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Tushar Silawat is a well-known Indian TikTok and social media personality from Indore, India. He is well-known for his TikTok and other short video apps lip-sync videos.

He is also popular for his attractive and adorable appearance, as well as his wonderful personality.

The TikTok star is also known as Purabi Bhargava’s ex-boyfriend on social media.

Tushar is currently dating TikTok star and TikTok ring girl Aryanshi Sharma.

Tushar Silawat is a very cute, and chocolaty boy, but the majority of his fans are girls.

Tushar’s cousin sister is popular TikTok star and model Palak Silawat.


Tushar Silawat was born on 2 June 2002 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.

His current age is 20 (as of 2022), and he completed his schooling in the Private School of Indore.

Tushar Silawat is a young TikTok Star, who wanted to make a career in actoting.

So he chose TikTok and puts all of his effort into his acting career.

Tushar Silawat also run One YouTube Channel Named Celebrity Trendz in 2017

And his TikTok Profile is ‘Tusharsilawat’ and has over 6 million followers. Tushar Silawat joined YouTube on 17 October 2019.

And his channel name is ‘Tushars World’ where he uploads Vlogs, Fun Videos

Riya Silawat is his mother’s name, Palak Silawat is his sister’s name, and his father is a police officer.

His father is a police officer, his mother is Riya Silawat, and he has a sister named Palak Salawat.

He is not a vegetarian and does not drink or smoke.


Purabi Bhargava is Tushar Silawat’s ex-girlfriend, according to information.

Tushar is now dating Aryanshi Sharma, a well-known tik to star.

She is also a TikTok Star, a Youtuber, a Model, and an Actor.


Tushar Silawat is a handsome boy who stands 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 60 kg.

His eyes and hair are both black

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Tushar Silawat began his career on TikTok when he was in ninth grade.

His start on Tok Tok was slow, but as time passed, he gained numerous followers on Tok Tok.

And he is very cute. Tushar Silawat and Purabi Bhargava’s teamwork in Videos is liked by the audience.

And both get instant success on TikTok and YouTube with both.

He posted his first TikTok video on a fidget spinner in 2017, and by 2018, he had amassed 50K followers.

His account was later suspended after he posted a video with a knife in it.

Tushar Silawatha dropped out of school after the incident because people made fun of him.

He then restarted his channel and began gaining more TikTok followers.

However, he is a popular Indian Instagrammer with over 3.4 million followers on his Instagram account

He launched a self-titled YouTube channel in 2019. Tushar’s YouTube channel has over 359K subscribers.

Tushar Silawatha has worked with several brands to promote them.

He made an appearance in the Hindi music video ‘Mera Hi Rehna’ in 2020.

Tushar Silawatha has 1.4 million Instagram followers.

Some Interesting Facts About Tushar Silawat

Tushu and Tushi are nicknames given to him by his fans. Tushar has many tattoos on his body.

Including the Joker character from the Hollywood film Joker on his right forearm.

A star on his left hand near the thumb, a mandala design on his left forearm.

Roses with a skull on his left bicep, and a pulse heartbeat tattoo on his right forearm.

He adores animals and has a dog named Jojo as a pet. He’s frequently seen drinking alcohol at parties and events.

In an interview, he stated that his idol was the late Danish Zehen, a well-known social media influencer.

He enjoys playing PubG and other video games in his spare time.

On Instagram, he has 2.5 million followers. He has 450 thousand YouTube subscribers.

Tushar adores his mother and father.

He enjoys dancing and is always looking for new friends. Tushar’s favorite food is pizza 

Some of Tushar Silawat’s Favorite Things

Jacqueline Fernandez and Shraddha Kapoor are two of his favorite actresses.

John Ebrahim and Sunny Deol are two of his favorite actors.

Honey Singh and Arman are two of his favorite singers.

Dubai and the United Kingdom are two of his favorite places.

Paneer Chole Bhature is his Favorite Food

Blue is his favorite color.

Cricket is my favorite sport, and video production is his favorite job.

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1. When was Tushar Silawat Born?

He was born on 2 June 200

2. Where is he From?

He is from India

3. Where was he Born?

Tushar Silawat was born in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.

4. How Many Followers Does He have on Instagram

He has over 3.4 million followers on his Instagram account

5. Is he Tattooed?

Yes, he has tattoos all over his arm

6. Is he Dating?

Yes, he is dating

7. What is the Name of his Girlfriend?

Aryanshi Sharma is the name of his girlfriend

8. How Many Subscribers Does he have on YouTube?

Tushar’s YouTube channel has over 359K subscribers.

9. What is his Father’s Job?

 His father is a policeman

10. Is he a Vegetarian?

No, he isn’t

Tushar is a TikTok celebrity and Indian actor who makes short videos. His YouTube videos have made him well-known. Tushar is currently dating Aryanshi Sharma, a popular TikTok performer. Please leave a comment and share.

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