Things to Do in Little Space

40+ Fun Ideas & Things to Do in Little Space with Kids

Are you looking for things to do in little space? We take the guesswork out of arranging your free family time by providing free things to do with kids that cost nothing but time (and possibly a few pantry items!).

40+ Fun Ideas & Things to Do in Little Space with Kids

40 Fun and Free Things to Do with Kids

If you need some ideas for things to do in little space, we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of tried-and-true free things to do with kids that are simple to prepare and, most importantly, a lot of fun!

1. Take a Walk

40+ Fun Ideas & Things to Do in Little Space with Kids

Take a walk in your neighborhood woods, beach, or park. With our free nature scavenger hunt list, you can turn a walk into an adventure!

Family walks are a terrific way to get the kids outside and active while also getting them away from devices.

However, if you need to entice them for the stroll, games and a little competition can definitely assist.

These enjoyable family walk games are appropriate for a wide variety of ages and require nothing more than a little imagination and creativity!

2. Design an Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course

This is also one of the best things to do in Little Space.

Make a fun obstacle course, either indoors or outdoors, and put your talents to the test in a friendly family tournament.

The course choices are limitless, and you may alter them with each round, making it more difficult as the participants improve their skills.

3. Study Magic

Impress your friends and family by learning some magic tricks – here are 10 simple magic tricks for kids to learn.

4. Construct a Time Capsule

40+ Fun Ideas & Things to Do in Little Space with Kids

Another thing to do in Little Space is making time capsules with your friends. Put things that are happening right now in it and then open it in a year to see how things have changed.

This is an excellent birthday activity. You may make a page of questions that you answer once a year to examine how your thoughts evolve. They could be favorite bands, foods, friends, goals, and so on.

5. Have Fun Gardening

40+ Fun Ideas & Things to Do in Little Space with Kids

Gardening with children is a lot of fun because they enjoy getting dirty and seeing the benefits of their efforts.

If you have space, why not give them their own flower bed and assist them in planning their planting?

Here’s how to make your garden a safe haven for children.

Provide them with their own pot/planter. Herbs and salad leaves grow quickly, and most children enjoy eating what they’ve grown! Here’s a guide on starting your own pizza garden.

This is one of the best things to do in a little space.

6. Have a Game of Water Balloon Dodgeball

40+ Fun Ideas & Things to Do in Little Space with Kids

Fill water balloons or buckets with water and set them on opposing ends of the garden.

  • Form groups and stand facing each other.
  • Begin hurling water balloons toward the other team when the signal is given.
  • When a player is struck, the other team scores a point.
  • Play until all of the balloons have been deflated, all members of one team have been hit, or they have scored a set number of points.

7. Organize a Teddy Bear Picnic

40+ Fun Ideas & Things to Do in Little Space with Kids

Another exciting thing to do in little space is to prepare the blankets and cushions, make and deliver the invitations, and decide whether to hold your picnic indoors or outdoors.

Make some teddy bear footsteps out of paper and place them on the floor heading to the picnic spot.

If you have them, footprints may lead to additional activities. You may include a teddy bear-themed pass the parcel game or perhaps a teddy bear dance party.

8. Tongue Twisters

40+ Fun Ideas & Things to Do in Little Space with Kids

Take turns uttering these amusing tongue twisters and see who can do it the best.

Tongue twisters like “If two witches were watching two watches, which witch would watch which watch?” is guaranteed to make you laugh!

9. Create a Camp/Den

Allow your children to create a camp/den out of old blankets/duvets, pillows, and chairs as props. Alternatively, grab some robust wood sticks and cover them with an old tarpaulin.

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10. Participate in Card Games

Things to Do in Little Space

A fun and economical way to spend a day, so gather around a table with a deck of cards to begin.

To get you started, we’ve gathered a selection of amusing card games for kids. Alternatively, the youngsters can enjoy learning some simple card tricks.

