What Happened to Kyle Beach
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Kyle Beach, Blackhawks Reach Settlement in Sexual Assault Lawsuit

– What Happened to Kyle Beach –

The Blackhawks reached an out-of-court financial settlement in response to allegations that they covered up sexual assault by a former coach. Continue reading to find out more.

What Happened to Kyle Beach

The Chicago Blackhawks have settled a lawsuit with former first-round draft selection Kyle Beach over the organization’s treatment of Beach’s sexual assault at the hands of former video coach Brad Aldrich.

Moreover, during a third-party mediation session on Wednesday, lawyers for the Blackhawks and Beach’s lawyer struck a confidential out-of-court financial deal.

The settlement came nearly two months after Beach, a member of the Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup-winning squad in 2010, exposed himself to be “John Doe 1” in a sexual assault case filed against Aldrich.

However, it also comes just two months after team CEO Danny Wirtz directed the team’s attorneys to pursue a settlement.

The Blackhawks Organization

“The Blackhawks hope that this agreement will bring some measure of peace and closure for Mr. Beach,” the Blackhawks and Beach’s lawyer, Susan Loggans, said in a joint statement.

“We remain appreciative of the Blackhawks community’s trust and support, and we intend to work hard every day to earn and retain that trust.”

However, according to the lawsuit filed against the Blackhawks, Aldrich forced himself on Beach in May of 2010 by threatening him with physical threats before forcibly touching him and engaging in “lewd and lascivious” non-consensual sexual actions.

The lawsuit claimed that team administrators knew covered up Aldrich’s offenses before allowing him to join in postseason celebrations.

The Agreement

The agreement marks an end to the issue involving the Blackhawks’ 2010 team, which has become a stain on the franchise and its history. The lawsuit and its charges caused general manager Stan Bowman and fellow executive Al MacIsaac to leave.

However, after Beach’s case has been concluded, the Blackhawks will hold another mediation session with “John Doe 2” on December 20.

In another case, “John Doe 2,” who claimed Aldrich sexually attacked him in 2013, claimed the Blackhawks assisted Aldrich in getting coaching employment at a Michigan high school.

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FAQs on Kyle Beach

1. What Happened to Kyle Beech?

The Chicago Blackhawks have struck an agreement with former first-round draft pick Kyle Beach to settle a lawsuit stemming from the organization’s handling of Beach’s sexual assault by former video coach Brad Aldrich.

2. What did Aldrich do?

Beach told police that Aldrich, a video coach at the time, threatened him with a souvenir baseball bat before forcing oral sex on him and masturbating on the player’s back, something he also alleged in his lawsuit.

3. What is the Current Location of Kyle Beach?

Beach is now a member of the TechArt Black Dragons Erfurt in Germany.

4. How much did Seaside Towns get?

The Blackhawks were penalized $2 million by the league.

5. What Happened to Bradley Aldrich?

Aldrich is now in Hancock, where he lives in a waterfront mansion, runs a specialty glass shop that employs ex-convicts and university interns, and manages two properties.

6. What Happened to Brad Aldrich?

Aldrich was convicted in Michigan in 2013 of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct involving a student and is currently on the state’s sex offenders register

7. What did Aldrich do to John?

The woman’s son, named ‘John Doe 2’ in court records, was 16 years old when he was sexually attacked in 2013 by Brad Aldrich

8. How Old is Kyle Beach?

32 years

9. Kyle Beach was Born in what City?

North Vancouver, British Columbia

10. How much does Kyle Beach want?

Beach is demanding more than $50,000 US from the team, though the exact sum has not been disclosed.

Aldrich admitted to sexually abusing Beach and John Doe 2, for which he was sentenced to nine months in prison. He is also accused of sexually abusing two guys while serving as an assistant coach at Miami (Ohio).


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