things to do in ashland ky

Cool Things to Do in Ashland KY at Easter Season

Are you wondering what to do in Ashland during Ester? especially if you have a large number of relatives nearby…you want to go have fun with them and maybe catch up after a long time of not seeing each other… Get yourself a jotter and a pen because you’re about to jot down some notes.

things to do in ashland ky

Things to do Ashland Ky

There are so many places to have fun in Ashland…and when I say many places, I mean many beautiful and fun places to go…so… scroll down

1. Port of Ashland

things to do in ashland ky

From its soaring pavilion to the scenic overlooks, the Port of Ashland is a beautiful spot that invites visitors to kick back and relax.

This park is a landmark in Ashland, and it offers a variety of activities for visitors, including boat tours and river cruises on the Ohio River. The park’s beauty is enhanced by three massive sculptures by renowned sculptor Gines Serran Pagan.

There are numerous benches and tables throughout the park where you can sit and enjoy the peaceful environment while reading a book, thinking about life, or simply playing with your friends and having a conversation.

Interestingly You can also go there with your fishing rods in the river because the Port of Ashland is a popular fishing spot, catch some fish, and bring them back home…this will make the entire outing more enjoyable…you have something to brag about, right?..

Stay for a while after all of the fun activities and watch the sunset. The best place to watch the sunset on the river is at the Port of Ashland.

2. Ashland Tennis Center

things to do in ashland ky

Do you enjoy sports? Ashland has you covered… In Ashland, there is a tennis center… What could be more enjoyable than going there, relaxing, and watching the tennis ball players play?

The tennis center has everything you could want in a tennis center.

Would you like to learn how to play tennis? You’ve come to the right place… You can browse the well-stocked pro shop or participate in camps that teach the fundamentals.

Or do you prefer to learn in private…that rich boss vibe? You can always book private lessons with one-on-one instruction from the experts at Ashland.

If you’re new to the game, one of the camp sessions can help you learn quickly and easily. Competitive and recreational players will find something to do here with a hugely diverse program for tennis enthusiasts of all ages.

The center also provides year-round tennis with four indoor and eleven outdoor courts, so there is something for everyone. Professional lessons, match play, and family fun nights are all available.

Throughout the year, the center also hosts a number of leagues and tournaments where players can compete against one another. There’s no reason not to make Ashland Tennis Center your next travel destination.

3. Aladdin’s Art Gallery

things to do in ashland ky

Visit an art gallery to buy a gift or…if you don’t have enough money…do let’s some window shopping…just feed your eyes…they might have exactly what you’re looking for. Aladdin’s Art Gallery lives up to its name as a gift shop and custom art framing gallery.

The eccentric shop is located in the historic downtown area, so you’ll get a taste of local culture while you’re there. Since 1965, the family-owned business has created unique gifts and artwork.

This is a treasure trove for anyone who appreciates art and artists and enjoys shopping for high-quality gifts. Aladdin’s sells more than just decorative signs.

They also frame artwork; they can custom frame any painting or photograph to match any decor. Whatever size or style of art you bring, they will frame it perfectly and affordably.

4. Tri-State Escape

things to do in ashland ky

Do you enjoy overcoming Challenges?…or are you a mathematician… Do you consider yourself to be a problem solver? Then let’s see you go and prove yourself in the Tri-State Escape.

You can go solve some puzzles there…this is how it works. Playing an escape room is similar to playing a video game that isn’t a video game.

You are locked in a room with your friends and must solve a complex story by deciphering clues and using problem-solving skills.

These escape rooms are enjoyable to participate in with your friends, family, significant others, or coworkers. They’re ideal if you enjoy puzzles and mysteries. Tri-State Escape has six challenging rooms for people of all skill levels.

Your team can choose a simple space that is still full of fun puzzles, or you can challenge yourself to the toughest rooms with locks and codes that you may find impossible to solve.

These rooms will test your ability to collaborate, whether you’re with family, friends, or on a date. Use your problem-solving abilities to locate clues and solve puzzles that will lead you to your save point.


5. Paramount Arts Center

things to do in ashland ky

Do you prefer to watch a show…You can pay a visit to the Paramount Arts Center. The Paramount Arts Center is a historic performance space housed within a movie theater since 1931.

It featured the best local and national artists at the Paramount Arts Center. The National Register of Historic Places includes the theater and concert venue.

It still has the original 1931 fixtures. The rustic ambiance of the Paramount Arts Center, complete with a stone exterior and lavish interior, is perhaps its best feature.

