things to do in newnan ga

Top Fun Activities & Things to Do in Newnan GA

Are you currently in Newnan or do you intend to visit during your vacation? There are many things to do in Newnan GA and a ton of fun places you can visit there. However, it is blessed with so many interesting and beautiful locations.

Things to do in Newnan GA

1. Urban Air Adventure Park Newnan

things to do in newnan ga

Do you want to have fun indoors? Are you looking for a place with indoor trampolines where you can have fun in Newnan? Do you want to sign up for fitness classes near Newnan but are unsure of where to go? There are many things to do in Newnan ga

The Urban Air Adventure Park Newnan is a sight to behold. A lot of entertaining activities can be found at the indoor trampoline park in Newnan called Urban Air Adventure Park Newnan.

This location is a top pick for travelers and athletes looking for a cool spot to engage in healthy activities.

If you want to lose weight, check out the fitness class here; you’ll be inspired. Enroll in the local fitness classes to get in the shape of your dreams.

Additionally, if you’re an athlete or simply want to learn how to play, you can come here to play dodgeball. Here is a great choice. They occasionally host parties, so try to visit if you’d like to sample some of what they have to offer.

2. Junction Lanes Bowling Center

things to do in newnan ga

Visiting Junction Lanes Bowling Center is among the best things to do in Newnan ga. This is a fun-filled facility with lots of entertaining things to do.

In 1998, this center was established. The Junction Lanes Bowling Center was created so that different families could visit and enjoy themselves. They have entertaining arcade games, and cosmic bowling is fantastic and a timeless favorite.

You can plan a fun competition for the entire family, including the kids. Prizes are available for young winners.

For more fun, new games are constantly being released. As well, their staff is kind and understanding. They also offer delectable meals that you can enjoy with your loved ones.

It’s a lot of fun to be at Junction Lanes Bowling Center.

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3. LINC Trail 

Do you like to hike? Want to flex your muscles or stretch your body after a long trip? In Newnan, visit and utilize the LINC Trail! There are a ton of things for visitors and locals to do at this incredible location!

You can all come here to work out in the morning. Do you want to get into better shape or are you just trying to stay healthy and fit?

You can come here to jog and stretch your muscles or you can try working out on this trail in Newnan. While you’re at it, find a pair or a running companion to join you.

Furthermore, you will be able to make friends while using this trail because this location is well-known and frequently visited by many people.

Another activity you can do in this location is a bike, so bring your bike and give it a try. You can easily use the trails here because the roads and paths are smooth and clean.

It’s interesting to note that if you use this trail frequently, you might encounter rabbits and, on rare occasions, deers. Absolutely fantastic location in Newnan for exercise!

It’s also very interesting to look at the tunnel that runs beneath Lower Fayetteville Road. Overall, this landscape is lovely, and you’ll think it’s amazing to take pictures there or even just stroll with a partner.

4. Chattahoochee Bend State Park

One of the biggest parks in the state is Chattahoochee Bend State Park, which spans 2,910 acres. For both visitors and residents, it offers a range of recreational opportunities, including camping, picnicking, and more.

Bring the whole family to Chattahoochee Bend State Park to spend a relaxing day or even night outside if you’re looking for fun yet affordable things to do nearby.

You can picnic, fish, and explore the 12-mile hiking trail with the kids at this park. To fully experience camping, arrange a trip to Chattahoochee Bend State Park.

Before exploring the park’s environs, set up camp in one of the designated areas. Undoubtedly, visiting this park is among the best things to do in Newnan GA.

One of the best family-friendly things to do in Newnan GA is without a doubt visiting this park.

5. Carl Miller Park

things to do in newnan ga

Spend a day outdoors at Carl Miller Park if you’re looking for free things to do in Newnan GA.If you’re traveling with children, this park is especially wonderful because it has a playground where they can burn off excess energy while having a blast.

Carl Miller Park, a park that offers entertaining recreational activities for both locals and visitors, was built in the 1990s. There are picnic areas, a playground with a castle theme, and more.

Head to Carl Miller Park with your family to enjoy a straightforward outdoor picnic. Allow your children to play and run around in one of the designated areas while you unwind.

This park is one of the most enjoyable places to spend a few hours. One of the best things to do in Newnan GA is to spend a few hours at this park.

6. Dunaway Gardens

things to do in newnan ga

Dunaway Gardens is regarded as one of Newnan’s most stunning tourist attractions. Styled flowers are grown in a way that complements the true beauty of nature that abounds in Dunaway Gardens.

