The Voice: Who Is Bekah Liechty? Talk About Personal Life, Age, Wiki And Family
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The Voice: Who Is Bekah Liechty? Talk About Personal Life, Age, Wiki And Family

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Bekah Liechty has recently achieved success as a musician.

The Girl Named Tom’s Bekah Liechty is a member of the band. Her band is actually a well-known trio from Perrysville, Ohio.

She and her two siblings, Joshua Liechty and Caleb Liechty, make up the trio. They were the first four-chair turn on The Voice’s 21st season.

Her childhood dream had come true in an instant. Her appearance on the singing reality show has given her public exposure.

Many people have taken notice of her outstanding performance. People are interested in Bekah’s personal life.

Bekah Liechty Wiki, Family, And Age

Bekah Liechty was born in August of 2000 to parents Chris Liechty and Holly Liechty.

Her birthday makes her 21 years old in 2021. She grew up in Ohio with her brothers Caleb and Joshua. Her siblings are Goshen College graduates.

Her greatest ambition was to compete in a singing competition. When she was younger, she would spend hours alone singing. She worked hard to get closer to her goal and has now pursued it. In 2019, she and her siblings formed the band The Girl Named Tom in their hometown of Perrysville.

A year later, however, they relocated to South Bend, Indiana. The band’s spirit was given to them by their mother, Holly. In 2019, the trio released music, including a five-song debut EP titled Another World. In early 2021, they will release another single titled Backup Plan.

The Liechty siblings’ parents are extremely supportive. At 21, she is the family’s youngest child. Her younger brother, Joshua, is 24, and her oldest brother, Caleb, is 26. They had all taken piano and vocal lessons separately as children.

Bekah has come a long way at the age of 21. Her future as a singer appears to be bright. Bekah fan base is also at an all-time high. Her Instagram account currently has 13.7k followers as of November.

The Voice: Bekah Liechty

The trio had appeared on the popular singing competition show The Voice. They had performed the song Helplessly Hoping to Turn a Chair. Their incredible voice managed to turn all four judges’ chairs. They have evolved into the show’s ideal contestants.

The show’s judges were all extremely impressed with their performance. In the end, it was judge Kelly Clarkson who was given the honor of mentoring them. The competition took place during the summer. However, the trio’s mother did not see their performance until after the season had aired.

In the show, they are embarking on a beautiful journey. If they survive the battle round, they will advance to the Knockout Round. The Battle Round is very similar to the Knockout Round. They will then perform during the show’s live performances.

Bekah Liechty Personal Life

In 2019, Bekah Liechty went on a trip with her brothers. Their mother had suggested that they contact all of their friends and family across the country to see if there was any connection. They liked the idea because it gave them an excuse to bond and travel.

Their relatives and friends are overjoyed with them. In fact, after Bekah and the brothers appeared on The Voice, many of them felt famous. Caleb stated:

It’s been cool to see family and friends tell us they felt famous after our performance

There has been no information about Bekah’s romantic life. She is more likely to be preoccupied with her singing than with relationships. In her personal life, she appears to be content. She is also thankful for the success she has contributed to.



The Voice: Season 21; NBC Competition Series Renewed for Fall 2021 with Ariana Grande

Aside from the $100,000 cash prize at the end of it all, The Voice contestants do receive compensation from the show. However, they are not compensated in the same way that the show’s coaches or staff are. According to Newsweek, they are paid a stipend rather than a salary. Although the exact amount of the stipend is unknown.

Cam Anthony was named the season 20 winner of The Voice. According to reports, the winner of each season of The Voice receives $100,000 and a record deal with Universal Music Group.

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