Why is Judge Faith Leaving Divorce Court
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Is Judge Faith Jenkins Leaving Divorce Court? Who will Replace her?

– Why is Judge Faith Leaving Divorce Court –

Faith Jenkins, a contentious judge, has resigned after less than two years in the public eye. Continue reading to learn more about her and why she is stepping down.

Who is Faith Jenkins

Faith Elizabeth Lattimore is a lawyer, legal commentator, and media personality from the United States.

She began working as a legal analyst for MSNBC on March 11, 2014.

She also served as an arbitrator on Judge Faith, a daytime court show in which she made decisions in a television courtroom. The production of the court show came to an end in 2018.

The Replacement 

September 2022 will appoint a new judge to the ‘Divorce Court star Jones. Over the years, the syndicated judge show has had a number of judges.

They have replaced faith Jenkins on the syndicated show “Divorce Court” by Star Jones. The show is shot at Georgia Public Broadcasting’s Midtown Atlanta studios.

Reason Judge Faith is Leaving

This is why She Left the Show was investigated. Judge Faith Jenkins’ contract at Divorce Court has expired, and she no longer represents the project.

Judge Faith Jenkins took over the show’s court after Lynn Toler was laid off when Divorce Court was canceled.

Star Jones has been assigned a court date for the upcoming sessions.

Barbara Kingsolver, a daytime talk show host, will continue as an expert judge and host of “Divorce Court,” the longest-running drama about family disputes.

Star Jones is Back in Court

The daytime TV personality is back as the new judge and host of the longest-running courtroom show, Divorce Court. Jones takes over for Judge Faith Jenkins, who joined the bench in 2020.

Jones responded on Twitter, saying, “I’m incredibly honored.”

“Before I became NBC News’ legal correspondent, covering high-profile trials and conducting exclusive jailhouse interviews.

I spent six years in a Brooklyn courtroom as an NYC homicide prosecutor and assistant district attorney,” Jones said in a statement obtained by EW.

“It has been my mission since the beginning of my television career to serve as a voice for the voiceless; and after over 30 years on television and in people’s homes, that remains true.”

Jones stated that she was “honored to be considered taking over the Divorce Court TV bench” following Judges Mablean Ephriam, Lynn Toler, and Jenkins.

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FAQs on Faith Jenkins

1. How Old is Faith?

She is 45 years old

2. What is her Occupation?

She is a lawyer and a legal commentator

3. Who is Going to Replace Faith When she Leaves?

Star Jones will replace Faith

4. Is Faith Married?

Yes, she is

5. What is the name of her Husband?

Kenny Lattimore is the name of her husband

6. When did she Begin Working as a Legal Analyst?

She began working as a Legal Analyst on March 11, 2014

7. Is Judge Faith Divorced?

No, she is not divorced

8. Why is Judge Faith Leaving the Divorce Court?

She is leaving because her contract has expired

9. How Old is Star Jones?

She is 59 years old

10. When will be appointed as a new judge on the ‘Divorce Court?

It will be on September 2022

Judge Faith Jenkins took over the show’s court after Lynn Toler was laid off when Divorce Court was canceled. Star Jones and Nancy Grace will make a comeback on daytime television.

Jones will take over as host, judge, and co-creator of Divorce Court, the longest-running daytime soap opera on television, in September.

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