Initially, Dunaway Gardens served as a training ground for actors, producers, and art directors to hone and perfect their craft.

The renowned actress Hetty Jane Dunaway founded the theater training facility in the 1920s, and she also gave it her name.

This is the ideal location if your dream wedding is an unusual outdoor ceremony. Its surroundings are breathtaking, with a special calmness added by the wonderful waterfall.

Family get-togethers, reunions, birthday parties, and other events can be held here.

Additionally, they have an amphitheater with a stage for live performances and the best movie experience. Children are admitted free of charge to Dunaway Gardens, while adults must pay a $10.00 entrance fee.

You will undoubtedly have a wonderful experience at Dunaway Gardens that you won’t soon forget.

7. McRitchie-Hollis Museum

Do you want to go somewhere with a lot of Newnan and Coweta County history? You must visit the McRitchie-Hollis Museum! This historic house in Newnan now serves as a museum with a variety of exhibits.

You can see features of historical and photography exhibits from Newnan and Coweta County history here. A wholesome definition of history was revealed!

You will also be able to see rotating exhibits that tell the history and culture of Newnan and Coweta. Visitors can come here to take guided tours of the exhibits, which include the history of this home.

This museum is a red-brick Greek Revival-style structure that architects should visit! Its exhibition spaces contain original furniture from the Hollis family, who lived in the building previously.

Visitors can also see how basic kitchen and bathroom facilities were around a century ago. Furthermore, a tour here will provide you with an understanding of what life was like in the American south during the Great Depression.

The guides on this page will help you understand the Great Depression of the 1920s and 1930s, as well as the events of WWII. You’ll also find original furniture from the Hollis family, who used to live here.

There is a beautiful and well-kept lawn outside, which is a good location for photographs.

8. Shaw Alpaca Farm

things to do in newnan ga

One of the interesting and entertaining places in Newnan is this park, which offers visitors fun things to do. Despite being a family-run business, they do a good job of making visitors and tourists feel at ease while on a tour.

If you’ve never seen an alpaca before, this is your chance to do so because there are many of them here. The alpacas in this area are extremely attractive and healthy, standing upbeat and grinning at visitors.

You will also see dogs, horses, goats, pigs, and chickens in addition to the alpacas. You’ll experience a brand-new level of fulfillment as you stroll through this farm and observe all the animals.

Check out this farm if you’re looking for something to do on a free day that involves animals. You’ll have a great time here, and if your kids aren’t afraid of animals, you can even bring them!

Additionally, the proprietors of this establishment are very respectful and knowledgeable, and they’ll do a good job enlightening you. Give the local animals some treats, especially the alpacas, and you might win their friendship.

Those who take the Shaw Farm tour will have the chance to meet these cuddly giants and learn more about alpaca fibers. Additionally, there are no admission fees for the tours, but you are welcome to donate voluntarily to the farm.

9. Abide Brewing Company

Do you need a place where you can listen to music and a bar? What about the Abide Brewing Company? If not, then this is for you. A nice and enjoyable place to hang out in Newnan is the Abide Brewing Company.

You’ll find a hip bar in this brewery where you can also catch live music! There is a good truck out in the back where you can grab a bite or two if you’re hungry.

Tacos will also be available, which are delicious! There is no place like this for atmosphere, and everything about it is convenient.

You can also try out their barbecuing style while visiting this brewery, and if you like, you can even participate in some games.

Just in case you want to play a game of pool, there is also a table available for your use. In addition, you can just come here to relax with a beer while sitting on the patio.

This place also has incredible pizza. Come here and unwind at your leisure!

10. Atlanta Range & Ordnance

things to do in newnan ga

Do you adore weapons? Looking for a fun and practical shooting range to practice at? You want to learn how to handle a gun in Newnan, but you’re not sure where to start.

The Atlanta Range & Ordnance is worth a look! This well-liked tourist destination is a top-notch, distinctive shooting range in Newnan, Georgia.

Who knows, if you give it a shot, it might end up being the best range you’ve ever used. The staff will help you through any difficulty you encounter because they are so friendly and knowledgeable.

Have a blast celebrating birthdays with your partner, friends, and family here! Visitors can attend safety seminars here. This Atlanta range is the best choice if you’re looking for a place to take safety classes so that you can protect yourself.

These safety seminars are excellent, and you will undoubtedly learn what you need to know from them. Furthermore, if you want to learn how to handle any kind of fun as a bodyguard or security guard, this is the course for you!

