unspoken rizz meaning

What does “Unspoken Rizz” Mean on TikTok? (Who is Behind the Trend?)

TikTok is a platform for entertaining challenges and trends. A new trend has emerged, and people are asking what it signifies. Find out what “Unspoken rizz” means.

Unspoken Rizz Meaning

‘Rizz’ as a phrase to add flavor to someone’s love sizzle, ‘unspoken rizz’ has been popping off to go one deeper on the label.

There are various types of rizz, according to Cenat’s rizz playbook. 

A letter grade denotes a loss, whereas a letter grade denotes a victory. But “unspoken rizz” is when a man can make a lady swoon without saying anything.

unspoken rizz meaning

Who is Behind this Trend?

Kai Cenat is a TikTok video maker with 2.1 million followers, 1.3 million on Instagram, and 2.27 million on YouTube. 

Cenat has a lot of power online, so when he comes up with new terminology, some of it is bound to catch on. 

As part of his dating philosophy, the lifestyle vlogger developed the term “rizz,” which is now all the rage on social media.

Cenat coined the phrase to describe his charisma among the ladies.



Along with the intended usage, the ‘unspoken rizz’ fad has spawned its own counter-movement. This challenge has attracted thousands of Tittokers.

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