Top 10 Strongest Dragon Ball Z Characters. (What you Need to Know)

Dragon Ball Z is a classic anime series that exists between Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT. The anime series helped popularize the genre in the United States, and it has cult status among DBZ aficionados.

The Dragon Ball Z franchise now includes several animated feature films, video games, and other DBZ merchandise, all based on Akira Toriyama’s manga.

Top 10 Most Powerful DBZ Characters

The series’ best characters are those who have been thoughtfully developed in relation to others.

Despite their limitations, their tales have a huge impact on the universe as a whole. We’ve compiled a list of the best Dragon Ball Z characters.

10. Buu

Top 20 Strongest Dragon Ball Z Characters. (What you Need to Know)

Majin Buu is my favorite Dragon Ball Z villain, but not while he’s a villain. When Majin Buu has released from his endless incarceration thanks to the Great Wizard Babidi, he is revealed to be essentially just a kid with no thoughts.

Buu only damages people, destroys cities, and produces global havoc when Babidi commands him to.

Buu stopped harming people after killing Babidi and later befriended Mr. Satan because he understood it was wrong and something he no longer wanted to do.

Majin Buu, on the other hand, appears to be absolutely harmless and a lot of fun to be around.

9. Frieza

Top 20 Strongest Dragon Ball Z Characters. (What you Need to Know)

Frieza, a villain in the Dragon Ball series, appears on multiple occasions as Goku’s arch-nemesis. In the Saiyan chronology, he is the character responsible for the destruction of the Saiyan homeworld, the obliteration of the planet Namek, personally killing Vegeta’s father, and commanding numerous invasions of Earth.

The Emperor of Universe 7 possesses an extraordinary ability to absorb large amounts of energy.

His strongest, original form is buried underneath a series of transformations to help his body contain his vast might.

Frieza is extremely difficult to defeat. He was able to achieve his golden form in the anime after only four months of training.

His sole competitor is his huge ego, which has been so seriously damaged by his defeat to Goku that recovering his strength will require years of mental training.

Frieza’s brutality through torture and genocide is a real villain’s characteristic.

If this tyrant can keep his arrogance and psychopathic tendencies under control, he will definitely be able to contend with the universe’s most powerful heroes.

8. Master Roshi

Master Roshi is one of Dragon Ball Z’s best characters, with a vast mastery of warfare strategies that coexists with his sluggishness.

Don’t be deceived by his age, which has weakened his endurance and part of his strength. When necessary, he can center himself and direct all of his experience toward his purpose.

Master Roshi appears to be an elderly man in poor health, yet his grasp of multiple martial arts techniques and unequaled adaptability make him a fearsome opponent. Because of his fluid combat technique, he is also extremely evasive.

In the manga, Roshi could even go toe-to-toe with Jiren of the Pride Troopers. Roshi, on the other hand, has a number of significant weaknesses that limit his strength.

He’s a huge pervert who spends the majority of his time fantasizing about women.

7. Brolly

Brolly is up next on our list. Broly is the original Super Saiyan. His enormous might as a Super Saiyan is tempered by his lukewarm, meek nature as an ordinary Saiyan when controlled by a technology devised by his father, Paragus.

His ultimate insanity is induced by his birth circumstances, yet he is aware that he is insane, making his experience tragic.

This erroneous fighter has only experienced anguish and betrayal.

Broly’s path has left him with no preparation for his immense power. As a result, he is unable to assess and adjust to changing conditions. When confronted with a problem, Broly simply conjures more force and crushes it with his fists.

Broly’s journey is left open-ended in Dragon Ball Super, implying that we have yet to see just how powerful he may become. He appears to be much higher on this list than he actually is, because he lacks adaptability. He may have an infinite supply of raw power, but he has yet to be adjusted.

6. Goku

Goku, the face of the entire Dragon Ball franchise, shines even brighter in Dragon Ball Z, as his peer group solidifies, his family expands, and he virtually carries the Saiyan race on his back.

He is one of the most powerful beings in the universe, along with his eldest son Gohan and Super Buu.

Despite his enormous strength, he is incredibly modest and gentle, with a tremendous capacity for forgiveness, which is critical during Vegeta, Piccolo, and Android #18’s recuperation.

He’s a completely likable character, and his flaws just add to his allure.

5. Bulma

Bulma is a significant character in the social power system of Earth’s fighters, especially since she has a child with Vegeta.

Anyone who can handle the Saiyan race’s volatile prince possesses an inner strength that few can match.

She demonstrates her might in Dragon Ball Super by approaching Beerus and hitting him across the face.

An enraged Vegeta pushes Beerus to put forth some effort as a result of the ensuing blowback. Bulma is one of the most intelligent characters in the Dragon Ball universe, as well as one of the most enduring, second only to Goku. Bulma and her incredible mental capacity are responsible for the Earth’s creation in Universe 6.

4. Gohan

Top 20 Strongest Dragon Ball Z Characters. (What you Need to Know)

Without a question, Gohan is one of the strongest and best Dragon Ball Z characters. Despite being pushed to his limitations, he has the ability to overcome Goku and annihilate his opponents. He quickly fell out of the top tier, becoming simply a mid-level talent at best.

He does, however, learn some hacking skills from Old Kai and regains his strength. Although this is debatable, I still place him below Goku and Vegeta since he is too inconsistent and has too few feats following the Cell Saga.

3. Piccolo

Top 20 Strongest Dragon Ball Z Characters. (What you Need to Know)

Piccolo has been outmatched by successive waves of adversaries as the Dragon Ball story has progressed, yet he still carries his own weight at critical junctures.

Namek’s austere warrior was previously a villain intent on conquering Earth and slaying Goku.

Piccolo has become an integral member of Earth’s fighting force after learning from his mistakes and softening his heart via Gohan’s training.

He has a laser focus that can be a source of strength as well as blind ambition. Since his days fighting the Kakarot, Piccolo has matured from a crazed nemesis to a loyal comrade.

Piccolo’s smile is still uncommon, and he spends much of his time practicing or seeking solitude.

2. Vegeta

Top 20 Strongest Dragon Ball Z Characters

An unending torrent of hatred runs through the Saiyan bloodline as Prince Vegeta. Originally intended to control his destroyed home planet, the hesitant anti-power hero’s levels always appear to be one step behind Earth’s most strong — occasionally crossing into the Dragon Ball pantheon’s most powerful through furious outbursts. Vegeta’s dedication to martial arts and ki development is unparalleled.

1. Lord Beerus

Top 20 Strongest Dragon Ball Z Characters

Lord Beerus is deserving of the top rank. Beerus is the God of Destruction in Universe 7.

Beerus appears to harbor no ill will toward any lifeforms, merely annoyance at any disruptions in his favorite activities, which he sees as a natural mechanism.

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He is responsible for maintaining Universe 7’s balance as a God of Destruction, which he accomplishes by decimating any worlds that upset him. The imposing creature has been there for millions of years, providing the gourmet-loving god with a wealth of experience.

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