11. Create a Home Theater

40+ Fun Ideas & Things to Do in Little Space with Kids

Set up a home theater and settle in to watch some entertaining family movies together.

Looking for something to watch? Try these feel-good films, expose your kids to some 80s classics, or work your way through our A to Z of fantastic family films!

12. Establish a Hairdressing Studio

40+ Fun Ideas & Things to Do in Little Space with Kids

Create your own hair salon and take turns doing each other’s hair. This one doesn’t require any scissors!

13. Scavenger Hunt Entertainment

Scavenger hunts are a lot of fun for youngsters because they like the thrill of hunting. It’s also a terrific way to get them outside and active, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone!

But, because we know that the weather doesn’t always cooperate, we’ve also got plenty of indoor options to ensure that you can have fun whenever the mood strikes.

Here are some very entertaining scavenger hunt ideas for kids that will transform your little darlings into mini-explorers!

We have printable treasure hunt printables for everything from sounds and colors to shapes and nature.

14. Ride a Bike

40+ Fun Ideas & Things to Do in Little Space with Kids

Put on your helmets, get your bikes, and go for a ride.

Cycling is a terrific family sport since it allows you to get some exercise and fresh air while spending time with your children.

But riding safety is also crucial, so here are 9 essential guidelines for better cycling and bike safety for youngsters to keep in mind.

15. Be Mad Scientists

Because homemade scientific experiments can be messy, take the “lab” outside if the weather permits.

16. Playing in the Sand

40+ Fun Ideas & Things to Do in Little Space with Kids

Kids enjoy playing in the sand, especially at home in the garden. Even if you don’t already have a sand table, you may construct one with a large shallow plastic container and some play sand.

We have tons of fantastic sand play ideas for kids – just remember to cover after you’re done to keep the cats away.

17. Go on a Big Bug Hunt

Bugs fascinate children, whether they like them or not! Download a free Big Bug Scavenger Hunt List to look for bugs in the park, woods, or around your house.

18. Have a Picnic

Things to Do in Little Space

We all enjoy dining alfresco, and kids especially enjoy a picnic. Pack a basket of homemade treats, a flask of tea, and a weatherproof blanket for yourself.

Why not try our simple recipes for homemade sausages and lemonade?

This quiche with cheddar and bacon is excellent hot or cold, and these baked berry squares are a tasty treat with oaty goodness for all that running around!

Picnics are a great way to enjoy food in a relaxed setting, and youngsters especially appreciate the adventure that comes with eating outside.

Whether you’re planning a picnic in the yard, at home, or on the go this summer, these practical picnic ideas for the perfect day out will help maintain the focus on the joy and family time that comes with picnicking.

19. Visit the Playground

40+ Fun Ideas & Things to Do in Little Space with Kids

Going to the playground is an excellent way to get the kids moving outside.

Most towns have a local playground, but why not try a different playground in a nearby town for a change?

Make a day of it by bringing a picnic.

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20. Create Something

Create a LEGO or plastic brick construction. A castle, a mansion, a fire station, or even a small town might be the setting.

Or hold construction competitions in which participants must construct structures using only one color of brick.

Increase your creativity and inventiveness with over 50+ LEGO instructions and how-to videos that will transform you into a Master Builder.

From Yoda and Minion favorites to chocolate cake, hot air balloons, and antique autos, our list of LEGO instructions has it all!

21. Jump in puddles

Children enjoy running and jumping in puddles.

Dress them in their rain gear and take them outside for some rainy-day fun!

Take some ideas from these enjoyable outdoor rainy day games.

22. Enjoy Traditional Childhood Games

40+ Fun Ideas & Things to Do in Little Space with Kids

We asked Mykidstime parents about their favorite outdoor childhood games when they were kids – you know, the ones that consumed our free time and summer days before computer games?

Here are their 20 favorite childhood games, ideal for parties, weekends, or playing in the garden.