The stage also has stunning curtains that appear to be straight out of a musical. Similarly, the theater stages everything from plays to musicals.

The Paramount Arts Center has always been an important part of the culture of Ashland. It continues to provide fantastic entertainment to its community.

6. The Central Park

One of the best things to do in Ashland is to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. The city’s main attraction is Central Park…here you will find a variety of outdoor activities and entertainment.

Do you like to stay in shape? Even if you’re on vacation, this is the best place to go burn some calories….needles out of the Gym…spend less, and be happier.

It’s actually a fantastic place to work out. The large green area along the riverfront is well-known for soccer games and running, among other activities.

It is known as Ashland’s “Crown Jewel” because of its beautiful scenery and abundance of outdoor activities for both tourists and locals.

7. Malibu Jack’s

things to do in ashland ky

Do you consider yourself an introvert? You prefer to stay inside, correct? Yes, you can still have fun while staying indoors. Just get your a$$ to Malibu Jack’s.

Malibu Jack’s Ashland is a massive indoor theme park with over 20 rides, attractions, and games, and I am happy to inform you that it is suitable for all ages, so you should never feel too old to have some fun…right?

Malibu Jack’s is quickly becoming a popular spot for a day with friends and family due to its fun and affordable offerings. This theme park features rides, games, and food.

8. The Camayo Arcade

things to do in ashland ky

What age are you?… just prepare to feel old here…you will undoubtedly travel back in time as soon as you enter the building… Prepare to meet your ancestors through the old architecture…kidding…

This indoor mall is housed in an old department store that was built in 1926 and is now occupied by local businesses. The Camayo Arcade was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1994 as one of Ashland’s historical sites.

The Camayo Arcade was Kentucky’s first indoor mall, and it’s still going strong. So Prepare to be transported back in time if you visit Camayo Arcade in Ashland, Kentucky.

With its rich history and beautiful architecture, no trip to Ashland is complete without a stop at the Arcade. Take a day trip to Ashland and explore the Camayo Arcade for yourself if you want to experience something from a bygone era.

9. Highlands Museum & Discovery Center

things to do in ashland ky

In Ashland, there are numerous ways to have fun and spend your time. In Ashland, go to the Highlands Museum & Discovery Museum. It’s a heritage and science center with exhibits about the area’s history and hands-on activities for kids.

The museum was founded in 1894 as an educational organization with the mission of preserving and promoting the culture of the area.

Aside from its impressive collections of local history and artifacts, the museum also houses several interactive exhibits that will keep your entire family entertained.

Tours, classes, and events are also available at the Highlands Museum & Discovery Center. Everyone, from children to adults, can participate in a fun and educational activity.

Highlands Museum & Discovery Center will keep your family entertained while teaching them about the past.

10. Camp Landing Entertainment District

Have some extra money…it doesn’t have to be a lot…take care of yourself…spend it on yourself because you deserve it. Camp Landing is a shopping center.

They’re no longer just places to go window shopping while strolling around at leisure. They’ve evolved into destinations where you can find your favorite restaurants and shops all under one roof.

Camp Landing is an excellent example of what can happen when developers want to do something unique with an abandoned mall. Shopping malls have changed dramatically over the last few decades.

You might be wondering how the Camp Landing location has changed if you’ve seen it. The mall, which opened in 1989, has undergone two major renovations.

The first renovation took place in 2005. The second renovation was completed in 2021 when Camp Landing was renamed Camp Landing Entertainment District.

For a while, the location sat unused until new owners decided to bring something new to this location without having to relocate it far away.

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11. Garden Roller Rink

Do you enjoy skating? done it before…you should give it a shot… You are free to go practice. Garden Roller Rink Skating The first thing you will notice about Garden Roller Rink is that it is more than just a roller skating rink.

It may interest you to know that the family-owned Garden Roller Rink, which was founded in 1986, is a family-friendly destination in Ashland.

Garden Roller Rink is a place where friends and families can have a good time. Mirrored walls and disco lighting adorn the rink.

You can rent a variety of private rooms for parties or gatherings, as well as enjoy delicious food and drinks. There’s no better way to spend a Friday night than skating on this vibrant rink.

12. Ashland Town Center

Other than running around with your friends, you can run around with your money as well… have fun with your money as you do with your friends.

