of web portals.

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FAQs on Sacha Carlson

1. How Old is Sacha?

He is 17 years old

2. How Tall is Sacha Carlson?

He is 5 feet and 3 inches

3. Is Sacha Married?

No, he is not married

4. What is her Instagram Handle?


5. Where is Sacha from?

He is from America

6. What is Sacha’s Occupation?

He is an Actor

7. How many Followers does Sacha have on Instagram?

He has 15k followers on Instagram

8. When did Carlson make his First Onscreen Appearance as Scut Farkus


9. When did Carlson win 2nd Place in the Youth Category of the New Times Music Awards for his Original Song?
 It was on November 2020

10. What Movies did Sacha Carlson Play in?

A Christmas Story Live!
Carlson is gifted and passionate about electric guitar and songs. He is an inspiration to many people. He is, nevertheless, succeeding both financially and academically. So, what qualities do you respect in the young talented star?

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