15 Fun Things to Do and See in Hoboken with Friends

15 Fun Things to Do and See in Hoboken with Friends

Are you looking for a suitable place to spend the holidays?  I suggest you visit Hoboken. It is a home for tourism, with friendly and approachable people. Families, young professionals, and hipsters call Hoboken home. Are you looking for things to do in Hoboken? Don’t be concerned. I have the ideal selection of items for you.

15 Fun Things to Do and See in Hoboken with Friends

About Hoboken, New Jersey

If I proceed without first educating you about the city, I believe I will be doing you a disservice.

Hoboken is a town in the United States’ Hudson County, New Jersey. The city had a population of 60,417 people according to the 2020 United States Census.

With more than 42,400 people per square mile, Hoboken is the third-most densely populated municipality in the United States among cities with populations greater than 50,000.

Hoboken is a New York borough that is home to Hoboken Terminal, a major tri-state transportation hub.

Hoboken was established in the 17th century as part of the Pavonia colony in New Netherland. Colonel John Stevens founded the city in the early 1800s, first as a resort and then as a residential neighborhood.

It was originally a part of Bergen Township, then North Bergen Township, before becoming a separate township in 1849 and becoming a city in 1855.

Hoboken is the location of the first recorded baseball game as well as the Stevens Institute of Technology, one of the country’s oldest technological universities. It is also the birthplace and hometown of Frank Sinatra, with several streets and parks named after him.

For most of the twentieth century, the city was an integral part of the Port of New York and New Jersey, and it was home to major industries.

From the days when Maxwell House coffee, Lipton tea, Hostess Cupcakes, and Wonder Bread called Hoboken home, the city’s character has shifted to one of the trendy shops and expensive condominiums.

It is ranked second on Niche’s list of the “2019 Best Places to Live in Hudson County.”

15 Fun Things to Do and See in Hoboken with Friends

How to get to Hoboken?

Here’s how to get from Manhattan to New Jersey. The Path Train or the ferry is the most convenient mode of transportation to Hoboken. The Path Train connects the World Trade Center or 33rd Street to Hoboken, New Jersey.

Take the Hoboken ferry, which drops you off right next to the Path Station, if you want to enjoy the city views while traveling to Hoboken, New Jersey.

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Traveling to Hoboken, New Jersey

Hoboken has the highest use of public transportation of any city in the United States, with 56 percent of working residents using it every day for commuting.

In 1907, the Delaware, Lackawanna, and Western Railroad constructed Hoboken Terminal, which is located in the city’s southeast corner.

The terminal serves as an origin/destination point for several modes of transportation and is an important hub for the public transportation system of the New York/New Jersey metropolitan region.

The number of residents parking on Hoboken streets decreased between 2010 and 2015. Hudson Bike Share, a nextbike-operated bicycle sharing system, debuted in October 2015.

Hoboken discontinued the use of Hudson Bike Share in May 2021 and adopted Citi Bike, connecting the town’s bicycle sharing network with those already in operation in Jersey City and New York City, due to disagreements with Jersey City, which used Citi Bike.

There are several modes of transportation in Hoboken that make it easy to get to and from the city. Today I’ll give you a brief description of their means of transportation which includes rails, water, surface, roads, highways, and air.


NJ Transit’s Main Line, Bergen County Line, Pascack Valley Line, Montclair-Boonton Line, Morris and Essex Lines, and Meadowlands Rail Line all stop at the Hoboken Terminal.

Hudson-Bergen Light Rail, another NJ Transit subsidiary, has three stations in Hoboken-Hoboken Terminal, 2nd Street, and 9th Street-Congress Street.

PATH, the Port Authority’s 24-hour subway system, connects Hoboken Terminal to the World Trade Center, 33rd Street Manhattan, and Journal Square.


NY Waterway ferry service crosses the Hudson River from Hoboken Terminal and 14th Street to Manhattan’s Battery Park City Ferry Terminal, Wall Street-Pier 11, and West Midtown Ferry Terminal.


New Jersey Transit buses 22, 22X, 23, 64, 68, 85, 87, 89, and 126 all terminate at Hudson Place/Hoboken Terminal.

