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Sommer Ray Joins ‘He’s a 10’ Trend with Perfect TikTok

Have you heard of the phrase “he’s a 10 but”? This TikTok trend has gone viral, and now influencer Sommer Ray has joined in.

This particular trend causes people to express their dissatisfaction with someone. You may be wondering if the trend is limited to one gender, of course not, the trend is not limited to one gender.

Since he’s a 10′ and she’s a 10′ trends first became popular, there have been numerous hilarious examples.

For those who are unfamiliar with the meme, it is essential users expressing a red flag that would discourage them from being interested in someone who appears to be perfect.

Sommer Ray, an Instagram model with over 26 million followers, jumped on the bandwagon on August 3.


Sommer Ray Joins the Trend on Tiktok

Previously, the entrepreneur admitted that seeing their partner follow her on social media is likely a red flag.

In a new TikTok video, she’s wearing sunglasses and glaring at the camera.

“When he’s a 10 but follows Sommer Ray on Instagram…” says the caption.

In the comments, a few others joined in on the meme. “When she’s a 10 but oversleeps and doesn’t come over,” one commenter said. “Still a 10 because I follow you anyway,” he continued.

“You’re a 10 because you’re an absolute stunner with gold eyes,” said another.


It’s unclear whether following Sommer Ray is a red flag for most people, but she certainly seems to think so, doubling down on this latest TikTok trend. It may all just be for fun.

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