Sons of the Forest Release Date Delayed to 2022

Short version: The release of Sons of the Forest has been postponed! Endnight Games has made the decision.

They have officially informed fans that their survival sequel horror will be delayed. This is not the kind of news I want to share with you.

Sons of the Forest Release Date

Its release date has been pushed back to early-to-mid 2022, and it will now be available on PC. Endnight previously promised to release the film in 2021, but that never happened because 2021 has already passed.

They attribute the delay to “more time” because they have other things to manage.

To put things in perspective, fans can expect a release date “soon.” Furthermore, the studio has promised to release a specific schedule after the third trailer is released in the coming weeks.

Endnight Games made the announcement on their social media accounts.

“Hey Everyone,” the tweet began. Here are some screenshots from Sons Of The Forest, our upcoming game.

We had hoped to release the game this year, but we need more time, so it will be sometime in early to mid-2022. The exact date will be announced in the coming weeks with our third trailer.”

However, the few glimpses of the game were enough to keep fans waiting for its release.

Sons of Forest 2 – Everything We Know!

The Forest is followed by Sons of the Forest. The sequel was announced during the Game Awards two years ago.

Two years is a long time!!

Endnight Games has done everything they can to provide more information to fans in any way they can since the announcement.

We finally spoke about the delay at this point.

Endnight has stated that the sequel will be “scary.” It will return to the Playstation 4 and the original PC.

Endnight also spoke briefly about the “gameplay” to help fans understand what Sons of the Forest will be like.

The sequel will include a new “digging mechanic,” followed by a “more satisfying and immersive” building feature. Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence will play an important role in Sons of the Forest.

The characters will exhibit “extremely complex behavior,” such as becoming more angry, hungry, bored, rude, and so on.

If you haven’t already, take a look at the Sons of the Forest trailer.

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Endnight is finally releasing the sequel, and we can’t get enough of it. It will be interesting to see what cannibals we will encounter in Sons of the Forest.

Are you looking forward to The Forest 2? Please let us know!

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