what is dot world of warcraft

What is ‘Dot’ in World of Warcraft? (Damage Over Time)

What does the term “Dot” mean in Warcraft? If this is one of the thousand questions on your mind, continue reading to find out.

What is Dot World of Warcraft

DoT is an abbreviation for Damage Over Time. DoT effects cause harm over time rather than all at once (also known as DD or Direct Damage). 

These abilities frequently manifest as poison, bleeding wounds, burns, or curses.

While it most frequently refers to debuffs that deal periodic damage to World of Warcraft players in perilous areas.

Choke or channeled tactics that deal damage repeatedly may also be defined as DoTs. 

The majority of the damage from DoT impacts is more than the damage from other damage effects, but the damage is distributed during the impact.

what is dot world of warcraft

By default, most player DoT effects do damage once every three seconds. Increasing one’s Haste stat causes these ticks to happen faster. 

Damage over Time effects, like Direct Damage cousins, can crit and otherwise scale like other spells and abilities.

Affliction Warlocks and Shadow Priests are the classes that rely on the most on DoTs in all realms of warcraft. 

In World of Warcraft, Affliction Warlocks can use devastating curses and hexes like Corruption, Agony, and Unstable Affliction to sap an opponent’s vitality. 

Shadow Priests employ talents like Shadow Word, Pain, Vampiric Contact, and Mind Flay to disrupt an opponent’s thoughts at the same time.



As new DoTs are released, certain abilities may be eliminated. 

Players must wait for the dragon flight to post specifics on the class’s talent tree to find out how their favorite DoTs will be affected.

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