11. Atlanta Brick Co Lego(R) Toy Store

Do you enjoy creating brick-based machinery? Would you be interested in visiting one of the biggest building brick toy stores in the world in Newnan?

Try going to the Atlanta Brick Co Lego(R) Toy Store after that! One of the biggest Lego(R) building brick toy stores in the world is Atlanta Brick Co.

You can find a huge variety of LEGO(R) products here, including every imaginable style, size, and shape. Additionally, the shop has evolved from a basic storage facility since it first opened in 2015 into one of the top LEGO(R) fan destinations in America!

In contrast to other conventional LEGO(R) retail stores, this one-of-a-kind store offers a distinctive experience. You can find anything LEGO(R) from any time in the history of the toy that is most played with worldwide here.

In addition, you can browse this store’s enormous collection of mini-figures featuring various themes.

Get your children’s Minifigures from this place, and if you enjoy tours, check out the one in the middle with the Stark Industries building and Hogwarts train. You’ll have a great time here because the staff is generally friendly.

12. Regal Georgian

things to do in newnan ga

Are you trying to find a movie theater to watch movies at? The weekend is quickly approaching as it is almost Friday. Do you want to watch some movies?

Looking for a theater where you and your partner can watch movies while enjoying popcorn? Look at you, Royal Georgian! In Newnan, Georgia, there is a theater called Regal Georgian.

You will find lovely seating arrangements and a fantastic concession stand in this theater. Since it first opened on November 19, 2004, this theater has been a place to see newly released movies.

You’ll be at your best watching a lot of the newly released films here thanks to the comfortable seating. Purchase your tickets, come spend some time at, and bring your date here for a movie date.

Here, popcorn is delectable, palatable, and reasonably priced. Additionally, the seats are very comfortable, making it simple for you to unwind.

This theater in Newnan is truly magical, even though it is difficult to find theaters with such a lavish setting. In general, you’ll have a pleasant time watching a movie here. Plan a visit to this place in your own time.

Just stop by to unwind and spend time with those you care about.

13. The Lewis Grizzard Museum

If you’re a big fan of Lewis Grizzard and want to learn more about his life and the properties he owned, come here! One of the well-known museums you ought to check out in Newnan is the Lewis Grizzard Museum.

There is a ton of memorabilia in this museum, most of it donated by family members and some fans. You can also find documentation and images here that will help you learn more about his life.

There is no admission fee to this museum, which is a ton of fun to visit while in Newnan. You can donate voluntarily, though, as donations are what keep the museum open.

If you take your time and look for Lewis’s grave, you can also find it here. In addition, there are numerous items that are connected to Lewis Grizzard and his early years that you can view.

The information in this museum is worthwhile even though it is only open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. You will never run out of things to do in Newnan GA

14. Newnan Male Academy Museum

things to do in newnan ga

On a dilapidated, vacant structure on College Street, the Male Academy Museum is a Shapiro.

In the 1880s, this location in Newnan, Georgia, was a private boys’ school and was formerly known as the old Male Academy or Male Seminary.

Periodically, special exhibits are on view. I.E.C.W., Smith’s collection of decorative arts, and a real Civil War battle flag that has been restored and framed are some of the exhibits that visitors will enjoy seeing.

You can also view exhibits on local luminaries like Charles Wadsworth, Alan Jackson, and others. This location will give you a blend of history and culture if it’s history you want to see.

In conclusion, if you are a curator or a sculptor, stop by and take a look at the displays here. Who knows, an idea might come to you.

15. Junction Lanes Bowling Center

things to do in newnan ga

Drive to the Junction Lanes Bowling Center if you’re looking for a place to spend the evening with friends or family. You won’t have a dull moment while you’re here thanks to all the entertaining amenities. 

Some of the best things to do in Newnan GA are available at this entertainment complex, including bowling, 3D golfing, and playing arcade games

The Junction Lanes Bowling Center, which opened its doors in 1998, is an entertainment complex with a bowling alley, arcades, and even 3D glow golf.

Play a friendly game of bowling with your friends to see who can knock down the most pins. In addition, you have the choice of playing 3D glow golf. These are just a few of the popular nighttime activities in Newnan.

16. Oak Hill Cemetery, Newnan GA

In Newnan, Coweta County, Georgia, there is a cemetery called Oak Hill Cemetery. Beautiful and memorable historical old monuments abound in this cemetery.