Academy Bus Lines operates the majority of its NYC services from a garage in Hoboken.

Taxis are available for a fixed fee within the city limits and a negotiated fee for other destinations. Zipcar is located in the Center Parking Garage on Park Avenue, between Newark Street and Observer Highway.

Roads and highways

As of May 2010, the city had 31.79 miles (51.16 kilometers) of roadways, with the municipality maintaining 26.71 miles (42.99 kilometers) and Hudson County maintaining 5.08 miles (8.18 kilometers).

The 14th Street Viaduct connects Hoboken to Jersey City Heights via Paterson Plank Road. Near Hoboken are two highway tunnels that connect New Jersey to New York.

The Lincoln Tunnel is located in Weehawken, New Jersey, to the north of the city. The Holland Tunnel is located in downtown Jersey City, south of the city.


There are no airports in Hoboken. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey operates the airports that serve Hoboken. These are Newark Liberty International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and John F. Kennedy International Airport.

15 Fun Things to Do and See in Hoboken with Friends

10 Best & Fun Things To Do In Hoboken (New Jersey)

Hoboken is not your typical large city, but it still has a plethora of the best and most enjoyable things to do.

Not to mention, Hoboken has one of the most interesting histories of any city in the country, so it is well worth your time to visit.

However, we have compiled a list of the best and most enjoyable things to do in the city.

Look them up below.

Things To Do In Hoboken, New Jersey

15 Fun Things to Do and See in Hoboken with Friends

1. Hudson River Waterfront Walkway

Many of the best and most enjoyable things to do along the Hudson River can be found along the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway.

This 18.5-mile walkway offers breathtaking views of New York City’s skyline.

The Hudson River Waterfront Walkway is also a pedestrian and bike-friendly walkway that connects neighborhoods throughout Hudson County.

The Hudson River Waterfront Walkway is quite long. The route starts in Bayonne and continues through Jersey City, Hoboken, West New York, and North Bergen before reaching the George Washington Bridge just outside Fort Lee.

There are, however, numerous best and most enjoyable things to do while walking along the walkway. You have the option of walking, jogging, or riding your bike around the walkway.

The Hudson River Waterfront Walkway also connects neighborhoods throughout Hudson County via a pedestrian and bike-friendly walkway.

The Hudson River Waterfront Walkway spans a notable distance. The route begins in Bayonne and travels through Jersey City, Hoboken, West New York, and North Bergen before arriving at the George Washington Bridge just outside Fort Lee.

However, there are numerous best and most enjoyable things to do while on the walkway. You can choose to walk, jog, or ride your bike around the walkway.

You can also go fishing on the Hudson River if you enjoy fishing. The river is also suitable for kayaking, boat paddling, and other activities.

There are restaurants along the waterfront where you can get something to eat if you get hungry.

The most beautiful aspect of the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, however, is walking on it while holding a cup of coffee and admiring the scenic views of New York City skylines.

What a wonderful feeling!

The Hudson River Waterfront Walkway is unquestionably one of the best things to see in Hoboken.

Check it out as soon as possible.

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2. Pier A Park, Hoboken

Looking for a place in Hoboken to have a lot of outdoor fun? Visit Pier A Park.

Pier A Park is one of the most popular parks in Hoboken.

Looking for a place in Hoboken to have a lot of outdoor fun? Visit Pier A Park.

Pier A Park is one of the most popular parks in Hoboken.

It is the pinnacle of fun for both children and adults.

Pier A Park offers panoramic views of the midtown and downtown Manhattan skylines. You can also take a selfie with the skyline while you’re at the park.

Pier A Park is also a popular destination for bikers, joggers, and strollers.

Picnic areas are also available in the park. Families usually enjoy themselves in the park.

There are also benches to use, and the park’s environment is pleasant and well-maintained.

The park is available for fishing for those who enjoy fishing as a sport or recreation. As a result, bring your fishing gear.

In addition, Pier A Park hosts a variety of events.

Some of them are outdoor cinema screenings, and the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra performs at the park on occasion.

You may be able to attend some events while visiting the park.

Pier A Park in Hoboken is a great place to spend time alone, on a romantic date with your partner, with friends, or with a small family gathering.

