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Why is #FreeTommy Trending? Tommyinnit Responds After Shock TikTok Ban

TommyInnt is a popular Twitch streamer best known for gaming. He got banned on tiktok and his fans really reacted to that. Let’s get to know what happened.

Tommyinnit is a YouTuber and Twitch streamer from England. He’s well-known for his Minecraft-related work, and he has around seven million YouTube subscribers and over four million Twitch followers.

Tommy’s material is mostly on using mods in Minecraft, and he frequently interacts with fellow YouTuber Dream.

Tommyinnit was performing well before the ban, and his rise across a variety of social media has been impressive. On February 24, Tommyinnit was abruptly removed from TikTok.

The network banned Tommyinnit’s account, which had recently surpassed four million followers, for no apparent reason. However, he brought up on Twitter that TikTok had blacklisted him.

Fans Took Action

Thousands of admirers grabbed the hashtag almost immediately, blasting #FreeTommy over social media to get it trending.

Tommy’s account was restored in less than an hour, thanks to the tremendous community support.

Tommyinnit TikTok account was restored to normal after hundreds of tweets and thousands of reactions.

They restored all of Tommyinnit videos to the platform, and the creator was once again able to interact with viewers.



Till now we do not know exactly why tommyinnit was banned from TikTok, maybe he violated one of their rules, which could it be? He is lucky he is loved by thousand so people; he is back to TikTok now, thanks to his fans

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