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In this blog, we will discuss Tim Rozon, a well-known Canadian actor, model, and television personality. To learn more, keep reading.

Brief Biography of Tim Rozon

Tim Rozon was born on the 4th of June, 1976.

Timothy James Rozon is his full name. Ronz is his alias. He was born and raised in the Canadian city of Montreal.

He made an appearance in Mira Sorvino’s A&E film The Great Gatsby in 2000.

In 2004, he was cast as Tom “Tommy Q” Quincy in the CTV/TeenNick youth drama Instant Star, a role he played for four seasons.

Tim Rozon’s nationality is Canadian, and he is of Caucasian descent.

In education, the actor conceals his academic background. He may, however, have completed his studies at the town’s university.

On the supernatural/western drama series Wynonna Earp, he also played Doc Holliday.

He and his wife also co-star in the supernatural real estate show Surreal Estate. He is also a restaurant co-owner and restaurateur.

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Tim Rozon’s Career

Tim Rozon made his professional TV debut in the TV movie “The Great Gatsby” in 2000.

Later in his career, he appeared in television films such as “fashion crime,” “see simple,” and “I am the same (but I don’t do this).”

Then, in 2004, Raronson’s music, on the role of his career definition, is Tom ‘Tommy Q’Quiny, “Instant Star.

Tim Ronson also had 54 flights throughout the four seasons.

Rozon will star in the king, a miniseries, and a film titled “production office.”

Tim has appeared in several episodes of CBC TV’s “wild rose,” as well as as guests in “listeners” and “scream: Stephen Amel and Lance Henriksen hunt.”

Tim Rozon previously provided the voice of Dustin Milligan in the Canadian three-dimensional animated film “Sarila’s Legend.”

In 2018,  the actor and the cast of Wynonna Earp received the People’s Choice award for Best Sci-Fi Show.

Physical Appearance and Social Media

Tim is a 45-year-old actor with a striking appearance, a commanding presence, and a unique sense of style.

He is 5 inches tall. He also has a healthy weight of 74 kilograms. Tim Rozon’s eyes are blue, and his hair is black.

Rozon is a social media personality who is active on the platform.

Tim’s official Instagram account, @realtimronzon, has over 151K followers.

He is also on Twitter, with approximately 86K followers. Tim Rozon, on the other hand, is currently unavailable on Facebook.

Tim Rozon’s Net Worth

He makes a good living and can afford to live comfortably with his wife and child.

Tim Rozon lives in Montreal, where he co-owns the Garde Manger restaurant with Canadian celebrity chef Chuck Hughes.

He married Linzey in September 2015 and has one son.

Mr. Tim Ronzon has an estimated net worth of $2 million USD. He’s been in the industry for over 20 years and is well-versed in it.

FAQs on Tim Rozon

1. Who is Tim Rozon’s Wife?

Linzey Rozon

2. When did Tim and Linzey Meet?

Despite popular belief that they have only been together for a few years, their love story has a long history. They have first met in the late 2000s or early 2010s.

3. Where is Tim Rozon From?

Montreal, Canada.

4. Who are Tim Rozon’s Parents?

Mr. James Rozon, a businessman by trade, is Tim Rozon’s father, and Mrs. Rozon, a housewife, is Tim Rozon’s mother.

5. What is Tim Rozon’s Facebook Account?

Tim Rozon, on the other hand, is currently unavailable on Facebook.

6. What is the Name of Tim’s Restaurant?

The Garde Manger restaurant

7. What is his Most Famous Role?

Tommy Quincy, Instant Star.

8. What is his Eye Color?


9. What is the Name of his Son?

He has not disclosed the details about his son.

10. Is he a Model?

He use to be a model but he didn’t like it so he quit.

Tim Rozon is a well-known celebrity who rose to prominence in films such as Instant Star, Schitt’s Creek, and Wynonna Earp, among many others.

He is not only a talented actor, but also a devoted family man.

He also writes books and is a published author. His efforts have brought him good fortune.

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