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Syrian Soldier said Arrested for Proposing Online to Assad’s Teen Daughter

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This is a story about a Syrian soldier who was detained after proposing to Assad’s underage daughter online. Continue reading to learn the entire tale.

The Syrian Soldier

A Syrian soldier who declared his undying love for dictator Bashar Assad’s 16-year-old daughter and proposed to her in a series of social media videos was purportedly arrested by the regime on Saturday.

Despite public warnings, Yazan Soltani continues to publish videos on social media expressing his love for Zein Assad, the dictator’s only daughter, who is 16 years old.

The soldier, known as Yazan Soltani, began transmitting films to Zein Assad, Assad’s sole daughter, last week.

He Declared his Love

In one tape, Soltani states, “I adore you, I really love you.” “I’m completely smitten with you. I am yours, and you are mine. “Be mine,” he declared in a brief video that stirred outrage in Syria.

“You will be mine forever, until the end of time, I will never give up on you,” he promises.

While some praised him for his love, most warned him about the perils of messing with the Assads.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been slain in Syria’s almost decade-long civil conflict, and tens of thousands of regime opponents have been imprisoned.

“I’m speaking to you as a brother, and I have some advice,” one Syrian blogger stated. “There were others who used to appear on social media and make small requests, but we no longer see them.”

You are, in my opinion, quite near to the red line.” On Saturday, someone claiming to be Soltani’s brother said that he had been arrested and beaten.

Other messages on the account since then have called for the assassination of Bashar Assad and the release of “the hero Yazad.”

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FAQs on Zein al Assad

1. What does Hafez al-Assad Stand for?

Hafez al-Assad was a Syrian statesman and military officer who served as the country’s President from 1971 until 2000.

2. What Religion does Syria’s President Follow?

The President of the Republic practices Islam. Islamic jurisprudence will be a significant source of legislation.

3. How old is Asma al-Assad?

He is 46 years old

4. Who was Bashar al-Assad’s Father?

Hafez al-Assad

5. What Religion is Syria’s Assad?

Hafez al-Assad and his son, President Bashar al-Assad, are Alawite Muslims.

6. Do Syrians Consume Alcohol?

The local drinking culture demands an explanation for people who are unfamiliar with Syria. It dates back to ancient cultures and continues to this day.

7. Is Syria now Safe?

THE OVERALL RISK IS HIGH. Everyone is at grave risk in Syria.

It is currently the most deadly destination on the planet. If you are currently in Syria, try to find a way out if at all feasible.

8. Syria’s Religion Prior to Islam?

The term “Syria” is derived from the Assyrian and Syriac Christian groups, which made up about eighty percent of the country’s population before the arrival of Islam in the seventh century.

9. Is there Still Fighting in Syria?

Several peace initiatives have been made during the course of the war, notably the United Nations-led Geneva peace negotiations on Syria in March 2017, but combat has continued.

10. What is Asma al Assad’s Height?

1.7 meters

I hope you found the article interesting. Syrian soldier, it’s amusing that a 47-year-old man likes a 16-year-old child… What compelled him to come out in public and confess his love for this young lady? Please leave your feedback in the section provided below.


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