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TikTokers are feeling embarrassed after watching a scene from a BBC sitcom. Horrible Histories, a comedy sketch show that recreates historical occurrences, is the television show in question.

Wackus Bunkus

A 2011 episode focuses on Caligula, the third Roman emperor from the year 37 to 41 CE. Caligula’s administration was defined by his brutish harshness and sadistic impulses. Many historians regard him as a tyrant. But it was all comedy throughout the series.

A historical investigator dubbed D.I. Bones goes to Caligula’s palace to investigate a crime in the (historically false) comedy series.

Moreover, Caligula grabbed a mallet and struck Bones as he went away. “What do you think, Wackus Bonkus?” Caligula asked for the mallet. “Kill him,” said the mallet. But it was merely Caligula impersonating the mallet.

Caligula responded to the mallet, “Oh, naughty Wackus Bonkus.” Of course, the emperor then murdered Bones.

However, on August 28, @ev1em0 uploaded the Horrible Histories clip to TikTok, sparking a viral craze. Currently, there are 240,000 videos associated with the sound.

TikTokers are lip-syncing to the audio (and miming the mallet with their hands) to share some of their less-than-savory actions.

“My high school bully wants me to do her hair,” hairdresser Marquie Hibler captioned the photo. “Overcharge” the bully, said the “mallet.”

“Should I finish my homework or sleep for eight hours?” TikToker @isitdenny inquired.

“Neither,” the “mallet” simply said.”When my partner brings up anything I don’t recall saying him,” @aileenchristineee explained in a video clip. “Must’ve been your other girlfriend,” said the “mallet.”


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Show is Wackers Bonkers from?

Bonkers (American TV series)

2. Whackus Bonkus came from where?

” Caligula asked the mallet. “Kill him,” said the mallet. But it was merely Caligula impersonating the mallet. “Oh, nasty Wackus Bonkus,” Caligula said in response to the mallet.

3. What Age Group should watch Horrible Histories?

Aged 12 and up.

4. What is Bonkus?

informal. : insane, insane: such as. a: extremely fond, enthusiastic, or excited She is crazy about opera. He’s crazy for/about her. When their team won, the supporters went insane.

5. Is the Word “bonkers” Offensive?

“While ‘bonkers’ may appear to be a lighthearted phrase, it can be insulting when directed at someone in mental suffering,” explains Alison Kerry of the mental health charity Mind.

6. What does the Term “Bonking” mean?

The majority of British Vulgar Slang to have sexual relations with

7. Is Bonkers in the same Universe as Roger Rabbit?

…is set in the same universe as Roger Rabbit, but decades later. Roger Rabbit is set around 1947. Bonkers is clearly set in the 1990s.

8. What Age is CBBC Suitable for?

Children aged 6-15 years old use the CBBC website.

9. Who is Bonkers’s Girlfriend?

Bonkers was a knobby-eared, Toon bobcat who was in love with his main girlfriend, Fawn Deer and was once a famous star for a series of cartoons known as “He’s Bonkers!”

10. What is Bongkus?

BUNGKUS is a marketplace for all food establishments that are either halal-certified or 100% Muslim-owned.

Because there were so many dead victims lying about, Bones assumed the crime was murder. Caligula, on the other hand, casually admitted to the murders and informed Bones that a separate crime had been committed. You can drop your comment and share

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