Who is Corey Benjamin's wife and what is the controversy surrounding her
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Who is Corey Benjamin’s wife and what is the controversy surrounding her involvement

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Tyra Hunt is the wife of Corey Benjamin, a former Chicago Bulls player. Hunt is embroiled in a contentious video in which her daughter, Cori, hits an opponent during a youth basketball game in California.

During a youth basketball game, a video of a girl hitting a clothesline on an opponent went viral. Cori Benjamin, the 15-year-old daughter of Corey Benjamin and Tyra Hunt, was bumped by two opponents contesting the shot, but no foul was called.

After Cori gets up, someone in the background can be heard saying, allegedly by Tyra Hunt, “You better hit her, Cori.” The 15-year-old then hit her opponent Lauryn Ham, who collapsed to the ground.

According to Ham’s mother, who posted the video, her daughter is still recovering from the assault and has not returned to school. They have also reported the incident to the police, but there have been no updates.

From 1998 to 2001, Corey Benjamin played for the Chicago Bulls. In 2003, he also played for the Atlanta Hawks before moving on to play basketball in China, France, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Portugal, and South Korea.

Benjamin is also well-known for telling Bulls teammate Randy Brown that he could beat Michael Jordan in a one-on-one match. A retired Jordan showed up at a Bulls practice and easily defeated Benjamin.

Who is Tyra Hunt?

Tyra Hunt is the wife of Corey Benjamin, a former professional basketball player. She and Benjamin have two daughters. Cori, the one in the viral video, and Legacy, the younger one, are both members of their AAU team, Benjamin Ballers.
Hunt is proud of her daughters and attends games with them. Legacy was even described as a good player by her.

“She’s a really good lefty and her defense is impeccable. She has very long limbs, so it makes it hard for the defenders to try to maneuver around”.

Police are already investigating the incident and the alleged involvement of both Tyra Hunt and Cori Benjamin, according to TMZ. The basketball tournament’s organizer, AVAC United, has barred the player and possibly her mother from participating in future games.
In 2000 and 2016, Corey Benjamin was arrested for domestic violence. There have been no reports indicating whether Tyra Hunt was involved in the incident in 2000. Corey’s unnamed long-term girlfriend was arrested in 2016.

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