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Tracey Richter Wiki and Husband In 2022 – Is She In Jail For Dustin Wehde Murder?

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Tracey Richter is a convicted murderer, and this article is about her. She was held responsible for defending her children during a horrific home invasion in 2001.

About Tracey Richter

Tracey Ann Richter was born in the early 1960s and raised in Chicago. She was a pleasant woman with a promising future.

She is the mother of two children and has been married twice. Tracey was caught in an Omaha mall in 2011 and accused of first-degree murder.

Who is Tracey Richter’s Husband?

Tracey Richter initially married John Pitman, a plastic surgeon she met in medical school. A year later, the couple gave birth to their lone child, a son called Bert. Tracey’s psychiatric troubles meant that their marriage did not survive long.

The couple formalized their divorce in 1996. She then started seeing a man named Michael Roberts. Richter married the young man eighteen days after meeting him. Tracey, on the other hand, began cheating on Michael a few months later.

Noah was born in 1998, and Mason was born in 2000, to the couple. Meanwhile, the two were close friends with Dustin Wehde. Tracey and Michael frequently went to church with Wehde. They also played paintball and he mowed the lawn together.

Is she in Jail for the Murder of Dustin Wehde?

At first, it was considered that Dustin Wehde died in self-defense. He was shot nine times with two different firearms. Richter and Michael’s home was the scene of the event on December 13, 2001.

Dustin and an unknown male, according to Tracey, barged in her unlocked door. They’d strangled her with her pantyhose. After escaping, the lady shot Dustin with her 9 mm semi-automatic weapon.

She killed him with a revolver when that pistol was empty. Meanwhile, the weird man had escaped. “I did what I had to do to safeguard my family,” Tracey alleged. After hearing from her, no charges were filed against her.

Tracey tried to frame her husband Michael after a few years. She further alleged that in 2009, he broke into her car and left images of Dustin’s body inside.

However, no sign of a break-in was ever discovered. According to one scenario, Tracey planned to kill Dustin in order to accuse John of her murder.

was apprehended at an Omaha mall and charged with first-degree murder. She faced life in jail and was returned to Iowa.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is Tracey Richter Married?

Yes, she si married

2. Does Tracey have Childre?

Yes, she has children

3. What Happened to Tracey Richter?

Tracey Richter is a convicted murderer, She was held responsible for defending her children during a horrific home invasion in 2001.

4. Is Tracey Richter Alive?

Yes she is alive

5. What is the Name of Tracey’s Husband?

Michael Roberts

6. How many Times have Tracey been Married?

She has been married twice

7. Who was her First Husband?

John Pitman, a plastic surgeon

8. Where was she Caught?

She was caught in an Omaha mall in 2011 and accused of first-degree murder.

9. Is Tracey in Prison?

Yes, she is

10. Did she have a Child for her First Husband?


She was found guilty in the Dustin Wehde murder case. If you have something to say, please leave it in the comments box and share it.

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