The good news is that there will never be a shortage of things to do or places to visit in Ashland… Go shopping in Ashland’s town center…they have everything you’ll need…

The mall, on the other hand, has over 70 malls and a food court, so if you’re tired and hungry, you can go eat, and they serve nice meals as well…

There are high-end clothing stores as well as local boutiques selling handcrafted items. At Ashland Town Center, you’ll never be bored!

13. Festival of Trees and Trains

Let us leave out other types of entertainment…this is a ten-day festival of trees and trains during the holiday season. It is a yearly event in Ashland.

The festival raises funds for the Paramount Woman’s Association, which supports the Paramount Arts Center’s community-oriented education department.

Scores of beautifully decorated Christmas trees compete for awards inside the auditorium, sure to bring plenty of festive cheer.

There is a schedule of children’s activities (including a visit from Santa), great entertainment, delicious food, and local shopping promotions throughout the event.

14. Lake Vesuvius Recreation Area

Across the river in Ohio, the Lake Vesuvius Recreation Area serves as the primary visitor destination for the Wayne National Forest, which encompasses much of the state’s southern tip.

The lake in question is 143 acres in size and is surrounded by steep wooded hills with beautiful views. Do you want to swim? On the lake, there is a beach and swimming area, as well as several picnic areas, two family campgrounds, and a group campground.

Kountry Kayaks, with a fleet of kayaks, canoes, and paddle wheelers (between May and September), is also located at the boat dock.

15. Summer Motion

things to do in ashland ky

Festival, festival, and more festival! Summer Motion is a multi-day festival that has been held in Ashland since 1989, but its origins can be traced back to the 1977 Tri-State Fair & Regatta.

So, do you like to have fun? Let’s go…keep an eye on you while you dance… The festival is best known for its excellent free concerts, which feature a diverse range of genres such as rock, country, Motown, contemporary Christian music, and many others.

Billy Ray Cyrus, Grand Funk Railroad, Kool & the Gang, Micky Dolenz, Kenny Loggins, and Styx are among the famous past performers.

The event usually starts in Central Park, with food vendors, games, music, inflatables, and a car and motorcycle cruise-in.

Then, as July 4th approaches, there will be consecutive evenings of live music on the big stage at the Port of Ashland, as well as food vendors, carnival rides, and fireworks to cap it all off.

16. Downtown Ashland

things to do in ashland ky

Try strolling downtown Ashland, it is quite lively, enjoy the scenic view of the town…there are many restaurants and shops you can stop but to treat yourself, have a good meal and do some shopping for yourself.

The Ashland Commercial Historic District encompasses more than 20 acres and contains up to 80 properties dating from 1850 to 1940.

The most significant can be found on the Historic Walking Tour, which we’ll discuss later in this list.

First Friday is a popular modern tradition downtown, when the city lets loose in the summer with live music, a classic car cruise-in, and children’s activities on a closed section of Winchester Ave.

17. Poage Landing Days

The annual Homecoming Festival in Ashland is three days of family-friendly entertainment and activities along downtown Winchester Avenue. however, it is usually hosted

The event, which was revived in 1990, commemorates the arrival of the Poage family in what is now Ashland in 1786 after crossing the Cumberland Gap from the Shenandoah Valley.

A few of the highlights include live music on the 16th Street Stage, great food and drink from multiple vendors, an antique car cruise, the Southern Fried Cone Fest, Carnival rides, skilled circus performers, and free children’s activity tents are all available.

18. The Charles and Betty Russell Park Hiking Trail

Do you enjoy hiking? Well, you should try something new…still it’s fun, but it’s a different kind of fun, and it’s even good for your health. This 2.5-mile-long unfrequented network of trails runs along the wooded ridge rising behind the city.

The Russell family donated 50 acres of land to the City of Ashland with the intention of preserving this peaceful patch of nature for residents and visitors. The main trailhead is easily accessible from Central Park, and newly installed stairways help you climb the ridge.

From here, you can access eight different marked trails, some of which are loops and some of which are point-to-point, but none of which are longer than 1.2 miles. 

The deciduous trees provide plenty of shade in the summer, and when they’re bare in the winter, the views from this elevation are spectacular.


Fun Things to do Near Ashland Ky

Have you had enough of Ashland? Want to go to a nearby city? Don’t worry, this page has you covered. There are other places you can go that are not in Ashland but are close enough to explore…

1. Camden Park

Camden Park is located in Huntington, West Virginia, about 16 minutes from Ashland, Kentucky. You can see it’s only a few minutes away… spend less, have more fun!

