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This blog will focus on Simon Guobadia, a Nigerian-American businessman. Philanthropist and producer. Continue reading to learn more.

Brief Biography of Simon Guobadia

Simon Iyore Guobadia was born on June 2, 1964, in Benin, Nigeria, into a middle-class, polygamous family.

However, he resides in Georgia, USA.

He finished primary school in Nigeria and went on to Loyola College for secondary school.

In 2022, he is 58 years old and a Christian.

Simon relocated to the United States to further his education.

While there, he attended the University of the District of Columbia, where he earned a graduate degree in Accounting and Finance.

Despite the fact that Simon does not discuss his family, he has two sisters, one of whom has died.

Mary Awo-Osagie is the name of one of his sisters.

Simon, on the other hand, posts photos of his cousins and friends on his social media accounts.

Guobadia’s Career

Simon began his career in August 2004 as a tax manager at a firm called ‘Deloitte.’

He left the firm after two years to focus on establishing his own.

In January 2007, he established the ‘SIMCOL group,’

A holding company with multiple legal entities in Energy, Logistics, Multimedia, and Hospitality.

He is the CEO of his company.

In January 2019, he was appointed CEO of KLC Petroleum transport, LLC, a transportation company.

Aside from that, he owns and operates restaurant chains in Atlanta.

Simon, according to reports, ran the ‘Time and Buckhead Bottle Bar’ for two years.

However, due to financial difficulties, he had to close the bar in 2014.

As an investor, he has invested in a variety of multinational corporations and stocks.

Aside from that, Simon is a producer.

He is the director of films such as ‘Child Of The South (2020),’ ‘Execute (2019),’

‘Ken Ford Live from the Buckhead Theater (2013),’ and ‘Prison Dogs (2012).’

Simon Guobadia is referred to as a tycoon, but the precise amount of his total assets is unknown.

He has an enviable track record as both a financier and a filmmaker.

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Simon’s Previous Marriages

Guobadia’s first marriage lasted 20 years and was to Karron English.

They had two children, Quentin and Nicole, though Guobadia is said to be estranged from her eldest daughter Nicole.

There isn’t much else known about Guobadia’s life with his first wife because it’s not a topic he frequently discusses.

He does, however, frequently discuss his journey to become a better father to his children on social media

And he appears to have a good relationship with his son Quentin.

Connie Andrade-Rivera, his second wife, is a model and lifestyle enthusiast.

It is unknown when the two married, but they did have a young daughter named Ximena together.

Simon Guobadia was recently married to Falynn Guobadia.

They were married for two years before deciding to divorce in early 2021.

Simon married his ex-wife Falynn Guobadia on June 14, 2019.

Falynn is a season 13 cast member of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta.’

Simon Guobadia married Falynn Guobadia at the Hyatt Regency’s Villa Christina.

They have three children between them.

Simon’s Relationship

Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia began dating soon after Guobadia announced his divorce from his wife, Falynn Guobadia.

Falynn Guobadia, Williams’ co-star on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, was an interesting choice.

When Simon Guobadia and Williams announced their relationship in May 2021, they received a lot of backlashes.

Even more, controversy erupted when they revealed that they had gotten engaged just weeks after starting to date.

According to BCK Online, Simon Guobadia has five children in total.

When he and Williams marry, he will become a stepfather to her young daughter, PJ.

Although Simon Guobadia doesn’t reveal many details about his children on social media,

He does post photos of them on occasion, with fans learning that his oldest daughter is named Nicole.

The photos reveal that he has two young sons named Benjamin and Quentin.

Simon Guobadia is no stranger to large, blended families.

According to Page Six, his grandfather was a polygamist with 25 wives.

Simon Guobadia’s father had two wives, which he revealed on Porsha’s Family Matters.

“Having different women isn’t unusual where I come from,” Guobadia explained.

Net Worth and Assets

Simon Guobadia lives an opulent lifestyle in Atlanta, Georgia.

He lives in a $4, 688, 000 mansion and has a net worth of $400-500 million USD.

Aside from that, he supplemented his income through side businesses and investments.

In terms of assets, he owns a number of residential properties.

Simon is a car enthusiast who owns a large collection of luxury vehicles.

The cars include Ferraris, Rolls-Royces, Bentleys, and others.

Simon owns a private jet in addition to cars.

Not only that, but he also owns a number of luxury yachts and flashy automobiles.

With all of these assets and properties, it is clear that Simon lives a life of luxury.

Other Interesting Simon Facts

Simon enjoys Branded Footwear and prefers to vacation in Japan and Israel.

He is a philanthropist who has given to a variety of organizations.

Simon collaborated with Spike Lee to create ‘Son of the South.’

He is a fitness fanatic who made his first Instagram post on November 9th, 2012.

Simon also took home the trophy for his restaurant’s ‘best taste category.’

He is also an avid smoker who enjoys smoking high-quality cigars.

Simon has connections with a number of well-known celebrities and has over 8,000 Instagram followers.

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Simon Guobadia’s story is a tumultuous one, proving that even the wealthy cry.

We hope he can unite his large and dispersed family.

And we want to believe that this upcoming marriage will be his last.

Frequently Asked Questions on Simon Guobadia

1. How Many Children Does Simon have?

Simon has five children.

2. Where does he Live?

Simon lives in Georgia, USA.

3. How many Ex-Wives does Simon Guobadia have?

Simon Guobadia has chosen to keep much of his personal life private, but according to Bustle, he already has three ex-wives.

4. How Many Children does Falynn have?

From a previous relationship, the 32-year-old has two sons, Dylan and Liam.

5. Do Simon and Falynn have a Baby?

Both Falynn Pina and Simon Guobadia have children from previous relationships, but they have never had children together.

6. Is Simon a Vegetarian?

Simon Guobadia is non-vegetarian and likes to eat non-vegetarian foods.

7. Does he Own a Private Plane?

Yes, Simon has a private plane.

8. What is the name of his Second Wife?

Connie Andrade-Rivera

9. What do Falynn and Porsha have in Common?

They both starred in the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

10. What is Simon’s Net Worth?

He has a net worth of $400-500 million USD.

Simon is also a business associate and friend of Porsha’s ex-fiancé, entrepreneur Dennis McKinley. They shared a Mother’s Day celebration with Porsha. Share and leave a comment

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