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Who is Amiri King? Wiki: Net Worth, Wife, Bio, Prison, Real Name, Age

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In this blog, we will discuss Amiri King, an American online personality who rose to prominence on the video-sharing website YouTube. Continue reading to learn more.

Brief Biography of King Amiri

Tony Donavan Schork (his real name) was born on July 10, 1979, in Louisville, Kentucky, and was raised in a single-parent home by his mother, Sharon Brown Colvin.

He had a difficult childhood and ran away from home at the age of 11 after being severely beaten by his father.

King lived on Louisville’s streets, sweeping gas station parking lots while waiting for hot dog and doughnut leftovers to survive.

He kept moving from shelter to shelter, including Phoenix House, Boys Haven, and Liberty Shelter House.

King’s life took a turn for the worse when he was charged with armed robbery at the age of 16.

When tried as an adult, he was convicted and spent several years in prison.

Following his release for good behavior, King decided to change his life and become an inspirational speaker in his hometown.

He goes around speaking to various youth groups and local high schools about his life story.

Because of his admiration for poets Amiri Baraka and Countee Cullen, King legally changed his name from Tony Donavan Schork to Amiri King in 1998.

King Amiri’s Career

King’s career began in 2007 when he joined the YouTube community.

After struggling with ADHD and depression, he found solace in the online video-sharing platform.

He was inspired to start his own channel after watching the funny videos.

Amiri finally succeeded with his current channel, RoyalMediaMafia, after several failed attempts.

He is well-known for his car parodies and videos, which have earned him hundreds of thousands of followers.

The star also posts various comedy skits, pranks, and videos about his family’s daily life.

On YouTube, he also works with other comedians and content creators, one of whom is Peter Shukoff.

One of King’s most popular videos is “Chevy Silverado Parody 2,” in which he compares vehicles while displaying his amusing personality.

Which has received 17 million views to date.

The success of his videos and channel as a whole catapulted him to Internet fame and significantly increased his net worth.

King is a talented writer in addition to making his own videos. He also runs his own blog and writes comedic content for local comedians.

Amiri appeared in an independent film called “Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse with Rick and Ed,” and his other projects also contributed to his wealth.

Today, King is still making videos for his YouTube channel, which has become his primary source of income.

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King’s success and fame as a YouTube sensation have earned him numerous accolades and recognitions.

He appeared on the cover of Reader’s Digest three times, and in 2014 and 2015, he was named Leo Magazine’s Readers Choice for Best Comedian.

King has also received the silver play button from YouTube, a recognition given to creators who have reached 100,000 subscribers.

He is also a member of the Tribunist’s board of directors and editorial team.

However, King’s award for Best Comedian in 2015 was revoked by Leo Magazine in 2016.

This is because the online publication discovered that he had used misogynistic and racial slurs on his social media accounts.

Physical Appearance and Net Worth

King stands 6 feet tall (1.82 m); his weight is unknown, but he has a fit physique, indicating that he takes good care of his body.

He also has brown hair and light brown eyes.

According to authoritative sources, King’s net worth as of late 2018 is as high as $250,000.

He accumulated his wealth primarily through his activities as a YouTube content creator, as well as his side projects as a writer.

Amiri’s Personal Life

King engaged Sara Ruminski. But they broke up and he is currently with Brittany Smith.

He has three daughters from this relationship, Kennedy, Tilly, and Mery.

Amiri is also a frequent user of social media.

He has over two million followers on his Facebook page, 100,000 followers on Instagram, and over 81,000 followers on Twitter.

FAQs on King Amiri

1. What is King Amiri Known for?

Amiri King’s heart beats with laughter, and he is well-known for using his YouTube channel to entertain his fans with rib-cracking skits and heartbreaking parodies.

2. Is Amiri a Luxury Brand?

AMIRI is currently one of the world’s youngest and fastest growing luxury brands.

3. Where does King Amiri Live?

Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

4. What is the Name of his Wife?

Sara Ruminski.

5. How Old is King Amiri Currently?

He is currently 41 years.

6. Where is Brittany Smith From?

She is from Brazil.

7. What is the name of her Mother?

Sharon Brown Colvin

8. Is Amiri King an Author?

King is also an accomplished author. He writes material for regional comedians and runs his own website.

9. Why are his Awards Revoked?

He used misogynistic and racial slurs on his social media accounts.

10. Why did he Get the Silver YouTube Button?

He surpassed the 100,000 subscribers mark.

Despite his shady past, as an ex-con turned comedian who served time in prison as a teenager.

It’s admirable that he didn’t let that stop him from becoming one of America’s top comedians.

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