Teach your youngster your favorite childhood games, such as Bulldog and What’s the Time Mr. Wolf? These outdoor games are a lot of fun, from rounders to elastics!

The best part? You, too, can participate!

23. Make a Kite

Little Space with Kids

Wait for a windy day to fly a kite in an open area. You may even attempt to make your own kites.

24. Hold a Mini Fun Sports Day

Organize a short fun sports day complete with obstacle courses, long-jump, and novelty races such as 3-legged, sack, and egg and spoon.

Hours of entertainment and weary children are assured!

25. Provide Duck Food

Visit your Neighborhood Park, river, or lake to feed the ducks or swans. Please do not bring bread, as it is harmful to birds.

Grapes cut in half, broken corn/barley/oats/birdseed, frozen peas or corn kernels (defrosted, no need to prepare), or duck feed pellets found at pet stores are all preferable options for them.

This is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in little space.

26. Go Camping

40+ Fun Ideas & Things to Do in Little Space with Kids

A night in a tent is a requirement for all kids – I still remember my first night out camping and having to flee back inside when the greatest rainstorm I’d ever seen burst!

Even if you don’t get away, you can pitch a tent in the back garden and sleep outside.

Here are some vital recommendations for first-time camping with kids, as well as some wonderful camping dinner ideas that aren’t simply s’mores!

27. Measure a Tree

Measure a tree in a nearby park or woods with a ruler and tape measure. Compete to see who can find the highest tree.

28. Going Fishing

Fishing is a terrific outdoor hobby, but keep in mind that it takes a lot of patience on your part.

Gear the day/expedition to their skill level, expect they’ll want to get wet and look for anything other than fish!

It can, however, be a fun way to spend time with your child, and you might even bring home dinner!

Beach fishing nets are perfect for capturing crabs in rock pools, and they make the job a lot easier!

29. Plant some flowers

  • Collect any old welly boots your kids have outgrown.
  • Fill them with compost after poking a few drainage holes at the bottom.
  • Select the flower seeds you want to plant. Sunflowers are popular among children because they grow quickly and are simple to cultivate.
  • Place them along your path or in front of your front door. Your children will be delighted to find their old wellies flowering!

30. Crazy Golf

Allow the kids’ imaginations to run wild as they create a crazy golf course in the garden out of buckets, plastic cups/glasses, ramps, vehicle tracks, boxes, and other household items.

Anything will suffice to make the hole as bizarre as possible!

Aim for at least 3 or 4 holes on their course, and then hold a competition, with the lowest number of shots to reach the hole wins.

31. Create a Scarecrow

This is a wonderful project for the kids to undertake, especially if they have assisted you with the planting.

Even if the scarecrow never sees the light of day in the garden, it’s a fun project to complete.

You only need old clothes, a hat, canes, straw or old newspapers for filling, a needle and thread, and a plastic bag.

Here’s how to construct a straightforward scarecrow.

32. Create Sun Shadows

You will need the following items to complete this task:

  • Sunshine
  • Items from nature, such as leaves, twigs, and flowers
  • Darker-colored construction paper works best.

What should I do?

  • Late in the morning, find a sunny area outside. Place the objects on a piece of paper.
  • If it’s windy, you might need a stone at each corner to keep it from flying away.
  • Allow the paper to sit in direct sunshine for several hours.
  • The sun will fade the construction paper and make silhouettes where your goods are.

33. Create Pizzas

The kids can assist prepare homemade pizza and pizza dough with a few simple ingredients (you could use ready-made pizza bases too if you want).

Chop up some vegetables and other ingredients for everyone to put on their own pizzas.

Make some amusing or frightening faces out of your pizzas. Place in the oven and bake until done.

34. Toy races should be held

Find any toy at home that uses a remote control. This might be anything from a car to a dog to a dinosaur.

Allow your children to choose whatever toy they will use for the race and line them up at a clearly marked start line.

Then the race begins, with each toy competing to be the first to reach the finish line. For each race, the toys can be swapped out.

