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Who is Yeonmi Park’s Husband? Here’s what you Need to Know

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Yeonmi Park is a well-known North Korean defector with tragic stories. She made her global debut in October 2014, with an emotional address at the One Young World Summit in Dublin. Continue reading to learn more about

Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park is an advocate for human trafficking in Asia and works for human rights.

She is committed to these issues because she experienced the most traumatic encounters when fleeing North Korea and eventually settling in the United States of America.

She has a distinguished profession and a lot on her plate, as it is not every day that North Korean defectors are made public.

Dublin delivered a passionate address. The video has received over 4.3 million views on YouTube through One Young World’s official channel.

Who is Yeonmi Park’s Husband?

Ezekiel was Yeonmi Park’s husband. Yeonmi Park married Ezekiel on January 4, 2017, after four years of marriage.

According to some reports, they married earlier and set the date for January 1, 2017.

Nonetheless, the first date appears to be correct, since Yeonmi shared a poignant Facebook message commemorating the couple’s third wedding anniversary on January 4, 2020.

We’ve been married for three years! Time flies by far too quickly.

I hope to bring my American husband to my hometown someday and introduce him to my friends and relatives to commemorate this occasion.

Someday, I hope to bring my American spouse to my hometown and introduce him to my friends and relatives (if they are still alive) so that we may all spend the holidays together.

Yeonmi Park divorced her husband, Ezekiel, yet she still has countless photos of them on her Instagram

What Caused Yeonmi Park and Ezekiel to Split Up?

Yeonmi hasn’t spoken much about her connection with Ezekiel, who continues to appear on her Instagram page.

On January 30, 2021, she disclosed the divorce in one of her YouTube posts. Yeonmi published a live stream video titled Let’s Talk About Lies – North Korean Defector.

When asked about her marriage in the video, she stated that she was no longer married.

Yeonmi and Ezekiel’s Child

Yeonmi does have a child with her ex-husband, James. On October 8, 2018, she announced the birth of her son.

The post, however, is no longer available because it was deleted, but she still shared it on her official Twitter page: Life is a marvel.

I had no idea I’d endure starving and become the mother of this gorgeous angel. Let us not give up hope, no matter what.

Her son, James, is thought to have been born on March 18, 2018. This means she will turn four years old in 2022.

Ezekiel Park is no longer Yeonmi Park’s husband, as she revealed in the YouTube video Let’s Talk About Lies – North Korean Defector.

She has also not removed any posts about him thus far.

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FAQs on Yeonmi Park Husband

1. How old is Yeonmi?

She is 29 years old

2. Who is Yeonmi’s sister?


3. Is Yeonmi on Insagram?
Yes she is on Instagram

4. What is her Instagram Handle?

5. Who managed to flee North Korea?

Government officials have not formally released the man’s name, but defectors have publicly identified him as Kim Woo Jung, and he is believed to be around 29 years old.

According to the South Korean Defense Ministry, he escaped North Korea in November 2020.

6. Who is Kaheva Korean?

Kaheva was born in South Korea and is the country’s most popular YouTuber. Her YouTube channel, KAHEVA Universe, has 253K subscribers.

7. Is North Korea a Strict Regime?

North Korea has a population of about 25 million people who live under communist authority that carefully controls all aspects of daily life.

8.  Can North Koreans go Outside of the Country?

It’s a question we get a lot on our North Korea tours. In short, they can, but only with the proper authority.

Hundreds of North Koreans will be waiting for your train to Pyongyang at Dandong station or your aircraft from Beijing.

9. What is Kim Jong Un’s Age?

38 years old

10. Is Yeonmi Park’s Marriage still going on?

Private life. Park and her American ex-husband Ezekiel have a son together.

In January 2021, she stated on her YouTube channel that she is single and has grown away from her former spouse.

Yeonmi has gone on with her life since her divorce from Ezekiel. She is a single mother who has not yet entered into another relationship or married. She is, nevertheless, financially secure and capable of caring for herself.

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