The Baldwins' net worth: from Alec’s film fortune and Hailey’s model million

The family’s net worths, ranked: from Alec’s film fortune and Hailey’s model millions, to Hilaria’s yoga business (and forget Justin Bieber)

– The Baldwins –

Few families in Hollywood are as well-known and diversely talented as the Baldwins.
It all began in the 1980s with the four Baldwin brothers, Alec, Daniel, Billy, and Stephen, all of whom acted in various capacities.

The famous family tree has now expanded to include younger members such as Hailey and her cousin Ireland. Not to mention the new spouses along the way, such as Hilaria and even Justin Bieber.

Introducing the Baldwins

The Baldwins, like any other blue-blooded dynasty, have had their share of financial ups and downs and family dramas over the years.

But who will be the richest in 2021? Here’s how the key players compare.

Alec Baldwin, 63

Estimated net worth: US$60 million

Alec, the clan’s most successful brother, is estimated to be worth an impressive US$60 million.

Since 1982, he’s appeared in a slew of hit films and franchises, including Mission Impossible, Madagascar, Pearl Harbor, and even Friends, but the majority of his fortune has come from television appearances, such as his iconic role as Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live and his US$300,000 per episode pay packet on 30 Rock.

We can’t imagine Alec’s bank balance is a major concern for him these days, given the recent prop gun tragedy on the set of his Rust film.

Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin), 24

Estimated net worth: US$20 million

Hailey Baldwin was born into Hollywood royalty as the daughter of Stephen Baldwin.

She then made a name for herself as a model and television personality, but it was her role as Mrs. Justin Bieber that catapulted her to the top of the A-list.

Hailey has had a busy and lucrative career of her own, thanks to a variety of campaigns for brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Versace, and Levi’s.

Kim Basinger, 67

Estimated net worth: US$20 million

Kim, the 1980s and early 1990s screen goddess who was married to Alec from 1993 to 2002, came before Hilaria.
Kim amassed an impressive fortune by starring in films such as 1989’s Batman and 1997’s L.A. Confidential.

Hilaria Baldwin, 37

Estimated net worth: US$10 million

Hilaria Baldwin, the current wife of Alec and mother of his six children, is a key member of the Baldwin family dynasty.
She has also caused some international controversy in recent months.
Hillary Thomas, a yoga instructor, and entrepreneur landed herself in hot water for presenting herself as Latina, pushing a false narrative of non-existent Spanish roots.
Although the scandal cost her many endorsements, she is still worth a cool US$10 million on her own.

William (Billy) Baldwin, 58

Estimated net worthUS$6 million

Billy Baldwin is the second-youngest of the Baldwin brothers and has appeared in films such as Sliver, Flatliners, Virus, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, in which he played himself.
He’s married to singer Chynna Phillips and still works in Hollywood.
He has a number of projects in the works or in post-production.

Chynna Phillips Baldwin, 53

Estimated net worth: US$6 million

Billy’s wife Chynna is the Baldwin family’s connection to the music world, as the daughter of The Mamas & the Papas band members John and Michelle Phillips.
Not only that, but she is the real-life “Phillips” of Wilson Phillips, the band behind the hit song “Hold On,” who formed in 1989 and continues to perform and tour to this day.

Alaia Baldwin, 28

Estimated net worth: US$1 Million – US$5 million

Stephen’s daughter and Hailey’s older sister is Alaia.

She’s pursued a lucrative modeling career, much like her successful sibling.

She’s even worked with Calvin Klein, following in her uncle Billy’s footsteps.

Kennya Baldwin, Alaia’s Brazilian mother, is the daughter of Eumir Deodato, a Brazilian music legend.

Stephen Baldwin, 55

Estimated net worth: US$1 million

While his brother Alec is Hollywood royalty, Stephen is reality TV royalty thanks to appearances on shows such as Celebrity Apprentice, I’m a Celebrity… Celebrity Big Brother and Get Me Out of Here!

Hailey’s father is well-known for his outspoken support of Christianity and conservative politics.

He is the only Baldwin brother who has declared bankruptcy.

Ireland Baldwin, 26

Estimated net worth: US$1 million

Ireland first came to public attention when she was 11 years old.

She had leaked an angry voicemail from her father, Alec, in which he called her “a rude, thoughtless little pig.” What an introduction, eh?

She’s since gone on to become a fashion model, actress, and even a celebrity DJ.

She posed naked for Peta’s I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur ad campaign in 2018, 24 years after her mother Kim did the same.

Daniel Baldwin, 61

Estimated net worth: US$600,000

Daniel has starred in a number of films.
He is the self-described “black sheep” of the movie star siblings.
But it’s his headline-making antics and personal struggles that have garnered him the most attention over the years.
Daniel eventually signed up for Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew in 2007.
He left after four episodes due to multiple arrests for drug and paraphernalia possession, auto-theft charges, and an incident in which he ran naked through the halls of New York’s Plaza Hotel shouting his own last name.
But it’s Hailey’s husband Justin who’s grinning from ear to ear…

Justin Bieber, 27

Estimated net worth: US$285 million

When Hailey Baldwin married pop megastar Justin Bieber in 2018, the Baldwin dynasty became a lot more interesting (and lucrative).

Since then, the famous family has been thrust even further into the spotlight.

We’ve all fallen in love with Hailey during her ascension to the A-list.

With an estimated net worth of $285 million, Justin Baldwin is richer than all of the Baldwins combined.


Frequently Asked Questions About The Baldwins

1. What are the Baldwins famous for?
The Baldwin family is an American family of professional performers, which includes the four acting siblings Alec, Daniel, William, and Stephen, collectively known as the Baldwin brothers.

2. How many Baldwins are in the family?
It all began in the 1980s with the four Baldwin brothers, Alec, Daniel, Billy, and Stephen, all of whom acted in various capacities. The famous family tree has now expanded to include younger members such as Hailey and her cousin Ireland.

3. Are the Baldwins rich?
The Baldwins are a pretty famous and wealthy family, especially now that one of the world’s biggest pop stars, Justin Bieber, has joined them.

4. Is Adam Baldwin related to the Baldwins?
Adam is distantly related to the Long Island, New York-based Baldwin brothers Alec Baldwin, Daniel Baldwin, William Baldwin, and Stephen Baldwin (Adam is from the Chicago area).

5. Is Jane Lynch a Baldwin?
She was born Jane Baldwin, but changed her surname to Sasso after marrying Randy Sasso, with whom she has one son whose name has not been revealed to the public.

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