This amusement park is enjoyable at any time of year. The park’s vintage rides are still as enjoyable today as they were back in 1993.

The roller coasters, rides, and games cater to people of all ages and thrill levels, so everyone in the group will have a good time. Why not ride the Rattler through the air or through the Haunted House?

You can also put your skills to the test with a classic carousel ride or the brand-new Log Flume, which takes thrill-seekers down a winding river with enough rocks to keep them on their toes.

The park is a great place to spend the day with your family or on a date with that special someone.

2. Lake Vesuvius Recreation Area

things to do in ashland ky

If you want to go somewhere outside, Lake Vesuvius Recreation Area might be the place to go. Go to Pedro, Ohio, which is only 21 minutes from Ashland… spend less and have more fun!

It contains some of the most fascinating geological sites in the eastern United States. Boating, hiking, fishing, and hiking are all available on the 143-acre lake.

There are also a number of picnic areas where you can sit and relax. Many beautiful hiking trails and views surround Lake Vesuvius; some of these paths even surround the lake.

You can also bring your fishing pole for lake fishing or rent a boat for an even better chance of catching fish without reeling them in yourself.

Save this destination for your next road trip if you haven’t already. It is well worth the journey.

3. Black Horse Farm

things to do in ashland ky

It only takes 22 minutes to drive from Ashland to Rush, Kentucky, to get to Black Horse Farm. Explore this ancient landscape of winding roads and gently rolling hills.

Black Horse Farm is both a wedding location and a horse farm. They can make your most outlandish wedding fantasies come true.

Would you like to hold your wedding there? Take advantage of their multiple barns, which can accommodate everything from indoor ceremonies to large receptions.

The barns have facades that appear to be from Versailles or Milan. Similarly, the Black Horse Farm makes its 40-acre property available for other events such as birthday parties.

Pony parties and horseback riding lessons are available. Black Horse Farm is also an equestrian center with miles of horseback riding trails.

Black Horse Farm also serves as an equestrian center, with miles of horseback riding trails and 40 acres of pastureland and paddocks.

Equestrian enthusiasts will enjoy the farm because it is one of the region’s largest venues for outdoor activities. Black Horse Farm is ideal for a relaxing weekend away.

4. Red Gate Farm and Vineyard

The Red Gate Farm and Vineyard, located in nearby Quincy, is a great day trip from Ashland. It is approximately 30 minutes from Ashland. 

It provides visitors with the opportunity to swim, paddle, cycle, and fish, among other activities, all in one location.

The stunning scenery that surrounds this area is ideal for both nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

However, the entire property is 28 acres in size and is located in the Appalachian foothills. At this location, there is also a 7-acre vineyard. Take advantage of their fishing pier and garden. 

They have a traditional riverfront location as well as numerous activities such as swimming in a large pool, hot tubs, and bonfires. 

A visit to Red Gate Farm and Vineyard is not only a great day trip from Ashland, but it is also a great place to stay while in Kentucky.

5. Dragonfly Outdoor Adventures

things to do in ashland ky

The Dragonfly Outdoor Adventures is only thirty minutes from Ashland and make for an excellent day trip. This company allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of the Appalachian region in an environmentally friendly manner.

Canoeing and kayaking, hiking, cave explorations, and other activities are available. Enjoy guided tours of many nearby locations that will steal your heart. 

Grayson Lake, for example, is a beautiful lake that you can explore. Rent one of their many cabins and spend the night in the middle of nature.

6. Rush Off Road

things to do in ashland ky

This is possibly the best attraction for true adventure and thrill seekers. This fantastic off-road track can be found in Rush, Kentucky, just 30 minutes from Ashland. 

There are over 100 miles of trails to explore on various off-road vehicles here. Visit their official website to learn more about their services and the exciting activities available here. 

A variety of events and other activities take place at Rush Off-Road, so keep an eye on them and plan your visit accordingly.

7. Kountry Kayaks

If you enjoy canoeing and kayaking, a visit to Kountry Kayaks, which is only 25 minutes from Ashland, can be a fantastic addition to your trip. 

You can look through their many kayak rental options to find the one that best suits you. They also provide group and outing accommodations. Combine your visit to Lake Vesuvius with a kayak or paddleboat rental from Kountry Kayaks.

Ashland is a very beautiful place with a lot to do…have fun, visit places, and explore everything you can…do some shopping as well. We’d love to hear from you in the comments section once you’ve returned from your vacation or visited some of the places listed above; your experience is what we’re looking forward to hearing about.



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