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What are Unusual Shoes in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

The Unusual Shoes are a new item in Pokemon Legends You may get them from Ginter of the Ginkgo Guild. Get to know what it is about and how to get them.

The Unusual Shoes Arceus

The unusual shoes are a pair of slippers that your character can wear. 

The only difference between the Unusual Shoes and any other item that may be purchased is that this pair of slippers will be sent to your wardrobe rather than being placed in your inventory, so you will have to access it to wear them.

They can be worn at any moment, but you must return to your stock in your quarters to find them. The Slippers should go first in the ‘Shoes’ category.

How to Get the Unusual Shoes Arceus

Ginter sells the Unusual Shoes for ₽5,000., which is a relatively high price for any item in Pokémon Legends.

You might have to finish the main story and unlock the post-game before they appear in the shop, or they may arrive at random periods – but this is yet unverified.



These Unusual Shoes have bewildered some players; the game doesn’t explain what the item is or why it changes names when purchased.

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