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Who is Tevan Gevorkian? Cause of Death And Obituary

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Tevan Gevorkian, who achieved his Eagle Scout Award via a virtual ceremony on April 24, has died, according to this article. Please keep reading to find out more about him.

Who is Tevan?

Tevan Gevorkian received the Eagle Scout Award on April 24 in a virtual ceremony.

Tevan attended his Boy Scout Eagle board of review via Zoom while his parents were preparing for their candlelight vigil to memorialize the Armenian Genocide.

Gevorkian had previously painted the basketball courts at La Canada High School as part of his Eagle Scout Project.

Gevorkian’s  Personality

Tevan Gevorkian was a remarkable personality who was constantly involved in Armenian society and was working hard to make a difference in the Armenian community around the world.

Gevorkian, on the other hand, was a person who had a great impact on everyone all over the world. He was also a basketball player who began when he was a small lad.

It was an initiative that would benefit the individuals who used the courts while also saving money for the schools, which could be used elsewhere.

The board determined that all of the Eagle Scout requirements had been met during that project and opted to proceed to the Court of Honor to acquire his Eagle rank.

Tevan Gevorkian’s Cause of Death

GoFundMe confirmed Tevan Gevorkian’s death while seeking funds for the Homenetmen Glendale Ararat chapter (scouting division).

Gevorkian died on December 5, 2021, according to the news, although the circumstances of his death have yet to be established.

Tevan’s death, on the other hand, has affected many individuals since he meant so much to so many people. He was described as a person who can make someone smile even when things are bad.

So far, $39,198 USD has been raised, which is nearly enough to meet the $50,000 objective.

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FAQs on Tevan Gevorkian

1. Who is Tevan?

Tevan Gevorkian received the Eagle Scout Award on April 24 in a virtual ceremony.

2. Does Tevan Play Basketball?


3. How Old was Tevan when he died?

He was just in his early 20

4. Which Year did Tevan Die?

He died in the year 2021

5. Which Year was he Born?

He was born in the year 2001

6. Which day was his birthday?

This information is unknown

7. Which day did Tevan Die?

He died on the 5th of December

8. Was Tevan in a Relationship?

This information is unknown

9. Is Tevan Dead?

Yes, he is dead

10. Did Tevan have a Child?

No, he did not

Tevan Gevorkian was a remarkable individual, and his passing saddened the people. May his spirit find peace. Amen, Please leave a comment and share.


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