Why did Fezco Beat up Nate

Why Did Fezco Beat Up Nate In Euphoria and Does He Get Arrested? Explained

– Why did Fezco Beat up Nate –

This article will explain why Fezco beat up Nate in euphoria and whether or not he was arrested. Continue reading if you want to learn more about this case.

Season 2 of Euphoria has Begun on HBO

Euphoria is an American teen drama series, and Fezco is the name of one of its characters.

Fezco is a guy who works as a shop assistant and also deals drugs in the show.

Fezco and Naze were seen fighting in the most recent season as Fezco demonstrated his muscle powers to Nate.

Basically, Fezco is Rue’s friend in the series.

Why Fezco Beat up Nate in the Midst of his Euphoria

Nate established himself as a twisted bully throughout Euphoria Season 1.

While many people remember him physically abusing his girlfriend Maddy.

He also spent several episodes catfishing Jules in some twisted, kinky, confusing version of revenge/flirtation.

Nate discovered as a child that his father enjoyed videotaping himself and having sex with men, boys, and transwomen.

Nate becomes strangely obsessed with his new classmate after discovering a recent tape involving his father and Jules.

He catfishes her on a dating site, tricking Jules into thinking she’s in love with his alter-ego Tyler.

Nudity is shared. When Jules finally meets “Tyler,” she realizes she’s been taken advantage of.

Nate threatens Jules by threatening to report her nudes as child pornography if she ever reveals her hookup with his father.

When Rue realizes Nate has been blackmailing Jules, she requests that Fez intimidate him.

The sweet Fez agrees, but he has no idea how ruthless Nate can be.

Nate then informs the Feds about Fez. That means Fez and Ashtray (Javon Walton) will have to toss their drug stash during a raid.

That also means they’re in a financial bind when it comes to paying their suppliers.

This starts a chain reaction that ends with Ashtray killing their dealer Mouse (Meeko), which isn’t good.

As a result, Fez beat up Nate in retaliation for jeopardizing his drug-dealing business, livelihood, and life.

Nate was Arrested After Fezco Assaulted him

Fezco had previously warned him in season one when he discovered Nate was causing problems for Jules and Rue.

Nate, in turn, reported to the police, who dispatched officers to his home.

Fezco smashed Nate Jacob for sending cops to his house for this. Fezco has not yet been arrested for assaulting Jacob.

Nate Jacob and Fezco’s fight scene has been the most enjoyable scene in the series.

Despite the fact that the fight scene was not overly long, it took 8 hours to film due to bottle brokerage and various fight movements.

Fezco’s grandmother, Marie O’Neill, is also a drug dealer like Fezco, and his grandmother also cared for Fezco because his father physically abused him.

His grandmother turned him into a drug dealer and taught him how to conduct business and treat him as a business partner.

In the series, Fezco also has a brother named Ashtray, and an uncle named Carl.

He is a teen boy between the ages of 18 and 19, with blue eyes and red hair.

The series’ many fans were drawn to his tough character. Stay connected with us and explore the world news for more information and data.


1. Who is Fezco?

Fezco is a guy who works as a shop assistant and also deals drugs in the show

2. Who was Fezco Seen Fighting with?

Fezco and Naze were seen fighting in the most recent season.

3. Who is Rue’s Friend in the Series?

Fezco is Rue’s friend in the series

4. Whose Father Enjoyed Videotaping himself and having Sex with Men, Boys, and Transwomen?

Nate’s father

5. Who Threatened Jules?

Nate threatened Jules

6. How Many Hours did it Take to Film Due to Bottle Brokerage and Various Fight Movements?

It took eight hours

7. Who was Causing Problems for Jules and Rue?

Nate was causing problems for Jules and Rue

8. In this Series, What is Fezco’s Brother’s Name?

Ashtray is Fezco’s brother’s name

9. What is Fezco’s Uncles’ Name?

 His uncle’s name is Carl

10. How did Season Two Start?

Season 2 began with a packed house party for New Year’s Eve, where Maddy arrived in a fabulous outfit, Jules was looking for Rue, and Nate caused a little trouble.

Fez and Snowflake are Fezco’s other names in the series, and he has been seen selling drugs to Rue several times. He is also concerned about Rue because she is addicted to drugs, and he expressed his concern when she was manipulated by a drug dealer to take fentanyl.

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