zendaya tom holland nicki minaj

Viral Nicki Minaj & Tom Holland Meme Returns Amid Zendaya Dating Rumors

A meme about Nicki Minaj and Tom Holland being in a relationship and having a baby went viral on Twitter. Read on to know more about it.

zendaya tom holland nicki minaj

The bizarre joke spawned several memes, and Tom Holland even responded to it in an Esquire video, saying, “This actually really stressed me out, and then I saw it was Nicki Minaj.” Then I remembered I’d never met Nicki Minaj.”

Following Nicki Minaj’s pregnancy announcement, English actor Tom Holland began trending on Twitter alongside the singer.

Holland plays spiderman in the Marvel comic book series. However, people began making jokes about Holland being Nicki’s child’s father.

Is Nicki Minaj and Tom Holland Dating?

Nicki Minaj and Tom Holland have never dated or been in a relationship. The actress married her childhood sweetheart Kenneth Petty in 2019. The couple has a boy child together.

However, in 2019, a Tom Holland stan account @tomnetherlands shared memes implying that Tom previously dated James Charles but is now in love with Nicki.

The news quickly spread, with many fans creating hilarious memes referencing Minaj and Holland’s relationship. The rumor was simply an internet joke that spread quickly.

Many people began to play along with the joke, pretending Tom was the biological father of Nicki’s child.



For those who don’t know, her baby’s real father is her husband Kenneth Petty, who was also her childhood sweetheart, just to clear things up!

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