Its address is 100 Sinatra Dr, Hoboken, NJ 07030-5781.

3. Hoboken Waterfront Walkway

There is no better place in Hoboken to spend a perfect family evening than the Hoboken Waterfront Walkway.

Walking along the walkway provides breathtaking views of Manhattan. You can also choose to jog or ride your bike along the walkway.

However, as the sun sets in the evening, you will be able to see the beautiful skylines of New York City.

The Empire State Building is visible downstream, and the George Washington Bridge is visible upstream.

Also, if you’re looking for a place to picnic and spend quality time with your family, the park has picnic areas. There are also benches available for use.

There are coffee shops and restaurants just two streets away from the park if you get hungry or thirsty.

The walkway is always neat and tidy.

Visit Hoboken Waterfront Walkway today for a fun and exciting experience.

Sinatra Dr, Hoboken, NJ 07030, USA is the address.

4. Barsky Gallery

Are you an art lover looking for a place in Hoboken to experience art in its purest form? Visit the Barsky Gallery.

Barsky Gallery in Hoboken, New Jersey, is a full-service contemporary art gallery that provides art consultation services to collectors and first-time buyers throughout northern New Jersey and the New York City metro area.

The Barsky Gallery hosts a variety of art exhibits by contemporary artists from around the world.

You can explore these beautiful arts by visiting the gallery.

In addition, you can buy art from the gallery to decorate your home, office, cultural center, and so on.

At Barsky Gallery, you’ll always find the perfect artwork to hang on your walls.

Furthermore, the gallery has spaces available for a variety of events, such as birthday parties, get-togethers, and town hall meetings.

The gallery environment is welcoming, relaxing, and accommodating to ensure you have the best possible experience.

Aside from that, the gallery works with you to ensure the success of your event.

It is, however, recommended that you schedule a casual viewing appointment before visiting the gallery.

Some original art inventory is kept off-site, while others may be kept in the artists’ studios. They will be able to move these arts and prepare for your arrival if you schedule this appointment.

The Barsky Gallery is without a doubt one of the best things to see in Hoboken. Don’t leave Hoboken without stopping by.

5. Hoboken Historical Museum

A trip to Hoboken would be incomplete without a stop at the Hoboken Historical Museum.

The Hoboken Historical Museum provides an opportunity to learn more about Hoboken’s rich history as well as access to historical information about the city that is not available elsewhere.

These histories are also depicted in the exhibits at the Hoboken Historical Museum.

In addition, the museum’s exhibits are typically changed every 12 to 18 months.

The museum also hosts talks, films, tours, family fun activities, and other events.

Thousands of children benefit from the museum’s educational initiatives each year.

There are also some outstanding Sinatra documentaries on display at the museum, as well as circus artwork by local artists.

However, one of the most delightful aspects of the museum is that the majority of the activities available are free, though donations are appreciated.

The museum’s staff is friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable about the museum’s exhibits.

They will make certain that your museum tour is as pleasant as possible.

The Hoboken Historical Museum is an excellent combination of education and entertainment. It is a must-see!

1301 Hudson Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030, United States

6. Stevens Institute of Technology

Hoboken’s pride and joy. Stevens Institute of Technology, located in Hoboken, New Jersey, is a private research university.

It was America’s first institution entirely dedicated to mechanical engineering.

And, having been established in 1870, it is one of the country’s oldest technological institutions.

The university has approximately 7,000 students, 300 faculty members, and sprawling campus of approximately 55 acres (22 ha).

In addition, the US Departments of Defense and Homeland Security have designated two national centers of excellence at the institution.

However, you can see beautiful views of Hoboken by visiting Castle Point, which is located inside the institution and is the highest point in Hoboken.

A trip to Stevens Institute of Technology is full of excitement, education, and entertainment.

Not to mention that it is a Hoboken, New Jersey landmark.

The address is 1 Castle Point Terrace, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030, USA

7. Hoboken / New Jersey Transit Terminal

It is not surprising that Hoboken is a major transportation hub in both New Jersey and the United States.

The Hoboken / New Jersey Transit Terminal helps with this. The terminal is one of the busiest and largest in the state of New Jersey.

