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Tana Mongeau Under Fire for Excessive Photoshop Edits

Tana Mongeau, a YouTuber and reality TV star, has come under fire for Facetuning a People’s Choice Awards photo. Continue reading to find out how she responded.

tana mongeau swing

MTV starlet is being chastised for extreme photoshopping, as seen in an Instagram photo she posted.

While other photos from the Awards show the star as she usually does.

This one shows a dramatically slimmer jawline, pointed chin, and larger lips and eyes for Mongeau, which fans were quick to point out.

The edited photo is a close-up of the starlet in a red sequined gown. It shows a significant difference when compared to the original Getty image from the event.

Mongeau uploaded a heavily photoshopped photo of herself in a yellow bathing suit in late January 2019. 

Fans noticed Mongeau’s use of photo editing when the starlet’s friend posted a photo of the two from the same beach outing. 

Mongeau was wearing the same yellow swimsuit in her friend’s photo, but her body was not as snatched as it was in her own edited photo.

Doesn’t Look Like Tana Cares

Tana has taken the criticism in stride and stated unequivocally that she has no plans to stop her body enhancement tactics, whether in real life or through virtual reality, anytime soon.

The blonde reality star shared photos of herself getting cheek fillers on Twitter. 

Along with these photos, Mongeau tweeted on November 18, 2019, “Y’all said I FaceTune too much like fine. Stop begging me to get more filler I’ll just do it.” STOP TORMENTING ME.”

Tana responded to the backlash by posting a series of photos.

However, she posted photos from the People’s Choice Awards with the caption, “Swipe for a pic of me (with less FaceTune than last time) because I’m narcissistic.”



Tana’s hobby appears to be photoshopping her photos because she has been criticized by fans and she does not care; she continues to do what she enjoys and probably that makes her happy.

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