Distinguished Vietnamese Girl Names with Illustrious Meanings

With the barest knowledge of international politics, you must definitely have heard about Vietnam. If not for anything, the protracted and lethal wars. Vietnamese girl names present vivid evidence of the historical transition of the country. This Southeastern Asian country is also known for its beaches, rivers Buddhist practices have some of the most alluring names.

Distinguished Vietnamese Girl Names with Illustrious Meanings

Prevalently, Vietnamese girl names sound like poetry. Examples are; river (Giang) or ocean (Hai) or shining jade (Nogc Minh). Also, Vietnamese girl names are used to represent their favorite musical instruments which hold a high cultural significance like; Moon Lute (Nguyet Cam).

Additionally, the reason why Vietnamese girl names carry such high significance and power is because of the old customs. There is a Vietnamese tradition that claims that evil spirits tend to steal babies, mainly the good-looking ones. Therefore, parents would go to lengths to make their children seem unappealing.

The Vietnamese names mostly consist of three syllables, but they may also be two or for syllables as well. As the Vietnamese language is tonal, the spelling of these names may be the same, but the tone can be entirely different. Accordingly, these features are seen in Vietnamese girl names as are going to be listed below.

Beautiful Vietnamese Girl Names and their Meanings

Beautiful Vietnamese Girl Names and their Meanings

The beauty conveyed in these Vietnamese girl names is simply awesome. These names are as lovely as they are pronounced. Even their meanings are epic.

1. Ai – Derived from Chinese, Ai is an old Vietnamese name. Pronounced as eye, it means ‘sentimental love’.

2. An – This name has Chinese, Spanish, and Vietnamese origin. Pronounced un, it means ‘peace’ and ‘safety’.

3. Anh – Smart, intelligent

4. Bao – To Order, To Bid   

5. Be – Pronounced beh, Be means ‘doll,’ which is the perfect choice for your little baby girl.

6. Bian – Secretive

7. Bich – Derived from Sino-Vietnamese origin, this name denotes the gemstone ‘jade’ or the colour ‘bluish-green’.

8. Binh – Binh has Australian and Vietnamese roots, and it means ‘peaceful’ and ‘section’.

9. Ca – This Northern Vietnamese name refers to the ‘first’ or ‘eldest’ child.

10. Cai – Female or feminine

11. Cais – Rejoicing person

12. Canh – Scenery

13. Chau – Chau is a unisex Sino-Vietnamese name that means ‘pearl’ or ‘gem’.

14. Chi – It is derived from African, Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese origin. This common name means ‘tree branch’ or ‘twig’.

15. Cuc – A flower called Chysanthemum     

16. Dep – This Vietnamese name means ‘beautiful’. Dep is the ideal choice for your pretty daughter, who is the apple of your eye.

17. Diep – This Sino-Vietnamese name means ‘love of nature’ or ‘leaf’.

18. Dông – Winter

19. Dung – Beautiful

20. Duyen – Girls from Christian families of Vietnam mostly have this name. Pronounced as D-AYEHN, it refers to ‘a charming and graceful person’.

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21. Gia – This Vietnamese name is a variant of Giah, Gya, or Gyah, and means ‘excellent’.

22. Giang – River

23. Ha – Kiss Of Life,Sunshine and warmth                  

24. Hai – Pronounced as HH-AY, Hai is a Sino-Vietnamese name that means ‘sea’ or ‘ocean’.

25. Han – This common name of Vietnamese, Japanese, and Chinese origin means ‘faithful’ or ‘moral’.

26. Hang – This Vietnamese name means ‘angel in the full moon’.

27. HanhBeautiful and moral

28. Hien – Gentle and quiet

29. Hoa – A Type of Flower 

30. Huong – Vietnamese – Scent of the Flower                          

31. Huyen – Vietnamese – Jet black                                

32. Khuyen – Give advice

33. Kieu – Pronounced as Kie-u, this Vietnamese name means ‘graceful’, ‘beautiful’, or ‘beloved’.

34. Lan – Lan is a common name in Australia, China, and Vietnam. It means ‘orchid’.

35. Lang – Sweet potato

36. Lanh – This name is common in Vietnam and Australia. Lanh means ‘happy’, ‘good’, or ‘gentle’.

37. Lien – This common name of Chinese and Vietnamese origin means ‘lotus flower’.

38. LinhGentle spirit or soul

39. Mai – This Sino-Vietnamese name means ‘apricot’, ‘plum’,’ tomorrow’, or ‘future’.

40. Minh – Clever, intelligent person

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41. Mychau – Great

42. My-Duyen – Beautiful

43. Ngoc – Valuable gem stone or expensive diamond          

44. Ngon – Good communication

45. Nguyen – Sleep

46. Nguyêt – This rare Vietnamese name means ‘moon’.

47. Nhat – This Sino-Vietnamese name means ‘long life’, ‘to shine’, or ‘the sun’.

48. Nhi – The small one or the tiny one         

49. Nhu – Soft, mild, harmony, passive, concord       

50. Nhung – Like velvet

51. Phúc – Happiness, good fortune

52. Phuong – This common Vietnamese name means ‘orientation’, ‘direction’, or ‘phoenix’.

53. Ping – This Sino-Vietnamese name means ‘peaceful’.


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54. Quang – Pure

55. Quy – This name of Vietnamese origin means ‘treasured’ or ‘precious’.

56. Quyen – This Vietnamese name has an anglicised spelling, and it means ‘a kind of bird’.

57. Sang – Upper-class person; from the nobility

58. Sangh – This unisex name of Vietnamese origin means ‘from the nobility’ or ‘belonging to an upper class’.

59. Sen – Name of Lotus flower        

60. Suong – This rare Vietnamese and Australian name means ‘fog’, ‘mist’, or ‘haze’.

61. Tham – Graceful, discrete woman

62. Thang – Victorious

63. Thanh – This common Vietnamese name means ‘bright’, ‘sunny’, ‘a sound that is pleasing to the ear’.

64. Thao – Kind and sweet, obedient to parents

65. Thi – This common Sino-Vietnamese name means ‘poem’ or ‘verse’.

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66. Tho – She who has a long life      

67. Thom – Smelling sweet or pineapple

68. Thuong – A tender, loving person

69. Thuy – Gentle

70. Ti – Common Vietnamese middle name

71. Tien -A fairy, an angel or a spirit                               

72. Trang – An intelligent or a serious person             

73. Trieu – A small wave or the tide

74. Trinh – Pure, chaste, virtuous; virgin

75. Truc – Wish

76. Tuyen – This common Vietnamese name means ‘angel’, ‘line’, or ‘ray’.

77. Tuyet – Fair-skinned girl; “skin like snow” or snowing

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78. Van – This name means ‘cloud’.  Commonly used in Dutch, Greek, Vietnamese, and Scandinavian languages, this name is quite popular around the world.

79. Vinh – Derived from Sino-Vietnamese, this unisex name means ‘glory’, ‘gulf’. Pronounced Vynn, it is a beautiful name for your little girl.

80. Xuan – Taken from Sino-Vietnamese word, this name is pronounced as ‘shwen’ or ‘soon’. Xuan means ‘spring and has nicknames like Xuan-Xuan.

81. Yen – This common name of Thai and Vietnamese origin means ‘peace’ or ‘serene’.

Though it may not be very easy picking out a proper name for your wonderful baby girl, you can reduce your stress. Easily, you can assess some wonderful exotic names like these Vietnamese girls’ names to give yourself a wider range of options. Honestly, these Vietnamese girl names are quite classy and attractive.

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