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Slim Santana is an American model, video vixen, and social media personality best known for her TikTok Buss It Challenge. Read on to learn more about her.

Biography of Slim Santana

Slim Santana grew up in the United States of America. She is 30 years old in 2020.

She became well-known for her TikTok Buss It Challenge, a 15-second video that she posted on her Twitter page.

The Buss It Song was released by Erica Banks, an American singer who also created the Buss It Challenge for everyone to enjoy.

Her recent TikTok viral video has gained her a large number of followers in a matter of days. She also has a page for only her fans, which has over 700 subscribers.

Santana has been active on Twitter since April 2020 and has amassed over 42k followers. She charges $10 per month for her Onlyfans account subscription.

Slim Santana is the Internet name that she uses in all of her online media accounts. Her true name has not been revealed as of yet.

Thin Santana’s Instagram account has over 5k followers. Thin has 49 posts up to this point, and her Instagram bio describes her as a legendary beast.

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FAQs on Slim Santana

1. What is Slim Santana’s Real name?

Her real name is not known

2. How Old is Slim Santana?

She is 30 years old

3. Where is Slim Santana from?

She is from the United States

4. When did she begin Being Active on Twitter?

She began being active on Twitter from April 2022

5. Is Slim Santana on Instagram?

Yes, she is on Instagram

6. How many Followers does she have on Twitter?

She has over 5k followers on Instagram

7. What is her Zodiac Sign?

Her Zodiac Sign is unknown

8. What is her Instagram Handle?

@lamia_gueye is her Instagram handle

9. What is her Twitter Handle?

@SlimSantana_ is her Twitter handle

10. How many Followers does Slim Santana have on Twitter?

She has 42k followers on Twitter

Santana does not yet have a Wikipedia page dedicated to her. Thin Santana hasn’t revealed anything about her personal life, such as her parents, family, or boyfriend.

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