Trains, buses, ferries, PATH, and other modes of transportation all stop at this terminal. It is so large that the waiting area alone is larger than most of the other terminals nearby.

And it’s always crowded for the majority of the day.

In addition, the terminal provides some stunning views of the Hudson River, particularly in the evening.

However, you should be aware that there is no public parking available at the terminal.

There is only meter and pay parking available. However, drop-off and pickup services are available at the park.

Inside the terminal, there are cafes and eateries where you can get something to eat and snack on.

However, a proper restaurant is a short walk from the terminal.

There are also shops where you can purchase souvenirs and materials for your trip.

Finally, the terminal is accessible to all age groups, including children and the elderly, as well as people with disabilities.

The address is 1 Hudson Pl, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030, United States

8. New York Harbor Jetski Tours

Looking for something out of the ordinary to do and see in Hoboken? The New York Harbor Jetski Tours offer an experience, unlike any other enjoyable activity.

Not everyone has the opportunity to go jet skiing, but New York Harbor Jetski Tours allows you to ride at speeds of up to 67mph on a brand new Kawasaki.

You do not need to be afraid of the water because you will be given detailed information about how the ride works before you go jet skiing.

On the jet ski, a tour guide will accompany you to guide and ensure your safety.

New York Harbor Jetski Tours is an exciting and enjoyable activity, especially for couples.

Furthermore, the tour allows you to take amazing photos and record beautiful videos. You’ll also get to see the iconic Statue of Liberty in all its glory.

Among other things, New York Harbor Jetski Tours provides city tours, group tours, and private tours.

Not your typical night out in Hoboken or anywhere else in the world. The New York Harbor Jetski Tours is absolutely incredible!

1301 Sinatra Dr N Pier 13, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030, USA is the address.

9. Blurred Nights

Are you looking for a good time in Hoboken? Go to Blurred Nights.

Blurred Nights allows you to party on a bus with other fun-seekers just like you.

The fun continues even as the party bus moves.

Blurred Nights is available for travel throughout the New York metro area and the tri-state area.

In addition, the buses are nice and well-kept, and the prices are very reasonable.

The bus crews are friendly, accommodating, and extremely professional.

If you’re looking for a fun-filled, low-stress day, Blurred Nights is the place to be.

A visit to Blurred Nights will undoubtedly leave you wanting more.

1333 Hudson Street, Hoboken, New Jersey, USA

10. Blue Eyes Restaurant

Blue Eyes Restaurant is one of the most exquisite restaurants in Hoboken, offering a taste of international cuisine and delicacies.

This Italian restaurant on the Hoboken Waterfront has a spectacular view of the New York City skyline.

The restaurant serves a variety of delectable Italian specialties. Among the many things, you’ll enjoy are the most authentic pizza Napoletana, gelato, Nutella cannoli cream, various kinds of pasta, and assorted coffees.

Furthermore, during the summer and spring, the restaurant offers outdoor dining so that you can enjoy your meal while admiring the scenery.

There is a gelato stand and a raw bar available for your use.

During the winter, you can also enjoy the stunning views of the skyline. A heated patio area with clear panels has been installed for the time being.

Underground, soulful music is played to enhance the overall serenity and ambiance of the restaurant.

The employees are pleasant, friendly, and courteous.

Blue Eyes Restaurant is a great place to have fun. Check it out next time you’re in Hoboken.

The address is 525 Sinatra Dr, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030, USA.

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What is There to do in Hoboken during the Day (+ at Night)?

1. Grab a beer at Hoboken’s Pilsener Haus & Biergarten

Hoboken would be incomplete without its Biergarten. The Pilsener Haus & Biergarten is an Austro-Hungarian-style restaurant and bar with over 70 beers on tap and in bottles.

During the summer, you can sit outside and order from the BBQ or the regular menu. The large family-style dining tables invite you to bring your entire group.

Tuesday is our favorite day to visit the Pilsener Haus & Biergarten. If you pay cash, everything is 50% off.

Hoboken’s Pilsener Haus & Biergarten is located at 1422 Grand Street in Hoboken, New Jersey, USA.

