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Team HusKerrs & Scump Win Big in $400K NA World Series of Warzone Event: Final Results

The North American World Series of Warzone Duos competition is now over. HusKerrs & Newbz locked in their place as the top Duo, and King Scump won $100K in the Solo Yolo lobby.

world series of warzone

For both the EU and NA regions, the World Series consists of one trios tournament ($200,000 prize pool) and one solos tournament ($100,000 prize pool).

The Warzone World Series is an open event to which anyone can qualify.

The top 20 qualifiers compete against 20 invited teams from each region.

In the trios tournament, teams compete in five matches in a private lobby, with the team with the most points winning (based on total kills with a kill multiplier based on placement).

The solo tournament consists of a single winner-take-all match.

While various tournament organizers and players have aided in the growth of the game’s competitive scene, the World Series of Warzone is upping the ante significantly, with a total of $1,200,000 being awarded across four different tournaments.

Format and Scoring for the World Series of Warzone Duos

There were five Captains in total, each of whom was joined by 14 other Duos on their team. 

These Duos competed in five private games, with the winners, HusKerrs & Newbz, determined by their eliminations and placement throughout the five matches.

Each kill earned a point, which was then multiplied by the placement, so winning a game with no kills would not result in a significant score. 

The Team with the most overall points won the Duos Cup, and the Duo with the most points won the Duos Cup.

The following is a breakdown of how the score multiplier worked:

1st: 2x Point Multiplier

2nd–15th: 1.5x Point Multiplier

16th+: 1x Point Multiplier


Final Placement

PlacementTeamTotal Score
1stTeam Swagg461
2ndTeam Scump422
3rdTeam HusKerrs404
4thTeam TeePee342
5thTeam ShawnJGaming340

Captains and Teams from the World Series of Warzone

Team TeePee

Teepee &FORMALIceManIsaac &OakleyboiiiCrimsix &Clayster
Frozone &aHTracT12gabbydm &zJellyKruzadar &Maazz_
jordy2d &Royalize_Crowder &NiicoInfiniteDestroy &Z_laner
Aydan &Ratedaircool &LonnieQpnadia &Lonnerdd
Rumblexl &Twitch__MedicJoeWo &StukawakiSebasberon &cxrrupt

Team HusKerrs

HusKerrs &NewbzRepullze &luckychamuTheDanDangler &BisaG10
exzachtt &BraalikShadedStep &Reidboyyknight &Speros_
SweeetTails &InfamousMasonqueenshadows &GangstazSalute88Karma &Dougisraw
Ottereyes &mayappoAccuracy &Pred_AGMarkClarkk &gr8py
p90princess &youavsAngelwalks &SircizOPMarked &Devious

Team Swagg

Swagg &GD_booyaTommey &AlmxndMRagsTV &Ebatez
Its_iron &wagnificentHolly &Lachlannn6bbreadman &Skullface49
Bobbypoffgaming &babydillsterTheBoiSantana &Djmas23jessiecooks &ForeignJase
Bloo &fukluveyKestico &Mingodjsmoothhd &spreezyy_
ElUltimoCirculo &Elpander69Asim6 &ClassicNPDzSmit &zColorss

Team ShawnJGaming

shawnjgaming &EmsageBossLadyLily &Scriptehhmetaphor &ShiftyTV
Skyrroztv &thehobooProze &ttvcaspervUnRationaL &ScummN
NobuSpartan &BlingcjayFeLo &BraxtvnOvergirlTV &IkesNasty
Mackmeltss &SibdmdlSquid0044 &ThatGingerGrlQueenBitty &Envailed_
BIN3R &skrxface1itsEyeQew &Arrayyzthejcbaby &Drifts_TW

Team Scump

Scump &Shotzzybrittneyraines &HisokaT42DiazBiffle &SuperEvan
RLaw &McVeyATSenseiSwishem &InTechsiSmixie &GoatClamp
Blazt &MuTeXLEGIQN &sloppyharryAPATHY &SLACKED
Nickool &PicNICKbasketNuFo &JaredFPSelded &nephtunie
Neslo &DMTheoryyFlxnked &BartonologistChrxnicle_ &TheDezmond



Since the release of the Call of Duty battle royale in 2020, Competitive Warzone has become one of the most popular esports scenes worldwide.

The World Series of Warzone concluded with the $400K NA Duos tournament, which was won by HusKerrs, Newbz, FaZe Swagg, and OpTic Scump.

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