35. Create Music

Perhaps you have an old tin whistle or a piano lying around the house.

You could also learn by downloading some instructions and beginner music.

You might also establish a band by making some cheap instruments out of kitchen utensils (the most popular in our family are pots, wooden spoons, tins, and spatulas).

36. Go to the Beach

Things to Do in Little Space

A day at the beach is always a fantastic day out, regardless of the season!

If it’s a wonderful sunny day, you might want to look over our summer beach checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything!

Why not gather some stones and shells and paint them when you get home to use as yard decorations?

Try these beach craft ideas and 50 fun beach activities for kids.

37. Establish an astronaut training facility

Space exercises for kids like this one enable them to use their imaginations while learning.

Visit the page for loads more fantastic ideas for filling your astronaut training facility.

38. Enjoy Board Games

Play some games with your friends. Parents propose their top 20 board games for families, or you might try one of these unique and entertaining board games!

Alternatively, you can play more classic ‘parlor’ games like Consequences.

39. Make a Story or a Play

Hold a story writing contest or write a play for puppets or you all to perform.

Assist children who are unable to write but can create their own stories.

Allow them to use photographs to explain their tale.

Play Chinese Whispers to make up your own stories. Notice how diverse the story becomes by the conclusion!

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40. Weaving a Circle

Introduce your youngster to the age-old craft of weaving!

This circle weaving technique is a terrific place to start and will keep them occupied for a long time.

Have fun selecting yarn colors and creating your own loom. You’ll finish up with a fantastic teapot trivet.

How to Get Into Little Space without a Caregiver

Getting into a small place is a relaxing method to release stress and forget about your adult worries.

Little space is a state of mind that allows you to freely enter when you are younger than you are now, also known as age regression.

Age regression is a useful tool in the lives of every adult, yet it is sometimes neglected as a legitimate coping mechanism.

People are frequently astonished to discover that they already have numerous unusual youthful habits that are called age regression!

For example, you might love viewing your favorite Disney movie when you’re emotionally exhausted. You can also cuddle with a teddy bear at night.

Perhaps you prefer to drink your juice from a juice box!

All of these are components of age regression, and they arise from a desire to regress back to a youthful state of mind in order to assist you to cope with “big” problems and difficulties.

You don’t need a “caregiver” to reap the benefits of regression or limited space!

There are numerous methods to engage in healthful regression activities on your own.

We’ll look at 10 youthful and exciting techniques to get you into that small mindset fast!

1. Coloring Books

There’s a reason adult coloring books are becoming more popular.

What could be younger than coloring a gorgeous picture in a children’s or adult coloring book?

Coloring as a stress-relieving and therapeutic practice is also supported by scientific research.

If you don’t like coloring books, why not have some fun in the water with these bath crayons?

Water washes right off the walls!

2. Bubble Bath or Bath Bombs

Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing bubble bath? That’s all we had when we were kids.

Make a warm bath for yourself and add some beautifully scented bath salts, bath bombs, or your favorite bubbles.

Bonus points if you bring some cute bath toys in with you, such as these ones we sell.

3. Using a Pacifier or Binkies

Don’t dismiss anything until you’ve given it a shot.

Adult-sized pacifiers are not only aesthetically beautiful and adorable, but they are also comforting and entertaining.

The ones we sell contain true-to-size adult nipples and mouth guards, so they look fantastic on an adult’s face!

Plus, unlike most others, they do not contain any harmful BPA or toxins! We have DOZENS of different types and designs to select from.

4. Viewing Classic Children’s Films or Cartoons

Do you remember a favorite cartoon or movie from your childhood?

Disney movies from your youth are ideal for exploring small spaces and swiftly regressing you!

Don’t limit yourself to old movies or cartoons; there are always new cartoons and TV shows to watch, such as Paw Patrol, Octonauts, My Little Pony, and others!

