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Netflix’s ‘Space Force’ Season 2: TV Review

The US Space Force deals with the aftermath of their moon mission and a new administration in the second season of Steve Carell and Greg Daniels’ military comedy.

Space Force Season 2

The biggest question left hanging after Space Force’s first season, in this critic’s opinion, had nothing to do with space wars or prison breaks.

It was whether the series would improve by the time it returned. The comedy starring Greg Daniels and Steve Carell had a rocky start, but it ended stronger than it had begun. 

There was every reason to hope, if not necessarily expect, a better Space Force season two.

The good news is that Space Force appears to have corrected its course, resulting in a more consistent and coherent series. The bad news is that it still doesn’t work properly. 

If season one was just promising enough to warrant a second look, season two has been just disappointing enough to suggest we don’t need another.

In an ironic twist, the majority of season two is devoted to the military branch’s efforts to justify its own existence. 

They face bad press, budget cuts, and skeptical decision makers under the leadership of the awkward but righteous General Mark Naird (Carell). 

As a result, both the Space Force and the Space Force have become leaner. 

Season one’s ambitious missions, such as space chimps and lunar habitats, are gone, as are the toothless parodies of real-life figures such as Elizabeth Holmes and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 

The strange subplot involving Naird’s wife (Lisa Kudrow) has been reduced to almost nothing and isn’t missed. Even the episode count has been reduced to seven from ten in season one.

The Comedy Set

Season two features more comedy set in and around the base, emphasizing the regulars’ personal journeys and bonds with one another. This time, the tone is more The Office than Veep. 

Episode after episode reaffirms how much these team members care about each other, especially how much they love and respect Naird, who has been recalibrated to appear more grounded. 

He’s still bumbling enough to accidentally project a painful and intimate medical procedure onto screens throughout the office. 

But he’s less prone to hissy fits and musical outbursts, and he’s dropped the strangely gruff voice thanks to PR specialist Tony (Ben Schwarz), who agrees with audience criticisms of its “manufactured timbre.”

The Romantic Tension

In theory, the show is doing everything right. The romantic tension between scientist Chan (Jimmy O. Yang) and astronaut Angela (Tawny Newsome).

It was easily the best part of season one, plays a larger role in season two, and even allows Tony to show off a softer, sweeter side. 

Erin (Diana Silvers), Naird’s daughter, is given an internship at Space Force, which integrates her more organically into the goings-on on base. 

The once-hostile relationship between Naird and chief scientist Mallory (John Malkovich) has softened into an odd-couple dynamic that can be quite endearing.

This is in one episode when each man steels himself to gently deliver bad news to the other.

Despite all of this fine-tuning, the series as a whole feels remarkable only in how unimpressive it is. The plotting is still sloppy and lumpy. 

Individual episodes appear to change course several times before petering out, whereas serialized arcs appear to spin their wheels before going nowhere. 

Angela’s mental health issues after returning from the moon could and should have made for compelling storytelling, but they are so underplayed as to be insignificant. 

Meanwhile, much is made of Erin’s entry into the stock market, but by the end of the season, little has happened. 

I’d argue that Space Force needed more time to flesh out some of these narratives, but given how much of the time it does have feels squandered, I’m not sure it’d be worth it.

The Short Comings

These dramatic flaws would be more forgivable if Space Force was hilarious. 

It has its moments, as one would expect from a cast this talented. Malkovich can turn the phrase “blackened Cajun salmon with cranberry vinaigrette” into an entire meal. 

Don Lake, who plays Brigadier General Gregory (basically Naird’s administrative assistant), provides excellent comic relief, delivering lines like “My wife was abducted by aliens on a business trip and forced to have sex with her boss” with almost unnerving relish. 

Schwartz continues to demonstrate that few actors are better at playing slightly shady but ultimately endearing motormouths. 

The jokes, like so much else in Space Force, feel like they should be better than they are.

The End of the Season Two

By the end of Season 2, Space Force appears to be on the verge of disbanding as its core team contemplates their future whether to pursue other offers and adventures apart from one another, or to stay together and fight to keep what they once had. 

But, as for Space Force, perhaps the best thing the show can do now is call it quits and allow its cast to move on to more exciting new adventures.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a Season 2 of Space Force?


2. Is Space Force Season 2 Canceled?

Steve Carell’s “Space Force” has been canceled after two seasons at Netflix

3. Will there be a Space Force Season 3?

Netflix has opted not to renew Greg Daniels and Steve Carell’s comedy series Space Force for a third season.

4. Why is Space Force Canceled?

Deadline reports that Netflix has decided to scuttle the Greg Daniels and Steve Carell-created series, likely in response to Space Force netting somewhat less-than-stellar ratings over the course of its short run.

5. Why is Space Force Season 2 so Short?

Finally, Space Force’s production was moved from Los Angeles to Vancouver an indication that season 2 had a reduced budget, which may have very well factored into its shorter year.

6. Why is Netflix Canceling so Many Shows?

As it reckons with its first loss of subscribers in over a decade, plus a huge slump in the valuation of its shares, Netflix has seemingly moved to proactively combat further financial instability

7. What Crime did Nairds Wife Commit?

Based on the “very serious” conviction, some have theorized that she might have been involved in a kidnapping, drug trafficking, or some type of fraud, if not treason.

8. Where is Space Force Filmed?

California State University, Dominguez Hills.

9. Who is the Spy in Space Force?

Diana Silvers

10. What is the Highest Rank in the Space Force?

Chief Master Sergeant (E-9)

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