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90 Unique Nicknames for Canada, Canadians and Its Cities 2020 Update

90 Unique Nicknames for Canada, Canadians and Its Cities 2020 Update.

Do you want to create a nickname for a Canada, Canadians and its Town? Then you are in the right page. Go through this unique nicknames provided for you to choose from.Nicknames for Canadians

From South Park, we know that Canada and Canadians are easy prey for nicknames and general ribbing sometimes.

Characterized by self-deprecating humor, all this teasing is taken in stride by Canadians. They rely on their country’s socially egalitarian existence, universal healthcare, fairly sophisticated conservationist policies .

But, if you’re a true American, you’re going to want to continue the tradition and give Canada a nickname as original, mysterious, and ostentatious as the nation itself.

Also, maybe you’re Canadian and you want an all-time backlog of your own country making fun of itself.

We have provided the most detailed list of nicknames for Canada to date, nicknames for Canadians, people’s regional nicknames, and Canadian cities’ nicknames.

Cool Nicknames for Canada

  • Nova Britannia – New Britain, since Canada was a protectorate of England.
  • The North – Refers to geographical location.
  • Canuckia – Canadians are sometimes referred to as Canucks, so this is the nounal form of that nickname.
  • England’s Castoff Country – Canada used to be a colony of England until their independence in 1867.
  • America’s Hat – Canada sits geographically on top of the US, like a hat.
  • Lumberjack Country – Known for its large lumber industry, Canada is said to be full of lumberjacks.
  • Great White North – One of the most common nicknames, Canada is an expansive, northerly (even arctic!) country that experiences long, harsh winters.
  • Rupert’s Land – The Hudson Bay Company was given domain by King Charles II over an area of land around Hudson Bay, known as “Rupert’s Land.”
  • The 51st state – An American term joking that Canada is the US’s 51st state.
  • Victorialand – An original proposal for the official name of Canada in honor of Queen Victoria, who granted the charter.
  • Land of Maple Syrup – Maple syrup is a major export of Canada due to the prevalence of maple trees.
  • The 14th colony – An American nickname that plays on the original 13 colonies of America and that Canada was its 14th colony.
  • Cold Mexico – Because Canada border the US, this nickname conflates American neighbor Mexico.
  • Borealia – Refers to the aurora borealis, or the ‘northern lights,’ which can be seen from many rural places in Canada.
  • Ursalia – Derived from the Latin word for ‘bear,’ literally “land of bears.”
  • Canadia – Plays on Canadian.
  • Snowback – Related to dryback, relates to very snowy winters.

Nicknames for Canadians

Cute Nicknames for Canadians

What are the best nicknames for Canadians? Here are a few:

  • Rubberhead – Another, unfortunate, allusion to hockey. Because hockey can sometimes be a dangerous, even violent sport, heads bounce off the ice like rubber, or like a puck.
  • Cheeser/Cheesehead – Refers to Canadians who cross the border into Washington to get reduced prices on cheese.
  • Hoser – A popular terms for Canadians; usually refers to a white man who drinks lite beer and watches hockey.
  • Nade – A diminutive of Ca-NADE-ian.
  • Canuck – The most well-known diminutive of Canadian.
  • Canyada – Another American term that conflates Canada with its neighbor to the south (Mexico).
  • Puck-chases – Another allusion to Canadian love of hockey.
  • Cankee/Cankie – A Canadian-Yankee.
  • North Mexican – A term from Americans that conflate Canadians with Mexicans, because it borders the US to the north.
  • Frostback – Related to dryback, relates to cold winters.
  • Canucklehead – A diminutive of Canuck, which is a diminutive of Canadian.
  • Iceback – Related to dryback, relates to cold winters.
  • Dryback – A problematic term for Canadians who illegally cross the border into the US; plays on Mexicans who cross the Rio Grande (wetbacks).
  • Bay Frog – Refers to those Canadians from Hudson Bay that are French descendants from Quebec.
  • Shoobie – A Canadian tourist in the US who vacations at beaches, a derivative of ‘shore.’
  • 51st Stater – An American slur for Canadians joking that Canada is America’s 51st state.
  • Pineback – Related to dryback, refers to large pine forests in Canada.
  • Maple-sucker – Someone who consumes a lot of maple syrup.
  • Puckhead – Another allusion to hockey-lovers; usually refers to a dumb guy who plays hockey.
  • Angie – A diminutive for Anglophone, or English-speaking Canadians, as opposed to French-speaking.

