sea of thieves lavender beard

How to Fix Lavenderbeard Error in Sea of Thieves (Guidelines)

Are you having issues with the Sea of Thieves Lavenderbeard Error and you want to fix it yourself? Here’s what you need to know about it

sea of thieves lavender beard

The Sea of Thieves Lavenderbeard Error can be caused by many factors which include:

  • Server issue 
  • A new client version is available 
  • Antivirus interference
  • The game server rejects the proxy server
  • Corrupted Xbox Live Tokens

On the off chance that the servers are on the web, you’re actually having issues, however, the following are a progression of fixes for Windows Store and Steam.

Assuming that you’re definitely disapproving of Lavenderbeard on Steam, you can take a stab at clearing your Xbox Live qualifications.

  • You can try clearing your Xbox Live credentials.
  • Open the Windows menu in the base left of your screen
  • Type ‘Credential Manager
  • When seeing the Credentials Manager, click the ‘Windows Credentials’ button
  • Find any Passages marked ‘Xbl_Ticket’
  • Eliminate any with ‘1717113201’ in the name
  • Attempt and boot up Sea of Thieves

How to Fix Sea of Thieves Lavenderbeard Error

To settle the issue, you really want to open your Windows search bar, then, at that point, composing in “firewall.” 

When you find a query item, pick “Permit an application through Windows Firewall” and select Ocean of Hoodlums. 

You want to permit it to get to the web on the grounds that the mistake manifests because of the game being denied web network.

In the event that that doesn’t determine your concern, you might have an intermediary server set up or you could be utilizing a VPN

Assuming you’re utilizing both of these things, debilitate either of them and afterward attempt to reconnect to the game. 

It’s conceivable the projects you were utilizing were darkening your association with the game past the basic issue of firewall or antivirus suite access. 

In the case of attempting one choice at that point, the other doesn’t work, attempt a one-two punch of the two strategies to check whether you can interface after that.

In the event that you attempt the two things you actually can’t associate, you should contact the game’s help group to look for additional help.



Watch out for extra mistakes with unusual names since no one can really tell when one could manifest.

The Sea of Thieves Lavender Beard error is a strangely named problem making it hard to really realize what precisely is off-base.

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