Top 34 Unique Nicknames for Boston 2020 Update

Top 34 Unique Nicknames for Boston 2020 Update.

When we talk about top nicknames for Boston, there are a whole lots of super nicknames to discuss. However, not every nickname is popular and there are few people out there who know them all or even most.

Unique Nicknames for Boston 2020 updates


Boston is also known as the “Cradle of Liberty” because of the 1770 Boston Massacre, its non-violent protest. This is so because of the monarchy’s unauthorized taxation of tea three years later. And also the withdrawal of British forces from Boston on 17 March 1776.

This ended the American Revolution in the Eastern Colonies (the New England states of today). Similarly this provided the model document for the United States.

Unique Nicknames for Boston 2020 updates

However, here is the lists of Boston’s Nicknames

The America’s Walking City

It was provided because of the compact nature of Boston and its high population density. This made walking more efficient and common transit mode in the region.

It actually has the seventh-highest percentage of pedestrian commuters in any U.S. area, while neighboring Cambridge has the highest.

City of Champions

Like Titletown — refers to the history of Boston’s sports supremacy. Specially with the Boston Red Sox, Celtics,  Bruins and New England Patriots each winning several national championships.


Refers to Boston’s popular baked bean dish.  Beans slow-baked in molasses were also a favorite Boston food. It was called “Beantown” by sailors and traders, whereas the locals did not refer to their town by that nickname.


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Numerous cities around the world have nicknames or symbols that refer to their political, financial, and geographic characteristics. Similarly, not forgetting to appreciate its architecture, culture , food, and fashion if you intend to visit this fascinating place.

Additionally, whatever your taste can be, this city has something for everyone.

If we missed any of the nicknames for London, we ask you to mention them in the comment section below. We will try to add it in our post.

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