Teri Polo bio: net worth, tattoos, death hoax, is she gay?
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Teri Polo bio: net worth, tattoos, death hoax, is she gay?

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Teri Polo is one of the most well-known American actors. In the popular Meet the Parents trilogy, she played Pam Byrnes-Focker. She nailed the role, propelling her to stardom in the acting industry.

Polo is also known for her performances as police woman Stef Adams Foster in The Fosters and its spinoff Good Trouble on ABC.

Despite keeping her personal life private, her acting career is open to the public. She is one of the most well-known female actors in the United States, thanks to her parts in films such as Meet the Parents and The Fosters.

Teri Polo Profile Summary

  • Full name: Theresa Elizabeth Polo
  • Date of birth: 1st June, 1969
  • Parents: Jane and Vincent Polo
  • Age: 50 years old
  • Horoscope: Gemini
  • Birth town: Dover, Delaware, USA
  • Nationality: United States of America
  • Profession: Actress and professional model
  • Net worth: 800,000 dollars
  • Son: Griffin
  • Daughter: Bayley Paige Wollam
  • Exes: Anthony Moore and Jamie Wollam
  • Hair colour: Blonde
  • Height: 5′ 7″ (1.7 m)
  • Online presence: Twitter

Early life

On June 1, 1969, the stunning model and American actress was born in Dover, Delaware, USA. Theresa Elizabeth Polo is her given name. Jane (Gentry) and Vincent Polo, a stereo system designer, are the exquisite actress’s parents.

This 50-year-old actress’s ancestors are Italian, which she inherited from her paternal grandfather, English, and German.

Mike and Steve are the names of the model’s two brothers, who are both 50 years old. Polo wanted to dance. As a result, she began learning ballet in order to become a ballet dancer.

She studied choreography for twelve years before joining the Delaware Regional Ballet at the age of fifteen.

Although most people anticipated her to continue her ballet dancing, Theresa surprised many by dropping out of high school at the age of 16.

The dancer dropped out because she had won a local modeling contest in which the winner got to appear in a blue jeans advertisement in Seventeen magazine. The 16-year-old tried her hand at modeling and was fortunate to be signed to Elite’s small division.


Polo got his start in the film industry after doing some modeling. After decades of struggling for a breakthrough in films and hosting various TV series, the actress made her cinematic debut as Ben Stiller’s would-be fiancée in the 2000 autumn hit Meet the Parents.

Her performance in this film earned her not just international acclaim, but also critical acclaim from fans all around the world.

Polo was cast as the daughter of the local gentry’s über-WASPs (Robert De Niro and Blythe Danner).

When compared to when she first started performing in New York, the exposure was huge. The opportunity led to her appearing in more amazing films over the years.

Teri Polo movies and TV shows

Theresa has appeared in various TV shows, including the ABC serial opera Loving to Northern Exposure and the comedy Mystery Date (1991).

In 1995, the actress relocated to Los Angeles in quest of greater career chances, which led to her landing television jobs and even guest-starring roles on shows like Felicity and Sports Night.

Meet the Parents is maybe Theresa’s most well-known program. She was given this part in 2000, and it brought her a lot of attention. In 2004, he played another big role in Meet the Fockers.

Although the attractive model and ballet dancer decided to step away from the spotlight for three years, when she returned, she made sure her presence was noticed.

The Meet the Parents star was cast in the short-lived television series The Wedding Bells. Theresa also appeared in movies like The Fosters, The Hole, and Little Fockers.

Teri Polo tattoos

Teri Polo has at least three tattoos that people are aware of and can see. Writing on her upper arm, a tree on her upper back, and a writer on her side are among them.

Teri Polo has Griffin, her son’s name, tattooed on her left rib. Theresa has her daughter’s name, “Bayley Paige Wollam,” tattooed on her right upper arm.

Teri Polo’s net worth

When she appeared in the hit Meet the Parents, this American actress was one to watch. Her portrayal was so significant that she became one of Hollywood’s most recognized actresses.

Theresa’s popularity grew over time, and she has since been in other blockbusters. This led her supporters to believe she had a large net worth. This talented 50-year-old model and actress have a net worth of $800,000, according to celebritynetworth.com.

This net worth is thought to have been in jeopardy since April of 2014 when the stunning ballet dancer filed for bankruptcy.

Theresa stated that she owed the IRS $772,000 in addition to $30,000 in credit card debt.

The actress and model also admitted that her former landlord was suing her for $30,000 in damages.

Teri Polo death hoax

Rumors of this 50-year-old actress’s alleged demise spread like wildfire. A statement with the words ‘R.I.P. Teri Polo’ surfaced on a certain Facebook page, garnering the attention of at least one million Facebook users.

Those who came across the page were surprised by the news because there was a credible story with the news of this American model and actress’s death:

“Teri Polo, our beloved actress, died on July 7, 2019 at approximately 11 a.m. ET. Teri Polo was born in Dover on June 1, 1969. She will be missed, but she will not be forgotten. Please express your grief and sympathies by commenting on and liking this page.”

The report, however, has been found to be incorrect and a scam. Most people regard it as just another headline in the newest collection of bogus celebrity death reports. Fortunately, the actress is still alive and well!

Is Teri Polo gay?

There has been much curiosity about this American actress’s sexuality. Many people have turned to the internet in quest of ‘Teri Polo gay news’ or even ‘Teri Polo lesbian news.’

The attractive 50-year-old actress, model, and ballet dancer was previously married to renowned photographer Anthony Moore. In the mid-1990s, Anthony Moore and Teri Polo’s relationship was the talk of the town.

Most people couldn’t get over the handsome photographer dating the stunning Theresa.

Polo and Anthony Moore had been dating for two years before deciding to marry in 1997.

Teri Polo’s stunning photographs in a wedding gown appeared during their marriage, leaving most of her fans in awe of her magnificent form. Griffin, their firstborn child, was born in 2002.

Despite having lived together for at least a decade, the couple decided to call it quits and divorced in 2005.

We can presume that Theresa is not lesbian because she dated multiple men following her divorce.

Theresa met musician Jamie Wollam on the shoot of a video and started dating him.

They eventually moved in together and had a daughter named Bayley in 2007. However, the couple divorced in 2012.

Theresa has yet to announce whether or not she has found a new soul partner. Most people are now guessing about her dating life.

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