2. Enjoy the views at Pier A Park

Bring a blanket and some sunscreen and settle in at Hoboken’s Pier A Park. The park on the Hudson River, adjacent to the Hoboken Ferry Terminal, is well-known for its relaxing summer nights with a view of the city.

Fishermen visit on a regular basis, and runners log their miles.

3. Go shopping on Washington Street in Hoboken

While in Hoboken, be sure to visit the best stores on Washington Street. Washington Street in Hoboken is packed with great shopping options, including vintage stores, small boutiques, book stores, vinyl stores, and the cutest toy stores you can imagine.

It is located on Washington Street in Hoboken, New Jersey, USA

4. Explore the old charm of the Hoboken Ferry Terminal

Hoboken Ferry Terminal, which first opened in 1907, has retained a very special old charm from the past with its Beaux-Arts architecture.

Hurricane Sandy severely damaged the station on October 29, 2012, with several feet of water inside the terminals. Flooding has always occurred in Hoboken as a result of either coastal flooding or rainfall events.

Even though it appears that the Hoboken Ferry Terminal is constantly under construction, there is so much to see when you visit.

Don’t forget to visit the old school waiting room and imagine what it was like to wait for a train in the 1900s.

5. Climb a wall at Gravity Vault

When it comes to sports and a challenge, Hoboken’s 25,000-square-foot rock climbing center, which opened in late 2017, is the place to go.

Gravity Vault in Hoboken, located right next to the Pilsener Haus and Biergarten, attracts thousands of visitors each month. Test your grip, bring your friends, and enjoy one of the area’s coolest rock climbing spots.

6. Spend the night at the W Hotel in Hoboken

The W Hotel in Hoboken is the place to stay if you’re in the area because of its excellent service and rooms with stunning city views. The path train is about a 5-10 minute walk away, making it easy to get to and from the city.

The W Hotel in Hoboken is direct across the street from Pier A, so you can literally roll out of bed and into the beautiful park to watch the sunrise. To find the best rates at the W Hotel in Hoboken, we recommend booking through booking.com.


7. Explore Hoboken with Lime Scooters

Hoboken provides the opportunity to tour the city on an electric scooter. There’s no need to walk. To get started, all you need is your ID, a credit card, and the downloaded app on your phone.

Since the launch of Lime Scooters in Hoboken, residents have embraced the new mode of transportation. It’s simple, quick, and a lot of fun. While riding around Hoboken, make sure to follow the Lime Scooter rules.

When you’re finished riding, you can park your scooter in one of the designated areas.

8. Walk (or run) the Hudson River Waterfront

A walk or run along the Hudson River waterfront is another of my favorite things to do in Hoboken.

The running community is incredible, and no matter what time of day you go out for a run or walk, you will always see a swarm of other runners or people out for a walk enjoying the breathtaking city views and great atmosphere.

This is, by the way, one of my favorite romantic things to do in Hoboken. Bring a blanket and soak it all in at sunset. On a warm summer night, this place becomes truly magical.

9. Visit a museum in Hoboken

Because Hoboken has so much history, there are two fantastic museums in town that you should visit while you’re here. You’ll be amazed by their creativity in teaching history in a fun and interesting way, especially if you’re traveling with children.

If you want to learn more about Hoboken’s history, go to the Hoboken Historical Museum. The Museum is sponsoring a self-guided walking tour of the lovely city of Hoboken. The admission fee is only $4 for adults and free for children.

You’ll be given a unique Frank Sinatra tour map that provides a historical perspective on Hoboken. Open Tuesdays through Thursdays from 2 to 7 p.m., Fridays from 1 to 5 p.m., and Saturdays and Sundays from 12 to 5 p.m. 1301 Hudson Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030

The Hoboken Fire Museum is an excellent choice for things to do in Hoboken with kids. The kids get to climb into a fire truck from around 1923 for a photo opportunity. Go back in time and learn more about the history of the Hoboken fire department.

Admission is only $3 per adult and free for children under the age of 12. Open on weekends from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. 213 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030.

As you can see, Hoboken is a beautiful and breathtaking city with wonderful people and a tranquil atmosphere. Spending your vacation in this stunning location should be on your bucket list.

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