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Who is Xisumavoid? Real Face, HermitCraft Server, Net Worth

– Xisumavoid Real Name –

Almost all Minecraft fans are familiar with Xisumavoid, commonly known as X and pronounced “Iss-oo-ma,” for his popular Minecraft material. In addition to his renowned YouTube channel with 1.58 million subscribers, he also has a prominent Twitch channel.

Who is Xisumavoid? Has He Revealed His Face?

Jonathan David Clare is the real name of Xisuma Void. The most intriguing aspect about the streamer is that he has never revealed his identity on the internet. 

Yes, you read that correctly: the British streamers retain all of his personal information hidden, as well as his face and identity. As a result, we are limited to his personal details, such as his childhood, parents, and siblings. 

Server HermitCraft

Yes, Xisuma is the administrator of the popular HermitCraft server in Wonderland. Generikb was the first to launch the HermitCraft server. However, owing to personal reasons, Generikb stepped down from HermitCraft, and Xisuma took over as server administrator.

Xisuma was a member of the first group to join the server and has continued to play on it ever since. 

Void currently has over 900 HermitCraft films, as evidenced by him posting a series of videos to the server. Season 7 began in February of 2020, for those interested.

We all want cool skin, don’t we? A ridiculous question, who doesn’t? 

And one of our favorite Minecraft streamer Xuisuma’s envious portions is his void skin collectionThe Minecraft titan, in fact, has lovely followers who have created stunning 3D skins for him.

On his own website, Xisumavoid, he has a lot of cool Xisuma Void skins, merchandise, and vanilla improvements. Several of his fans and followers have creatively designed his skin. 

If you wish to check out the skin, you can do so by visiting The Skindex, where he has highlighted his skin sections.

Source of Income

With all of his fame, massive fans, and follower-filled channels, you’re probably wondering how much money Xisumavoid makes, right? Hold on, because we’ve got all the details down below.

To begin with, Voids manages two popular YouTube channels, Xisumavoid (3,154 uploads with 1.58 million subscribers) and Xisumatwo (1,644 uploads with 2.14 million subscribers). 

And, based on his income from his channels, Xisumavoid gets between $2.3k and $37.2k every month. Similarly, according to Social Blade, the streamer earns between $27.9k and $446.7k per year.

Similarly, Void’s second YouTube channel, xisumatwo, earns between $297 and $4.8k per month and roughly $57k per year. It is determined on the views and length of stay. 

Xisuma also makes well through his Twitch channel, which has 430k followers and receives a lot of donations from admirers. 

Taking everything into account, Xisuma’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million. So, with that enormous fortune, Xisuma is living a life of wealth and luxuries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How did Xisuma get his Name?

His username comes from the word music, spelled backwards (with an X), with the letter “a” added. Because the name “Xisuma” was taken on YouTube, “void” was added, which came from the name of the band “Void Thru Materialism”.

  1. Who is Xisuma?

He is the founding member of the Agency and developer of many popular maps, including Rush, Cube Control, and Gold Rush. He is the co-founder of Respawn Network server with Docm77.

  1. Is Xisuma British?

Yes he is 

  1. Where is ImpulseSV from?

His guardian farm is located at an ocean monument, and his raid farm is on top of the ocean, close to a savanna biome where there is a pillager outpost.

  1. What is DERP Coin HermitCraft?

The Derpcoin was the primary currency used in the Evil Empire. It was created by Xisumavoid and Evil Xisuma early in the season and was exchanged with diamonds.

  1. What is Rendog Real Name?

Warren Vonk

  1. Who is the #1 Minecraft YouTuber?


  1. What is Tango Tek Real Name?


       9. What is Xisuma’s Net Worth?

His net worth is about $1 million

        10. Does Xisuma have a Youtube Channel?


Nonetheless, stay tuned with us since we’ll update the information as soon as we get our hands on it.  In terms of his visual identity, the Minecraft magnate has taken things to the next level, with no images of him leaking.

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