Everything To Know About Susan Crow & His 2 Previous Marriages

Tony Bennett has been married to Susan Crow since 2007. Find out more about her and their relationship here.

Tony Bennett, 95, is regarded as one of the greatest jazz and pop singers of all time. He has had a very successful career in the music business, but he has also experienced love throughout the years.

The musician has been in the public eye for each of his three marriages, including the one to his current wife Susan Crow, 55. Four children were born from the marriages, making Tony a devoted parent.

Continue reading to learn more about Susan, her relationship with Tony, and Tony’s two ex-wives.

Susan Crow

Tony and Susan began dating in the 1980s and eventually got hitched in 2007. She has acknowledged being a longtime supporter of her husband while working as a teacher.

Tony said that he had posed for a picture with Susan Crow’s parents, Marion and Dayl Crow, at a concert in San Francisco in 1966, when her mother was expecting her. Tony is 40 years Susan’s junior.

“As luck would have it, Marion was carrying Susan at the time! Knowing the fantastic turn of events that transpired, it’s a picture we all giggle about,” he said in his 2016 memoir, Just Getting Started.

Additional Information on Susan Crow

He also disclosed how their affair began when she attended his concert while she was only 19 years old. He wrote in the book, “She had tickets to see me perform when she was nineteen at the Masonic Temple in San Francisco, and she put in a request to say hi backstage after the event, probably not anticipating a response.”

When I received the request, I was delighted to learn that a young person of her age was so passionate about my music. The real start of it all was when I not only consented to say hello to her backstage but also asked her to be my date for the evening, as predicted by a backstage photo from 1966!

Susan has been Tony’s carer in addition to being his wife since he was identified as having Alzheimer’s disease. He made the announcement in February 2021, and Susan spoke with AARP about the difficulty.

She remarked in the interview, “There’s a lot about him that I miss since he’s not the old Tony anymore. But when he sings, the old Tony comes through.

Sandra Grant Bennett

Sandra Grant served as Tony’s second wife. According to reports, Sandra first met the outstanding actor while working as an actress in the 1965 film The Oscar, in which he also starred.

They later developed a connection and moved in together before getting married in 1971. Before divorcing in 1979, the ex-lovers welcomed two daughters into the world: Joanna in 1970 and Antonia in 1974. In 2007, their divorce was finally formalized.

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Patricia Beech

In 1952, Tony wed Patricia Beech as his first wife. When she was a student of art, they reportedly met after one of his performances.

Thousands of Tony’s female followers stood outside the wedding site “mourning” while wearing all black, which made headlines during their wedding.

Nevertheless, the ex-spouse and ex-husband persisted in beginning their life together, giving birth to two sons, namely D’Andrea in 1954 and Daegel in 1955. They finally got a divorce in 1971 after separating in 1965.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old was Susan Crow when she met Tony Bennett?

Tony Bennett Has Been Married To Susan Crow Since 2007 Susan Crow is nearly 40 years younger than her famous husband. When they met, she was only 19, and he was 58.

2. How long has Tony Bennett been married to his wife Susan?

About Susan Crow, and how long she has been married to Tony Bennett. Susan Crow is 55-years-old and the third wife of Tony Bennett. She is currently his full-time caregiver and has been married to him for fourteen years. As per reports, Crow was born in San Francisco on September 9, 1966.

3. How many wives has Tony Bennett had?

Tony Bennett, a singer, known for his pop, big band, and jazz music, has been married three times, resulting in four children.

4. How rich is Tony Bennett?

Tony Bennett is an American singer, performer, and international icon who has a net worth of $200 million.

Additional FAQs on Susan Crow

5. How did Tony Bennett meet his wife Susan Crow?

Susan visited the “Shadow of Your Smile” crooner’s gig, despite the fact that she was just 19 and about 40 years Tony’s senior. In his 2016 book Just Getting Started, Tony recounted, “I not only agreed to say hello to her backstage, but I also asked her to be my date for the evening.”

6. Does Tony Bennett have dementia?

Tony Bennett’s wife, Susan Benedetto, says the famous crooner is not aware of his Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

7. Is Tony Bennett still performing?

The legendary singer, Bennett is suffering from Alzheimer’s and revealed earlier this year that he is retiring from performing after a 70 year career. Bennett’s final release was his second duet album with Lady Gaga, Love For Sale, on October 1.

8. Who discovered Tony Bennett?

Pearl Bailey. Performing under the name Joe Bari, Pearl Bailey, who asked him to open for her show in Greenwich Village discovered Bennett in 1949. He subsequently caught the attention of Bob Hope, who advised him to take the name Tony Bennett and put him in his road show.

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