zacian best moveset

Best Moveset for Zacian in Pokemon Go & is it Any Good?

Trainers will most likely be wondering what the best moveset for the Galar region’s Legendary Zacian is now that it has returned to Pokemon Go.

zacian best moveset

Zacian first appeared in Pokemon Go during the Sword & Shield event in 2021, and it will return during the World Championships event in 2022. This means you can catch it again by participating in 5-Star Raid Battles.

This powerful Legendary creature is well-known in the mainline Pokemon games as one of the best Fairy-types, so its return to Pokemon Go is very exciting indeed.

Even better, it has a large selection of highly effective moves to choose from.


Zacian Best Moveset in Pokemon Go

The moves you teach Zacian are entirely dependent on how you intend to use them in Pokemon Go, but if you want to use them in PvP battles, we recommend Snarl as a Fast Move and Play Rough as a Charged Move.

Snarl generates the most energy of Zacian’s Fast Moves, allowing it to quickly save up for the only Fairy-type attack in its moveset: the STAB-boosted Charged Move Play Rough.

If you can afford a second Charged Move, we recommend Close Combat, as this high DPS Fighting-type move will provide you with more coverage and the ability to take on Steel-types, which are resistant to Fairy-type moves.

All Moves Zacian can Learn in Pokemon Go

Zacian is one of the most versatile Legendaries in Go, with four Fast Moves and four Charged Moves that can be learned and cover a wide range of types:

Zacian Fast Moves

  • Quick Attack (Normal)
  • Fire Fang (Fire)
  • Metal Claw (Steel)
  • Snarl (Dark)

Zacian Charged Moves

  • Wild Charge (Electric)
  • Close Combat (Fighting)
  • Play Rough (Fairy)
  • Iron Head (Steel)

Is Zacian Effective in Pokemon Go?

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Zacian has established itself as one of the Master League’s all-time best Pokemon. 

It’s easy to see why it’s so effective as a powerful Fairy-type with a great moveset that can take down Dragons and Steel-types.

In fact, Zacian has surpassed Togekiss as the top Fairy-type choice for the Master League, indicating that it is well worth your time and effort. 

If you need one, it can also serve as a Fairy-type attacker in Raids.



While Zacian’s Crowned Sword form is already a top-tier choice in the Master League meta, things will really heat up when it arrives (likely in a future update), as its Fairy/Steel typing will make it an absolute Dragon-slayer.

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