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Tabitha Swatosh, an American beauty pageant winner and TikTok star, is the subject of this article. Continue reading to learn more.


Brief Biography of Tabitha Swatosh

Tabitha Swatosh grew up in Missouri, the United States. She has been interested in modeling since she was a child and aspired to work in the industry.

Miss Merry Christmas 2017, Missouri Teen 2018, and Fair Queen 2018 are among the many modeling titles she has won.

She is of American nationality and of British Irish ancestry. Blake Swatosh is her younger brother. There isn’t much information about her parents.

She does not appear to have revealed much about her personal life. On August 25, 2000, she was born to her loving parents in Kansas, Missouri, USA.

She lived in Joplin for a short time before her parents relocated to Lamar, Missouri. Tabitha is 22 years old, and she is a Virgo.

She finished her elementary education at a local private school in her hometown. Also, she went on to get her Bachelor’s degree from Missouri state university.

Personal Life

Many people are interested in Tabitha Swatosh’s love life. In 2020, she began her first serious relationship with her boyfriend, Matt Ryan.

She first introduced herself to her lover on Instagram by posting their first photo together. Their relationship officially began on August 17, 2020.

The couple was sitting in a car in the picture. Tabitha, on the other hand, avoided mentioning his name and even blurred the image so that his face was obscured.

Later that day, on August 21, she officially revealed the identity of her partner. The same day, Ryan took to Instagram and posted their adorable photo with a lovely caption.

Regrettably, their relationship ended in 2021, and Tabitha is currently unmarried.

Tabitha Swatosh is a fitness enthusiast with a charming and attractive personality. She has a fair complexion and green eyes that make her look stunning.

Additionally, she is 5 feet 4 inches tall and has dark brown hair that matches her complexion.

Tabitha’s Career and Net Worth

Tabitha is a TikTok star, YouTuber, model, and social media personality from the United States. She is popular for her jaw-dropping photos on her Instagram account.

The account has over a million followers and she makes lip-sync videos on TikTok. The beauty queen has millions of TikTok followers and is well-known for her unique content.

She is also a YouTube sensation. Her fan base is incredible and massive. The star has a wonderful personality that complements her bright smile and stunning appearance.

As a well-known TikTok star, she has already received numerous valuable TikTok badges. Tabitha is one of the top internet celebrities in the United States, and her popularity is growing rapidly.

She also earns money by working as a model on Instagram and creating sponsored content for major brands.

Her TikTok account, where she posts beauty tips and a variety of content related to famous music clips, dancing videos, storytimes, and much more, has seen a lot of success.

Due to this, she has a large number of subscribers on YouTube. On June 16, 2020, she released her first video.

Tabitha Swatosh’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million. Instagram accounts for the vast majority of her earnings. She also makes money from modeling assignments, brand deals, and sponsorships.

Other Interesting Tabitha Facts

Tabitha frequently works for “Fabletics,” and she has worked with “Smartfood Popcorn” to promote their brands on her Instagram account.

She is a huge Martin Luther King Jr. fan and frequently shares his quotes on social media. Aside from social media, she enjoys spending time with her family whenever possible.

Tabitha would rather visit the beach than the mountain. Her favorite activities include wakeboarding, kneeboarding, and surfing.


FAQs on Tabitha Swatosh 

1. Is Tabitha Single?

She is in a relationship

2. How Old is Tabitha?

She is 22 years old

3. How Tall is Tabitha?

She is 5 feet inches tall

4. What is Tabitha’s Zodiac Sign?

Her zodiac sign is Virgo

5. What is Tabitha’s Net Worth?

Her Net worth is estimated to be $1 million

6. Is Tabitha on Instagram?

Yes, she is

7. Does she have a Youtube Channel?

Yes, she has

8. Where is Tabitha from?

She is from the United States

9. When is Tabitha’s Birthday

25th  August

10. What is her Favourite Activity

Her favorite activities include wakeboarding, kneeboarding, and surfing.

She doesn’t yet have a Wikipedia profile. Tabitha has worked hard to achieve the position she currently holds. She’s doing well at her own pace, and we admire her non-scandalous demeanor.

Tabitha is a true queen, and she deserves all the attention she can get.

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