what does smh mean on tiktok

What Does SMH Mean on TikTok?(Shake My Head)

Numerous new slang phrases and acronyms have evolved in TikTok, and most users have no idea what “SMH” means. If you are one of them, keep reading to find out.

what does smh mean on tiktok

If you’ve ever heard this term used in a video or a comment on the app, here’s everything you need to know about it.

SMH is a widely used abbreviation on all social media platforms and depending on the context, it can show anything from “somehow” to “so much hate.”

SMH is most commonly used to mean “shake my head.” This abbreviation is used to express disappointment, shame, and disbelief. 

It means you’re dumbfounded and can only shake your head in disappointment.

If you ask a TikTok user what “SMH” means, they will most likely respond with “SMH,” which signifies that they are unhappy that you don’t know what it means and are shaking their heads at you.


Other Abbreviations to Note

  • FYP -For You Page, the homepage of TikTok
  • CEO -Chief Executive Officer
  • PFP -Profile Picture
  • POV -Point of View
  • OOMF-One Of My Followers
  • IB -Inspired By
  • DC -Dance Credit
  • FFF- Follow for Follow
  • CC-Carbon Copy
  • TC- Take Care
  • HMU-Hit Me Up


The definition of the term will ultimately vary depending on the context of the chat, however, it is a popular term on TikTok and elsewhere.

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