Cool Nicknames for Canadians

In our nickname guide, we mentioned that you could give someone a nickname based on their city or state. For example, In the United States, someone from New York could be called a “New Yorker.” Similarly, in Canada, there are several nicknames for people that are based on their city or province.

  • Bluenoser – someone from Nova Scotia
  • Bogtrotter – someone who lives in New Brunswick and other Atlantic provinces due to the number of lakes and ‘boggy’ land.
  • Cariboozer – denotes someone from Cariboo Country in British Columbia
  • Coastie – someone from Vancouver or the lower mainland.
  • Downhomer – someone from Newfoundland
  • Maritimer – someone from the Maritime Provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.
  • Newfies or Newf – someone from Newfoundland.
  • Blue-eyed Arab – A somewhat problematic nickname for someone from Alberta due to the oil and gas industry.

Canadian Slang of the Atlantic and Central Provinces

These slang terms would be familiar to locals if you’re visiting Eastern or Central Canada, including Newfoundland, Nova Scotia , New Brunswick, Ontario, and Quebec. Some are inspired by French Canadians.

  • The Big O or the Big Owe – the Olympic Stadium in Montreal
  • The Big Smoke – name for Toronto; has been also used for Vancouver
  • Bluenoser – a person living in Nova Scotia
  • Scivey – (SKY-vee) someone who is untrustworthy or stingy
  • Centre of the Universe – a sarcastic term for Toronto, Ontario, because of the inhabitant’s attitudes
  • Maritimer – residents of the Maritime provinces on the east coast of Canada
  • The Hammer – nickname for Hamilton, Ontario
  • Bogtrotter – a resident of New Brunswick, also used for residents of the other Atlantic Provinces
  • The Rock – Newfoundland
  • Hog Town or Hogtown – nickname for Toronto
  • Beaver tail – a dessert made of fried dough, sometimes called an elephant ear
  • B’y or boy – man, dude, or buddy
  • Hollywood North – nickname for Toronto because of the amount of film production
  • ByTown – name for Ottawa, Ontario
  • Newfie or Newf – a resident of Newfoundland (this term can sometimes be offensive)
  • Downhomer – a resident of Newfoundland; can refer to someone from any part of Atlantic Canada
  • Caper – a person from Cape Breton Island

Nicknames of the Prairie Provinces

The Canadian Provinces, known as “the Prairies,” have their own special slang words in the center of the world. In Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, these are only a few examples of slang.

  • The Peg and Peg City – nickname for Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Bunnyhug – (Saskatchewan) refers to a hooded sweatshirt
  • Takitish – slang for “take it easy”
  • Social – a party, often held by an engaged couple
  • The Hat – nickname for Medicine Hat, Alberta
  • Dainties – sweet treats
  • Jam buster – a jelly-filled doughnut
  • Cow-Town – nickname for Calgary, Alberta

Nicknames of Western and Northern Canada

Canada’s western and northern parts are vast, and in British Columbia, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Yukon Territory there is a great deal of difference in landscape and culture. These slang terms are unique to this area, however.

  • PoCoMo – term for the Tri-Cities: Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam and Port Moody
  • Cariboozer – a person from Cariboo Country in BC
  • Hollywood North – nickname for Vancouver because of the amount of film production
  • Terminal City – Vancouver, BC
  • Muni, the Muni – the municipal government
  • PoCo – Port Coquitlam, BC
  • Left Coast – British Columbia
  • The Rock – Vancouver Island
  • Sasquatch – another name for Bigfoot or Yeti; shortened to Squatch in BC and can refer to someone who is big and unkempt
  • Skookum – something that is good or big
  • Gastown – nickname for the old part of Vancouver; named after the steamboat captain “Gassy” Jack Deighton
  • Coastie – a person from Vancouver or the Lower Mainland; someone with city attitudes and dress
  • Back East – any area east of the Rockies
  • British California – nickname for British Columbia because of the similarities between BC and California
  • The Royal City – New Westminster, BC
  • The Island – Vancouver Island, BC
  • Vancouver special – term for a house with little or no basement, often has part of it rented out as a suite because of high housing costs
  • Bushed – a person who has been in the bush too long; someone uncivilized
  • Bush or the bush – area of hunting, mines and forests.
  • Garden City – official nickname of Richmond, BC

Did we miss any nickname that you know of?  Be a dear by sharing them with us in the comments section below!

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