Sadie Robertson and Husband Christian Huff ‘Struggled’ During Early Days of Parenthood: It Made Them ‘Stronger’
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Sadie Robertson and Husband Christian Huff ‘Struggled’ During Early Days of Parenthood: It Made Them ‘Stronger’

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Love is blossoming. Sadie Robertson opened up about how her and Christian Huff’s relationship has evolved since the birth of their daughter, Honey, in May 2021.

“I’ve never felt more strong or confident [in] who I am and in my life,” the former reality star, 24, told Us Weekly exclusively while promoting her new book, Who Are You Following?

In a Social Media Obsessed World, Pursuing Jesus “Christian and I have never felt closer as a couple simply because we went through the most vulnerable time together ever.”

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The Duck Dynasty alum admitted that postpartum was “rough” for her after giving birth to Honey, but that the experience only strengthened her sense of self.

“It’s just the rawest version of yourself.” It’s difficult and exhausting.

“I think it shapes you into the mother you’ll be,” she explained.

“Don’t be discouraged if you think, ‘I’m losing my mind,’ because you most likely will. [But] you’re going to come out and be like, ‘Wow, I’m so much stronger.'”

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant admitted that the early stages of parenthood put her and Huff’s relationship to the test.

“I mean, we were both struggling. “What I think was crazy and kind of not fun at times,” Robertson told Us.

“But it’s interesting to reflect on because we were both struggling at the same time, you know?” And it’s difficult when you’re both struggling because we’re both trying to figure this out.”

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Honey cried “all the time” after her arrival, according to the Finding Freedom author, making her and Huff, 23, feel like “we were going to absolutely lose our minds half the time.”

That shared experience, on the other hand, strengthened their bond.

“There were certainly days when it was difficult not to get frustrated with each other or whatever.”

But I will say that realizing that we’re both struggling helped. “As if we’re literally in this together,” she went on. “Like, I’m about to go insane, and you’re about to go insane.” ‘OK, we’re a team here,’ he says. ‘Let’s do this together.”

Throughout the ups and downs, the Louisiana native referred to her husband as a “great teammate.”

“We definitely had our stumbles and our moments where we were like, ‘What the heck is going on?'” she added. But, in reality, those experiences make you stronger.”

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Robertson also recalled having to work through jealousy issues during the couple’s early dating days, and how her partner helped to calm her fears.

“‘There’s a difference between some women being attractive — and that’s just a fact — and being captivated by someone,” he explained. ‘I’m so captivated by you,’ he said, implying that you have my undivided attention.

So, regardless of what anyone else is doing, I’m not distracted because I’m captivated by you,'” she told Us.

“And I thought that was such a lovely point.” And it meant a lot to me that Christian said that because it brought me a lot of peace.”

Robertson said she can’t remember the last time she felt “super jealous” of someone else after the couple had been married for two years (they married in November 2019).

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Instead, Robertson has been concentrating on her new book, Pursuing Jesus in a Social Media Obsessed World will be released on February 1st.

“I’ve had this message on my heart for a while to bring a biblical perspective to social media,” she explained to Us. “Social media is fascinating because the previous generation did not have it.”

This is the first time we’ve really gotten into it. As a younger generation, we’re really figuring it out.

We don’t have anyone to look up to and ask, “How do you deal with comparison on social media?” ‘How do you deal with people being completely hateful to your face online?’



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