You will discover some very interesting things if you take your time and explore this cemetery. In addition, it’s a nice place to be if you want to Pokeman Go Hunt or go for a walk or even a jog.

You can also look around and see old graves that date all the way back to the 1830s here. There are numerous magnificent monuments, tombs, and other monuments on display. Additionally, tombs and sarcophagi are visible.

Even though there isn’t much to do at this cemetery, the peace is incredible.

17. The Donald W. Nixon Centre 

In Georgia’s Newnan, is this a performing arts venue? Do you want a place where you can hang out and enjoy some good plays and performances?

The Donald W. Nixon Centre for Performing and Visual Arts welcomes you to unwind here! This Newnan facility houses a theater for the Performing Arts.

Located in the valley of Lower Fayetteville Road, this center has a sizable area of about 48,000 square feet. You can find a stunning lobby, numerous art galleries, lecture halls, and even first-rate dressing rooms in this performing arts center in Newnan.

It’s interesting to note that The Donald W. Nixon Centre for Performing and Visual Arts Center is very wheelchair-friendly and has plenty of parking.

Therefore, there are no restrictions on what you can do because anyone can access it. The venue at this location is also among the most stunning and alluring you’ll ever find in Newnan, Georgia.

The center is also a great place to host corporate events and birthday parties! Additionally, you can find time to unwind by going to concerts. To fully appreciate the peace and beauty of this location, bring a companion along.

18. Brown’s Mill Battlefield Site

A little over 80 hectares in size, the Brown’s Mill Battlefield Site is a relatively recent public open space. It was the scene of a battle where the confederate south’s soldiers defeated Abraham Lincoln’s Unionist cavalry.

Visit the Brown’s Mill Battlefield Site to accomplish two goals at once. There, you can hike while learning more about the American Civil War’s Atlanta Campaign from historical sites erected in key locations.

At Brown’s Mill Battlefield Site, hike the accessible trails and pause in front of the historical markers to read information about each location. Unquestionably, this location ranks among Newnan’s coolest attractions.

19. The Little White House

The Little White House, a favorite getaway of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States, is situated in Warm Springs, about 20 miles south of Newnan.

Roosevelt frequented the Little White House, and it was there that he passed away on April 12, 1945, just three months after being elected to his fourth term in office in Washington, DC.

The museum is full of personal belongings belonging to Roosevelt, including his favorite chair and an unfinished presidential portrait that has been preserved as they were on the day of his passing.

20. Historic Banning Mills

Although this Newnan attraction may sound like a museum, you’d be in for a major surprise if that’s what you were anticipating. In reality, historic Banning Mills is an adventure resort with activities like ziplining and climbing walls.

The resort, which is surrounded by stunning natural scenery, offers horseback riding through its woods and across its streams as well as kayaking on the water.

At the same time, visitors can indulge themselves at the spa and unwind in the kind of welcoming atmosphere for which the South is renowned worldwide. Northwest of Newnan by 10 miles is the Historic Banning Mills.

 21. Georgia Aquarium

things to do in newnan ga

Georgia Aquarium, located in the heart of the state capital, is another attraction you should see while you’re in the Atlanta suburbs.

It is one of the biggest aquariums in the world and one of only a select few that can claim to have a whale shark tank. Additionally, raucous California sea lions, beluga whales that are entirely white, and enormous manta rays are all well-known attractions.

The aquarium covers each of the world’s major ocean environments in turn, from tropical shallows where corals with vibrant colors can be found to the planet’s coldest waters.

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22. Newnan Children Connect Museum

things to do in newnan ga

Do you know of any kid-friendly museums? We have one here, so feel free to bring your kids along so they can play and take a look around.

Make plans to visit the Newnans Children Connect Museum and explore it! A fun museum with kid-friendly exhibits is Children Connect Museum!

It is a tiny children’s museum that offers artistic expression, interactive exhibits, and even regular weekly creative workshops. You can bring kids here to the art and crafts area so they can play in the art and explore their creativity.

They will be able to experiment with lovely crafts and engage in color painting, sketches, and crayon drawings. Additionally, children are welcome to participate in an interactive session and express their opinions on various works of art here.

Prepare yourself for the amount of fun you’re about to have here! You will not only be completely satisfied, but you will also fall in love with Newnan and want to return.

Take your time exploring the places listed above…and we’d love to hear from you after you’ve visited Newman; there are many things to do in Newnan GA please share your thoughts in the comments section below. HAVE A GOOD TIME!

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