5. Making Bubbles

No of your age, blowing bubbles is a lot of fun. Go to your local dollar store and buy a large jug of bubbles and some wands, and then have fun!

If you do it outside, I guarantee you’ll bring delight to others as well!

6. Wearing Diapers

If you match that adult onesie with a particularly cute adult diaper, you’ll get extra points! We have a large selection of adult-sized reusable diapers so you don’t have to waste money on disposables.

Furthermore, safeguarding the earth is great, babe! You are not required to use the diaper if you are not comfortable with it, although many ABDL (Adult Baby Diaper Lovers) find it quite calming.

In fact, many people in the community say it helps them sleep better at night, whether they pee in them or not!

7. Making and Decorating Cupcakes

You probably enjoyed helping your mother or caregiver prepare and decorate cupcakes when you were younger!

Why not do it again today? Make yourself a delectable little space treat by being creative!

8. Crawl and Jump on Your Bed

What could be more youthful than jumpers and crawling around on your bed like a worm?

It’s entertaining, relaxing, and might even be considered exercise, right?

As you can see, there are numerous creative and simple methods to explore a small place without the need for a caregiver.

You can be small, sweet, and precious all by yourself and reap the benefits of age regression without the need for a companion!

9. Baby Talk or Babble

Babbling to oneself or talking like a child or infant is an excellent method to regress.

You are not required to speak to anyone other than yourself.

Bit playing or going about your day, speak to yourself as if you were a child to remind yourself that life isn’t so serious and that you may forget about your big issues for a while.

10. Use Modern Dinnerware and Cutlery

Things to Do in Little Space

Using standard melamine and plastic flatware, as well as dinner plates or bowls, is an excellent method to maximize space.

If you mix it with a number of little space foods, you’ll get extra age regression points. We simply adore these adult complete sets.

10 Simple Activities for Your Space-Obsessed Child

If you have a space-obsessed child at home, you’ll appreciate these fun, easy activities you can do together to learn more about their favorite subject.

You and your young tike can spend the day in outer space with just a few basic and inexpensive craft supplies. Have a great flight!

1. Magnetic Rocket Countdown Puzzle

To learn counting, number recognition, and shape/color sorting, make a magnetic rocket puzzle.

Even if your toddler isn’t yet ready to count, they’ll have a great time arranging the parts to build their rocket shape.

2. A Starlit Night in a Cup

Make your own starry night using black paint, foam cups, a toothpick, and a glow stick!

3. Galaxy Tranquilizer Bottle

If you haven’t discovered the power of the chill-out bottle yet, this galaxy-themed chill-out bottle will be a game changer.

Pull out your galaxy bottle, shake it up, and let your child be mesmerized by the floating patterns whenever you need to relax or seek mindfulness.

4. Mobile Solar System

A colorful mobile can’t go wrong, and if it illustrates how the solar system works, the better!

As your child grows, you may teach him or her the names of the planets and have fun pointing out the various colors and sizes.

This is a lovely Pinterest example with no directions, but we recommend going to Spotlight and picking up some foam balls, cardboard, paint, and string to try it yourself!

5. Toilet Roll Rocket

Build these adorable little rockets with your toddler using empty toilet paper rolls.

You can handle any difficult cutting and assembling, while your small designer-in-chief can adorn the finished object.

6. Build a telescope

This adorable telescope activity will help your youngster glimpse the stars.

Simply embellish an old paper towel or cling wrap roll with paint and stickers, and you’re done.

7. Painting of a Marbled Planet

All toddlers enjoy getting creative with paint, and with this lovely marbled painting concept, you can let them run wild creating their own planets.

Showcase your designs in a cool display for all to see!


8. Rocket craft

Little Space

These rockets couldn’t be simpler – or more enjoyable for both of you.

With these very cute DIY puffy paint rockets, you can make your own amazing wall art. We’d love to hear from you in the comments section, and if you love this article like and subscribe.

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