tap strafe apex

What is Tap Strafing in Apex Legends? (How to Tap-Strafe)

Apex Legends is a well-known battle royale game with an insane in-game mechanism. All you need to know about Tap-Strafe is here 

tap strafe apex

Players find it especially difficult to master this game, and player movement is a key factor in this game. 

Tap Strafe is one of the in-game techniques that a player who wants to be good at Apex Legends must learn.


Tap Strafing is one of the Apex Predator movement techniques that players will use in high elo lobbies to confuse enemies about where they’re going next.

The move allows you to spin 180 degrees in the blink of an eye and is one of the easiest to learn in Apex Legends.

How to Tap-Strafe in Apex Legends

Slide jump by pressing shift, control, and space at the appropriate times while holding one of your strafe keys, depending on which direction you want to go. 

A will go to the left, and D will go to the right. Flick the mouse wheel up or down at the peak of the jump while holding the strafe key and not moving the mouse. 

If you do it correctly, you will feel a diagonal pull in the direction you are facing.

Once you’ve mastered that, move the mouse in the direction of the pull while spamming the mouse scroll and holding the strafe button to complete the tap-strafe.



To understand tap strafing, players must first understand how it works. A good Legend and a good weapon will always give you a better chance of winning.

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