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Stacey Sager is an American journalist who works as a reporter at WABC-TV in New York City. In 1996, she joined the Channel 7 Eyewitness News team.

About Stacey Sager

Stacey prefers to keep her personal life private, so she has yet to reveal the year and month she was born. As a result, it is unknown when she will celebrate her birthday. She could, however, be in her fifties.

Sager’s father is Jerome Sager of Guttenberg, New Jersey, and her mother is the later Marilyn Wendy Sager. She has not, however, revealed the names of her siblings.

Sager stands at 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Personal Life

Andrew Loring Platt is Sager’s husband. Albert Sturmer married them in 2001 at the Harmonie Club in New York. The couple is the proud parents of two daughters. Her husband and children live in Nassau County with her.


Stacey’s first television job was at a small station in Bangor, Maine. She went on to work as a reporter for WNEP-TV in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and WJAR-TV in Providence, Rhode Island.

Stacey has received multiple Emmy nominations throughout her career, and she won the award for her coverage of the 2007 midtown Manhattan steampipe explosion. 

She and her crew were among the first to arrive on the scene and remained for several hours during live coverage. She also received the prestigious Michael P. Metcalf Media Award from the National Conference of Christians and Jews.

Breast Cancer

In the spring of 1999, Stacey did an eyewitness News special about how she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 30. It was a unique, first-hand account of the difficult decision-making process faced by young women in crisis. 

Stacey was then diagnosed with another cancer in the spring of 2011. Doctors discovered pre-invasive cancer in the lining of her fallopian tubes. She was also discovered to have a genetic mutation that causes breast and ovarian cancer

Stacey chose to walk viewers through her surgery and subsequent decisions, urging women at risk to be tested for cancer-causing genetic abnormalities

Stacey is now completely recovered and has made it her mission to encourage other women to get checked.

Her Awards

Since her groundbreaking reporting, Stacey has received numerous humanitarian awards and has been recognized for her volunteer efforts with the American Cancer Society. 

She also volunteers for organizations such as TEALWALK and the Basser Center, which help women with ovarian cancer and BRCA-related cancers. 

Stacey has co-hosted Channel 7’s annual Emmy Award-winning breast cancer specials and is an active participant in the American Cancer Society’s annual “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” walk, which raises millions of dollars for breast cancer research and awareness. 

It’s a subject close to her heart, as are the other stories she’s written about women’s issues in general.

Stacey Sager WABC-TV

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Net Worth

Sager’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million, which she earned as a reporter. Sager’s annual salary ranges from $40,000 to $ 110,500.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is Stacey Sager?

She is an American journalist

  1. How Old is Stacey Sager?

This information is unknown

  1. How Tall is Stacey Sager?

5 feet 4 inches

  1. Who is Stacey Sager Married to?

Andrew Loring Platt

  1. How much Money does Stacey Sager Earn?

$40,000 – $ 110,500

  1. How much is Stacey Worth?

$1 Million – $5 Million

  1. Does Stacey have Children?

Yes she has

  1. Where Does Stacey Sager Live?

Nassau County

  1. How many Children does Stacey have?

She has two children

  1. Is Stacey Married?

Yes she is married 

Since then, Stacey has covered a wide range of local, national, and global issues, including the Bush-Gore presidential race, the Kosovo war, Al Qaeda captives in Cuba, Timothy McVeigh’s execution, JFK junior’s death, the TWA flight 800 tragedy, and the tragic September 11th attacks.



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